Horoscope: April 9- April 15, 2018

April 9 – 15th

Redefining Leadership

What to expect: Review of leadership
What to watch out for: Power plays
What will it affect? Communication, strategy, children, nurturance needs

In John Gerzema’s book and TEDx Talk on The Athena Doctrine, he talks of the power of feminine values in leadership strategy. Included are values like nurturing, collaboration, reasonableness and empathy. As Mercury sextiles Pallas at the beginning of the week, we draw into our strategy a review of these types of feminine values within our leadership. Pallas also makes a sextile to Ceres in Leo and the wisdom of our children and their need for care come to the fore. With Mercury retrograding in Aries and making a trine to Ceres, the children’s needs are brought into the conversation. Ceres is still very close to the North Node in Leo and has been drawing in voices of youth in leadership. Their voices help us to do a major review of how we see ourselves, our personal freedom and our personal power.

This review is not without its challenges. The first challenge early this week is from Venus, whose values are now grounded in predictable, stubborn and at times inflexible Taurus, squaring the Nodes in Leo and Aquarius. Those values may be resistant to change and new leadership. The resistance may cause us to realize that it might be time to walk away from some relationships. The second challenge comes from the Sun in Aries, a sign that values freedom and independence, squaring Pluto in Capricorn. This creates a dynamic where the traditional establishment who may not like this expression of our freedom and personal power might flex its muscle to maintain power and control.

Why? Mercury Trine Ceres, Mercury Sextile Pallas, Pallas Sextile Ceres, Venus Square North Node, Sun Square Pluto


More than Ourselves

What to expect: Masculine/Feminine healing
What to watch out for: Opportunities for forgiveness
What will it affect? Relationships, spirituality, creativity, giving

Between April 10th and 14th, get ready to love and give! It’s all about service, generosity and creativity. It’s the kind of creativity that comes from being more than ourselves. First Mars and Venus move into a trine, bringing together the masculine and feminine. This is always a nice energy, usually generating fun, flirtation and relationship. But we have something more happening. Mars and Venus will together sextile Neptune causing our relationships to reach for the divine. In practices such as tantric sex, two come together and their synthesis creates a unity that brings them in touch with God. This astrological energy is much like the practice of Tantra. We join together and our togetherness creates a loving synergy. A spiritual union is achieved and from that spiritual union, the sparks of creativity, ready to love and give reaches out and is channeled into other outlets. Just what outlet do we send our love into? Let your creativity and passion carry you to the right project, event, charity or purpose. Venus and Mars are in earth signs and bring in a grounding and enduring energy to both our partnerships and creative outlets.

In another mini Grand Trine happening at the same time, Jupiter and Juno will trine and both will sextile Pluto. Jupiter has been traveling in Scorpio and has been educating us on the sexual inequalities, the #metoo movement and the abuses that involve power and sex. Jupiter is now retrograde and is going over some of the ground that had been uncovered. As Jupiter makes a trine to Juno, we have a chance to bring wholeness to the relationships between men and women, both on the personal and societal levels. Both Planets will pull in Pluto for some needed transformation, and eyes can be opened. If we’ve been trying to get through to someone, they may finally “get it” at this time.

Why? Venus Trine Mars, Venus Sextile Neptune, Mars Sextile Neptune, Jupiter Sextile Pluto, Jupiter Trine Juno, Pluto Sextile Juno


New Moon in Aries

What to expect: Renewed opportunity
What to watch out for: Letting it pass
What will it affect? New beginnings

I love the Sabian symbol for this New Moon on April 15th. “Through imagination, a lost opportunity is regained.”

Years ago, before Brexit, when having a British passport gave you access to the European Union and was desired, I had researched if I could get a British passport through my father who, though not British, has a British passport. I came to the conclusion that I could not get it. I’m not a lawyer, but I have an undergraduate degree in Law, which trained me to some extent in how to read legislation. So two years or so after I came to that conclusion, when a friend asked during a long morning walk,  “are you sure?” I decided to go back and look at it again. A funny thing happened. I realized that the Immigration Act was written in a way that only said who was ineligible, not who was eligible! Something went off in my head…. If I’m not ineligible, maybe I’m eligible. I could pay an immigration lawyer $1500 to find out. Or I could pay the $500 fee for the passport and take my chances. I opted to take my chances with less money. A week after sending in my application, I had a passport! At this New Moon, we have the potential for similar breakthroughs giving us an opportunity where one was once thought to be lost! The New Moon will be conjunct Uranus favouring breakthroughs and insights. Is there something that you once wanted and thought was forever lost? Now is the time to dust off the doubt and brainstorm possibilities! The New Moon is making an out of sign trine to Vesta in Capricorn, which helps to ground ideas and structure them for achievement.

Mercury will also go direct the same day. Finally we can move forward! With all this energy in Aries, expect to get propelled forward.

Why? New Moon at 26°Aries, Mercury direct


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