Horoscope: April 16 – 22, 2018

April 16 – 22

Temptations with Money

What to expect: Tests of restraint
What to watch out for: Excessiveness
What will it affect? Money, shared resources, relationships, budgets.

On April 16 and 17th, be careful with your cash and your joint holdings. There are a couple of things happening that can really go either way. Venus, a planet associated with money, is in the money sign of Taurus. Taurus loves security and material possessions. Venus in Taurus makes an opposition to Jupiter which is also in a money sign. Jupiter is in Scorpio, the sign about shared everything, including shared resources. The problem is that when these two come into an opposition, they tend to go overboard. Jupiter expands anything it touches, so it can expand our resources or it can expand our debt. The later is more likely as the energy also causes us to lack discipline and to be excessive. Venus will also trine Pluto which can send us towards transformative experiences.

At the same time, Saturn will go retrograde. For business, Saturn retrograde has an interesting energy. Normally Saturn is the CFO, handling the budgets and bottom lines. In the retrograde motion, Saturn’s reigns loosen up a bit.

This is a time where we would be well advised to learn restraint. In fact, it may be testing our restraint.

Why? Venus Opposition Jupiter, Venus Trine Pluto, Saturn Stationary

Chiron in Aries

What to expect: Pain and Healing
What to watch out for: Social movements
What will it affect? Freedom, self-expression, any repressed groups

Those of the Chiron in Aries generation know this energy well. Chiron was last in Aries in 1968 – 1977. Before that Chiron was in Aries in 1918 – 1927. Both of these times were associated with wounds of freedom and self expression! In the 1920’s, the theme was freedom of expression for women. Think short flapper dress, cigarettes and prohibition. Think of Mae West’s famus quote, “When I’m good I’m very, very good, but when I’m bad, I’m better” and Josephine Baker’s “I wasn’t really naked. I simply didn’t have any clothes on.” Then in 1968 – 1977 the theme was wounds freedom and self expression; psychedelics, peace, love and Vietnam. The culture, the style and the attitudes all spoke of that Aries notion of “who am I.” Aries energy brings conflict, passion, bravery and the kind of leadership that comes from taking a stand or making a statement for the sake of being who you are.

We enter into this energy again as Chiron moves into Aries on April 17th. This time Chiron will be in Aries until 2027. It’s a societal energy that contains hurt, healing and expression from those who feel the wounds of “who am I.” During both previous Chiron in Aries time periods, women’s movements made advances and we’ll likely see this again. Aries represents pioneering, war, the entrepreneur, beginnings, self expression, exploration. We may see wounds and a response to the wounds in any of these areas.

Why? Chiron Entering Aries

Setting Projects on the Right Track

What to expect: New Directions
What to watch out for: Too much focus
What will it affect? Money, strategy, partnerships

On April 18th , the Sun will make its exact conjunction with Uranus, just before moving into Taurus on the 19th. We may take things in a surprising direction while all this energy is in Aries, but once the Sun moves into Taurus, it will be hard to change directions. Whatever surprising turns we take, we’ll remain committed to it. It can be a productive time while the Sun is in Taurus. We can be focused and methodical which will help us to get things done.

On the 18th , Pallas will also sextile the North Node, which will help us see the big picture and build strategy that moves us into the right direction.

On the 22nd, Venus makes a sextile to Juno currently in Pisces. Juno in Pisces helps us to achieve a relationship with the divine. As Venus makes its sextile to Juno, we can partner with someone, but the project ends up feeling like something bigger than ourselves. It is as though the energy of the divine may be working through that partnership. Take advantage of this energy if you would like to move your projects ahead in partnership. On the same day, Pluto goes retrograde. In the initial stages while the Sun in in Taurus, we may resist the transformation that wants to happen. Pluto will be going back over previous ground and will have as its mission to revamp and revitalize the structures we had previously put in place.

Why? Sun Conjunction Uranus, Sun Entering Taurus, Pallas Sextile North Node, Venus Sextile Juno, Pluto retrograde



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