Horoscope: Aug 14 – 20, 2017

Aug 14 – 20

Spiritus Mundi

What to expect: Things to fall apart
What to watch out for: Underhandedness
What will it affect? Politics, governments, relationships, All ism’s (racism, feminism, etc)

Since the beginning of the month, Pluto and Venus have been locking horns. Jupiter is in Libra and really wants fairness. Pluto wants power and is in the sign that rules old institutions, Capricorn. White supremacy, the old boys club, just about anybody who has held institutional power, are now fighting to keep it.

Venus will come up to trigger more of this dialog on Aug 15th. Come on, she is saying! And she might turn into a holy hell of a b!tch. This is because Venus is super emotional in Cancer and is opposing Pluto. Jealousy, emotional manipulation, gas lighting; all these behaviours might form part of the picture. Then Venus will square Jupiter in Libra on August 16th. Libra is the sign that rules Venus, so she gives Jupiter more power. She will be screaming “Fairness Now”!

The best lack all conviction, while the worst, Are full of passionate intensity. – W.B. Yeats

Unfortunately, though the combination creates a bit of laziness. To worsen matters, Neptune is opposite Vesta making us confused and unsure of what to do? We know our purpose, we know there is work to be done, but what exactly will make the difference, we don’t know. So instead we may bury ourselves in excesses like Netflix, food, wine or all three! Try your absolute best to avoid letting that happen. It’s okay to be mired in confusion. Paradoxically, If we stay open to possibility and present to the discomfort of being directionless rather than numbing out, we will find our way.

Why? Venus Opposition Pluto, Neptune Opposition Vesta, Sun Conjunction Transiting North Node, Venus Square Transiting Jupiter


What to expect: Great ideas
What to watch out for: Taking action
What will it affect? Direction, projects, expansion

Just a few days later, on Aug 20th Mars will sextile Jupiter and the Sun will trine Uranus. This is a great day for innovation, envisioning change, or new processes. We’ll feel ready for taking risks and confident in our direction. Though it might feel like the time to take action, it’s not. We’re still in Mercury retrograde and on Aug 21st we’ll experience an eclipse and we need to wait for the information that the eclipse will bring us before moving forward. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take advantage of this energy. Put your ideas on brainstorming sticky notes and leave them in a visual place to decide and act on later.

Why? Mars Sextile Jupiter, Sun Trine Uranus




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