Horoscope – Dec 12 – 18th, 2016

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Dec 12 – 18


What to expect: Opportunity for Integration
What to watch out for: Overwhelm
What will it affect? Thoughts, beliefs, wounds, fairness.

The Full Moon on December 13 is in Gemini. A Full Moon is when the Moon is opposite the Sun. At this Full Moon the moon is also in opposition to the sun AND Saturn. This makes for a very serious full moon. We are still deeply connected with a wound, clashes with authority and ideas that have been forming over the last little while. At this full moon we have a chance to creatively integrate all that has been passing through our thoughts and move towards understanding. This is because the Full Moon will help to create an aspect pattern called the mystic rectangle. Experiences are best integrated through creativity involving writing, words or stories. Additionally, the full moon favours ceremonial processes. The moon is in Gemini, an air sign, and the sun in Sagittarius, a fire sign, so we can use the elements of air and fire in ceremony. Burn incense or sage; use the wind to churn the embers.

Why? Full Moon at 22°Ge25′


What to expect: Focus on giving
What to watch out for: How we give
What will it affect? Various Causes

Between Dec 14 – 18th Kindness, compassion and philanthropy comes to the forefront. This time, the energy is focused around a caring for causes. We feel compelled on a large scale to champion causes and many will find this kind of support important and necessary in order to maintain the fabric of society. Sites like Razoo, charity for good, charity navigator, and Canadahelps come into focus.

Why? Mars Conjunction Transiting Pallas, Sun Sextile Transiting Pallas

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