Horoscope: Feb 6 – 12, 2017

Feb 6 – 12

Imposed vs fashioned family values

What to expect: Family Values
What to watch out for: Narrow definition of family
What will it affect? Family, Tradition, Feminism

On Feb 6, Jupiter in its retrograde motion will square the holder of the sacred flame asteroid Vesta. Vesta is in Cancer and in that sign feels a deep commitment to family, family values and tradition. Jupiter in Libra is concerned with fairness and balance. These two are clashing with each other bringing about strong beliefs. Be warned, this energy brings about religious fundamentalism and dogmatic thinking with the eye of protecting family values, patriotic values and or perceived fairness. Egging this on, on the same day is Mercury. Mercury comes up with clever comebacks as it makes an easy aspect to black moon Lilith. It’s that challenging “nasty women” feminine energy that questions all patriarchal power. It may not solve the problem, but It  will definitely be defiantly witty.

Why? Mercury Sextile Black Moon, Jupiter Square Vesta

Fostering Inner Care

What to expect: Renewed commitment to a cause
What to watch out for: Exhaustion
What will it affect? Causes, nurturance needs, societal healing

On Feb 7, the communication planet Mercury enters into the sign of Aquarius. Communication will focus on humanity and social change. We experience a renewed sense of passion for healing the collective. Yet, we may become so committed to the change that we forget about our own needs. We may expect nurturing to just happen, or that others will see or should know what we need. We may also mistake the overall idea of the movement we have become committed to as having the ability to recognize our personal and individual need. It will not. We will still need to ask, politely for what we need. And if we feel like we won’t get those needs met, we need to look within to nurture the inner self that believes that lie. This inner transformation is in fact the secret to the success of the bigger revolution. The good news is that, yes, we will have a renewed sense of commitment to healing, AND our ability to truly carry out this mission will depends on recognizing and feeding our own inner nurturance needs. Remember masculine energy is doing, feminine energy is attracting. Do or be – whatever is easiest. Both are equally powerful!

Why? Mercury Entering Aquarius, Mercury Square Ceres, Chiron Trine Vesta

Full Moon at 22°Le28′

What to expect: Call for Leadership
What to watch out for: Misuse
What will it affect? Leadership, Innovation

The Leo Lunar eclipse is exact at 4:32 PST/ 7:32 EST on Feb 10th in the sign of Leo. This eclipse forms auspicious aspects to fixed star Spica. The Moon will sextile Jupiter on the fixed star Spica and the sun will trine it. I don’t often talk about fixed stars. I’m bringing this one up because it is very fortunate. Spica gives “success, renown, riches, a sweet disposition, love of art and science” on the other hand it can also bring about “unscrupulousness, unfruitfulness and injustice to innocence”. The Moon will be eclipsed giving it more power when its light returns. The eclipse brings up the Leo/Aquarius dichotomy. With this Leo eclipsed Moon we see leadership springing forth. It is a mature leadership, but comes from the young, women or young women. We see innovation spring forth. It’s also the culmination of the new moon intentions in August of 2016 or more likely Aug 2015. There comes with this eclipse a level of confidence and optimism. What kind of leaders are we and do we want? Are we leaders concerned only about attention and stroking out ego (Leo) or are we also focused on and incorporating humanity (Aquarius). This is an eclipse, so we may be very surprised by what happens.

On the same day Mercury will make an easy aspect to Venus. Generally eclipses are not a good time to make big decision because they will be permanent. But if the deal looks good, go for it! These two planets favour deals, contract and finances. They are signs that bring out the energy of inventiveness, independence and freedom.

Why? Lunar Eclipse, Sun Sextile Uranus, Sun Trine Jupiter, Mercury Sextile Venus

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