Horoscope – Dec 5 – 11th, 2016

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Week Dec 5 – 11th

Innovative Breakthroughs

What to expect: Innovating ideas
What to watch out for: Becoming overly fierce
What will it affect? Social change, humanitarian efforts, partnerships

Dec 6th is a good day for innovative thinking. We’ll have the ability to access breakthroughs in our projects and have the drive towards necessary changes. Our humanitarian energy also continues with Venus entering Aquarius on Dec 7th. Values centred on individuality, freedom and change come to the surface. It’s also a great time for coming together in an inventive or innovative partnership. These are not necessarily business or romantic partnerships, but partnerships that centre on ideals, political alliances and humanitarian efforts. We are also highly motivated by change and independence and are fiercely protective of rights related to freedom, food and sustenance.

Why? Venus Entering Aquarius, Mars Sextile Uranus, Mars Sextile Ceres

Team Problem Solving

What to expect: power in teams
What to watch out for: letting the energy pass
What will it affect? Communication, solutions, plans for the future

December 8 and 9th are a great days to come together for team building or team learning. This can be as simple as a mastermind meeting or as complex as a formal team exercise. I once participated in a team exercise that involved a group of us from diverse backgrounds on a simulation of the Titanic sinking. We had the ship blue prints and a map of the surrounding area including depths and icebergs. W also knew, with the benefit of hindsight, that there was a way to save everyone. Having this kind of optimism was really helpful because in the knowing we felt inspired and almost competitive to find the solution before the ship sank. With the sun aspecting Jupiter we may be able to access a similar kind of optimism and faith even though we don’t have the same benefit of knowing the outcome.

Why? Mercury Trine North Node, Sun Sextile Jupiter

Clashes with Authority

What to expect: Questioning authority
What to watch out for: Open wounds
What will it affect? Structures, beliefs, social movements

The Sun conjuncts Saturn on the 10th and then squares Chiron on the 11th. At the same time the Sun trines Uranus. A major clash with authority opens wide a wound. In this clash lies an opportunity for healing and change. This revs up some energy that will carry us towards the end of the month. In your businesses and lives, this may be you clashing with authority and if you are in authority, others clashing with you. On a social level this energy is reminiscent of the flower child movement o f the 60’s and is likely to be named a movement of its own in a similar vein. Artistic expression and communication through music and spirituality will help to nurtures independence and freedom. This time it will have a Saturnian feel – traditional, sorrowful and wise-

Why? Sun Conjunction Saturn, Mercury Neptune, Sun Trine Uranus, Sun Square Chiron, Sun Trine Ceres, Venus Opposition Vesta

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