Horoscope: Dec 18 – 24, 2017

Dec 18 – 24

No Pain, No Gain

What to expect: Reform
What to watch out for: Fear
What will it affect? Ambitions, governments, traditional structures, time

On December 20th Saturn will move into Capricorn. Saturn will finally leave Sagittarius where it is has brought restriction and lessons to all things Sagittarius. Its move into Capricorn will be a comfortable one for Saturn as Capricorn is the sign that Saturn rules. It will stay in Capricorn for about two and a half years. The fact that Saturn is in its home sign doesn’t mean that we won’t see lessons brought to the areas it rules. We will. All things Capricorn have been experiencing a transformation as Pluto has been there now for a number of years. Now with Saturn joining the party, we’ll see structure brought to the Pluto transformations. The government, bureaucracy, administration, large traditional corporations, and traditional structures will all see reform. We may see borders change, Governments tighten up rules, but we may also see need structural change as Saturn audits these areas over the next couple of years.

Saturn gets a bad rap because of it serious, hardworking and controlled nature. But as they say “no pain, no gain”. This is Saturn’s motto! Or does it have to be?

Know this, the next couple of years we can really achieve…. if we put in the work!  And we work smart! As Saturn moves through Capricorn I’d advise you on two things in that regard. Get yourself a copy of The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. Saturn and Capricorn are all about achievement, but they are also known for their fear. The first part of the The Big Leap will be great at helping you through that. But the second part of the book, the part that talks about bending time, that’s where the rubber hits the road! Saturn is father time. It rules time cycles, watches and any other device that measures time. So the second piece of advice I have for you is to download the Free Business Timing Planning Calendar. There really is a time for everything and once you learn when those times are and how time really works, you can really start to master time and flow.

Here’s the interesting thing that is said about Capricorn. When Capricorns are young, they seem old and when they are old they seem young. My theory on this is that as they grow older they have mastered time! There is nothing like flowing with life to make you seem easy and youthful – Perfect for Saturn in Capricorn

Why? Saturn in Capricorn

Partnering with the Universe

What to expect: Direction
What to watch out for: Loss of faith
What will it affect? Passions, purpose, relationships, faith

On the 20th Vesta in Scorpio is also squaring the nodes. We are re-focusing our passions and commitments. We may go in one direction or another. This may also mean letting go of some of our personal commitments as Venus also makes a square to Chiron. As we commit to a cause or purpose we may realize that others may not be interested in going along with us on the adventure. As Chiron is in Pisces, this may be a momentary challenge to our faith. But the more we partner and trust the universe rather than people – who can sometimes fail us, the more we will grow spiritually and be better prepared for the adventure.

And then comes the surprise….

“At the moment of commitment, the entire universe conspires to assist you.”
― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

As you make that commitment, expect the unexpected. Your partner may suddenly have a change of heart or someone even better may show up on your path ready for the hike! You can’t will them to do it. You just have to commit 100%  to your path with no expectations.

Why? Vesta Square Transiting North Node, Venus Square Transiting Chiron, Venus Trine Transiting Uranus

The Long and Short of it…

What to expect: Sober thoughts
What to watch out for: Being too hard
What will it affect? Nurturing, fun, commitments, self-concepts

On the Winter solstice, the Sun will move into Capricorn and meet up with Saturn. In the western hemisphere is the shortest day of the year! In many ways, it’s perfect energy for the shortest day. We’ll feel serious, restrained, and conservative. We may even find ourselves rigid and strict without selves. As we fail to meet our own high standards, we may sink into self-judgment. It’s a dark feeling that matches the dark and limited day.

As Vesta in Scorpio squares Ceres in Leo, we also find ourselves at odds with our passion/purpose and play. It feels good to play, but does it lead us into trouble. Innocence seems to be stripped and suddenly we may struggle with guilt vs. shame. It’s a great idea to take a couple of minutes to differentiate between the two. Sometimes it’s good to have a sober assessment of ourselves. But shame can be a poison as Brene Brown explains in her video differentiating the two.

Use this time to honestly assess our shortcomings, but then find a compassionate way.Luckily we are able to take creative and educated risks as Venus Sagittarius makes a trine to Pallas in Aries. Any patterns of behaviour can be learned from and shared with others. We teach what we seek to learn.

Still can’t shake the Capricornian seriousness? Ah well… since were also close to Christmas, why not snuggle up and re-watch The Life of Brian. We can still enjoy ourselves… just a with a little Capricornian sarcasm and black humour

Why? Venus Trine Pallas, Vesta Square Ceres, Sun Conjunction Saturn, Pluto Sextile Vesta


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