Horoscope: Aug 21 – 27, 2017

Aug 21 – 27

New Moon Solar Eclipse

What to expect: Re-balancing of Leadership
What to watch out for: Overwhelm
What will it affect? Leadership

The solar eclipse is happening on August 21st in the sign of Leo. It’s happening at the very last degree, at 29°. Sometimes when we get so sure of ourselves we need something to stand in our way and reflect back to us our darkness, our shadow our shortcomings. Do we step aside and let others share in the glory and shine their brightness. Do we believe we have nothing to learn from the young? Or do we think that we deserve to reign forever? There comes a time when we have to step down or step aside. Either because we have served our time; are doing too much and it’s affecting our health, or because we have blocked out the wisdom of all others and in so doing are weakening our reign. At the 29th° (the last degree) one way or another, the leadership is getting ready to step down or retire.

Whether the leadership steps aside or is forced to move aside, those waiting in the wings, ready or not, will be forced to shine brightly with their abilities.

Sitting on top of the Sun is the Moon. Where normally her emotional wisdom is hard to see at the New Moon, at the eclipse, it comes to the fore. The Sabian symbol for the 29th° of Leo is ‘a mermaid emerges from the ocean waves ready for rebirth in human form’. Whatever is in the collective unconscious around leadership will now come to the surface in the most emotional way and will birth a new type of leadership.

Also seated at the leadership council table while the Sun disappears is Mars to the right and Mercury who is still retrograde, to the left. So close to the Sun, they are normally unseen too. But as the Sun’s light is blocked out, they become visible and others will look to them. This however is a bit of an awkward moment. Mercury stands up and starts to draw. She wants to draw her ideas about the future. But Mercury is retrograde at the moment and creating drawings about the future proves difficult.

Mars is on the other side. He’s the young executive. The up and coming leader. The one who’s been bragging to his buddies that he could do a better job! The Sabian Symbol for the degree that Mars is at is at is ‘intoxicated chickens dizzily flap their wings trying to fly’. The message is clear, though they have wings, they, at the moment cannot fly. Chicken can’t fly because that’s how they were bred – by humans. To survive they will need to learn to fly again. But for now, while in charge, and tasked with crossing the road, they are reminded to slow down, build up their capacity and constantly remind themselves to look both ways.

Some of us will be the eclipsed leaders represented by the sun, but chances are, most of us will be Mother, Mercurian or Martian at this New Moon eclipse. As Pluto opposes Ceres on the same day, we may feel thrust into this nurturing, leadership and care-taking role for the world, our work, our families and for some of us, our personal lives. Don’t get overwhelmed.

The best approach for Mother moon is to allow the theatrical and drama queen emotions.

The best place for Mercury to start his or her communication is to go over the past. As Bob Marley says “if we don’t know her past we don’t know where future”.

Mars, on the other hand, will get some help from Saturn and Lilith as it makes a trine to them. This will help Mars to ground in the newly emerging outer and inner truth of leadership. Lilith holds out her hand to help him. She reminds him that they are equal. Saturn lend him shamanistic advice, and a dose of patience and persistence! To fly, he will have to let go of his man-made breeding, (socialization, childhood learning), trust his instincts and embrace humility!

Why? New Moon at 28°Le52, Pluto Opposition Ceres, Mars Trine Saturn

Cutting through the overwhelm

What to expect: Freedom in structure
What to watch out for: Lack of confidence
What will it affect? Work, organization, relationships

On August 23rd and 24th as we swim in the overwhelm of our new responsibility… caretaker’s of the world, Pluto gets some help from Vesta. She’s in Virgo and lends some planning ability to the work we now need to get done; list, calendars, project plans. Neptune will also sextile Pallas, the goddess of feminine strategy, giving us the ability to develop a strategy that captures the big picture and is spiritually connected.

We may also feel some relationship issues pop up and they may be a little unpredictable. It’s all good. We can work them out as Venus trines Chiron. The energy also helps us to be creative and innovative.

Why? Pluto Trine Vesta, Venus Trine Transiting Chiron, Neptune Sextile Pallas, Venus Square Transiting Uranus

Building Solid Structures

What to expect: Renovations
What to watch out for: Missing important details
What will it affect? Goals, plans, structures

On August 25th, Saturn slows down and goes direct. Saturn is in Sagittarius and has been doing its audit on all things Sagittarius including religion (note the Pope poo pooing on Astrology last week), travel (hopefully they learned something about overbooking and how to treat customers), publishing (are we done with the false news yet?). As Saturn moves forward we should see new structure in place that addresses the weaknesses and flaws in all these areas. The next day Saturn sextiles Jupiter. This is excellent energy for building structures that got missed and since Jupiter is in Libra, balancing out any imbalances that had come to light during the retrograde. It’s the kind of energy you need to make a concerted effort to take advantage off. If you want to build integrity and reputable structures, make sure to get to work and take advantage of it.

There are more favourable aspects for getting to work. On the 26th, Mars meets up with the North Node. This will help to set our compass in the right direction. The Sun also meets up with Mercury, which is nearing the end of its retrograde. Lay out all the projects and plans you’ve come up with over the last three month. Check and recheck. Proof and correct. Test and trial run.

Why? Saturn Direct, Sun Trine Juno, Mars Conjunction North Node, Sun Conjunction Mercury, Jupiter Sextile Saturn, Mercury Trine Transiting Juno


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