Horoscope: Dec 11 – 17, 2017

Dec 11 – 17

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Reappropriating Vesta

What to expect: A new level of taking back the night
What to watch out for: being triggered
What will it affect? Beliefs, power and power imbalances, work, passions

Jupiter conjuncts Vesta expanding the Scorpio on Dec 12th. As Jupiter has been moving through Scorpio we’ve been focused on abuses. #Metoo and a plethora of disclosures have revealed the deep, dark and sexual mixed with the use of power to harm not just woman but also men. Vesta’s meet up with Jupiter on Dec 12th brings us into High Priestess energy. Consider the distortions of Vesta. What do we understand about virgin and prostitute?

The famous Vestal Virgins were thought to have practiced secret sex magical rites in honor of the Roman Goddess Vesta, the same as the Greek goddess Hestia — Goddess of the Hearth, or “center of the world.”
and If we explore the etymology of the words “whore” or “harlot,” we find that the split between “priestess” and “prostitute” is a relatively recent one. In her book When God Was A Woman, Merlin Stone informs us that the Hebrew word zonah means both prostitute and prophetess.

What happened to the power and sacredness of sex during the reign of the patriarchy? Secrets are revealed early this week delivered straight from the tora “ book of secrets”. As Jupiter expands the Vestal energy in Scorpio we are delving deep into our psyches, descending into the mysteries and listening to our intuition and finding the resources of our sacred sexuality.

From moondance.com – Sacred Prostitute

Vesta is also associated with work and while work is not the only place for abuses, it now provides the forum for us to sort through the sordid sexual power imbalances. With the Sun conjunction Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius, we have a chance check in on what we believe and to re-clarify, re-claim and reappropriate.

Why? Jupiter Conjunction Vesta, Sun Conjunction Mercury

The Kids are Alright!

What to expect: Reunions
What to watch out for: Come here/go away dynamics
What will it affect? Partnerships, relationships, communication, direction

Mercury meets up with Venus in a conjunction on December 15th. Mercury retrograde can bring past partners or past loves back into our lives. Maybe, someone, you met on vacation or while traveling or while at school/university or even a conference… all areas ruled by Sagittarius. If it’s not a person, then it might be old ideas or beliefs that come back to revisit. It could be both. This should be a lovely reunion of people and ideas. But queue the needle on The Who album… and play “the kids are alright” – Sagittarius is a freedom lover, and even if in a relationship, is the consummate bachelor. Mercury and Venus trine Ceres and the North Node in Leo bringing out the kid in us and along with it, deeply nurturing fun. The kind you get when you spend a day at an amusement park or frolicking at the beach filled with horseplay and beach volleyball. This is much needed and will help us find, access and get on the right path.

The Sun in Sagittarius will square Chiron in Pisces, so even though it feels good to connect with our past, past hurts may reappear. Sagittarius wants to be free and Pisces wants to merge. A come here/go away dynamic may emerge and we’ll need to assess our boundaries. The best approach is welcome the adventure without expectation.

Why? Mercury Trine Ceres, Venus Trine North Node, Mercury Conjunction Venus, Mercury Trine North Node, Venus Trine Ceres, Sun Square Chiron

New Moon

What to expect: Powerful Intention setting
What to watch out for: Letting it pass
What will it affect? Intention setting, visions, divine inspiration

The New Moon in Sagittarius will focus on optimism, inspiration, and ideals. The New Moon is at 26 Degrees of Sagittarius right on the Galactic Centre and is trine Uranus and Pallas. We’ll see a speedup of changes and innovations and with it, feminine strategy. The New moon is a time for setting intentions and planting seeds, and we can plant the seeds for the change. The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is “the sculptor’s vision taking form” and suggest that now is the time for us to visualize and vision. Tired of the same old vision board idea? Take any materials that move’s you and sculpt what you desire. Get out your Lego (or steal some of your children) for some Serious Play, or sink into a meditative state to access your higher mind through guided creative visioning. Whatever approach you take, it’s essential that you allow yourself to go into that space. What will come through will be a mixture of something deep within and divine inspiration from the universe all of which may seem absolutely brilliant and will undoubtedly be little ahead of their time. Not to worry about that. We’ll chat up. We first need the idea so we can start reaching towards something.

Why? New Moon at 26°Sag, Sun Trine Uranus, Sun Trine Pallas


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