Horoscope: Dec 19 – 25th, 2016

16571630 - beautiful christmas (new year) card. illustrationDec 19 – 25

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn

What to expect: Review
What to watch out for: Questions ourselves
What will it affect? Communications, contracts, travel

On Dec 19th mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn. Mercury has been traveling in Capricorn since the beginning of the month when we sought authoritative opinions, and approached things with skepticism and caution. As mercury turns and goes back over this ground, we check and double check the structures in our lives and the structures in our world. We also check in on who really has authority, who is just postulating and what words will actually help us to achieve. Mercury retrograde is not a good time to start anything new. And, no, it’s not the best time to travel either, though many of us will be unable to avoid it over the holidays. It is a time to go over communications and re-visit, re-do, re-vise. The only thing to caution with mercury in Capricorn is that sometimes we actually did have the right answer the first time. As you go over everything, don’t let doubt or insecurity make you second guess what you know is right. Mars goes into Pisces on the same day, so we may be a little more tuned into our intuition. However, we may also become less decisive.

Why? Mercury retrograde, Mars in Pisces

Vacation Time!

What to expect: Enjoyment
What to watch out for: Nothing!
What will it affect? Relationships, acquaintances, social gatherings.

Between the 20 – 25rd of December Venus will connect with Juno and Jupiter. This is a great time to start your vacation. The moods will be jolly and gay and we’ll feel like socializing. We have a desire to connect with others and especially our beloved. On the 22nd we will feel this even more strongly with the Moon joining up with Jupiter. We may be joining together for the season, or we may be joining together for a cause. Venus is still in Aquarius and very focused on humanitarian values, as well as time with friends and associates. It’s an enjoyable time during which differences can be embraced.. Venus is at a degree where she has found resilience despite disappointment and disillusionment. She connects with others and feels a sense of grounding in the communion and ceremony. There is a uniqueness and practicality combined in this energy as well as openness to change and new ideas. For that reason, Christmas dinner (if you celebrate Christmas) may not be so bad!

Why? Venus Sextile Juno, Venus Trine Jupiter, Venus Sextile Uranus, Venus Sextile Saturn, Saturn Trine Uranus, Venus Sextile Transiting Ceres

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