Horoscope: April 10 – 16, 2017

April 10 – 16

Libra Full Moon

What to expect: Focus on relationships
What to watch out for: Fights
What will it affect? Relationships, social change, laws, business partnerships

The Full Moon on April 10th is in Libra at 21 degrees. The Moon in Libra is seeking balance and fairness. Libra is also the sign of connection. Ruled by Venus, it’s often in love with love and feels incomplete without relationships. But, as always at the full moon, the Moon is opposite the Sun. The Sun is in Aries forging new frontiers, ready for action and putting others things before relationships. So it should be no surprise at this full moon that we have a strong focus on relationships and relationship conflict/balance. Whatever is at the heart of it, this Full Moon wants to bring it to a head and a culmination.

The Libra Moon wants us to remember the honeymoon period, bringing us back to the original honeymoon period. Think about Adam and Eve, hanging out in their beautiful garden – that connection before the original fight. What was it like? Now is the time we can remember that innocence. That time before we projected all of our shame, guilt, and accumulated all of our mistakes.

Also at the full moon is Uranus who’s been in Aries for a while, stirring up revolutions, fights for freedom and sincerely desiring change. It brings the moon energy into it the larger social context. So partnerships on a large scale come into focus. How do men and women relate, partner and find balance? It’s not a simple question. It brings in gender parity, employment equity, equal pay, marriage and all other gender imbalances currently seeking balance.

Why? Full Moon at 21° Libra, Mars Conjunction Ceres, Uranus Square Vesta, Sun Conjunction Uranus

Desire for Impact

What to expect: Focus on impact
What to watch out for: Ego clashes
What will it affect? Work, motivations, social causes

On April 14th and 15th we’ll have a little prep work for what’s coming on the weekend. Mars makes a gentle angle to Vesta igniting our passions and turning up the volume on our desire for making an impact. The only problem is that the Sun which represents our egos will also square Vesta, so egos might get in the way. Where do you find the agreement and the common ground in the midst of common purpose? Find this, and you will find the way through.

Why? Mars Sextile Vesta, Sun Square Vesta

Healing the Feminine

What to expect: Powerful healing energy
What to watch out for: Too much too soon
What will it affect? Relationships, original wounds

Venus goes Direct on April 15th. It’s been retrograding for 40 plus days, taking us into a search for what we value. It started off by focusing on what we value in ourselves and then taking us deeper into the waters of the unconscious to clean out some karma or outdated/loose ends. It stops at 26 Degrees of Pisces and then spins to move forward again.

Venus is joined up with Chiron at this point and makes a sextile to mars. It’s a sexy combination and with Venus in spiritual and emotional Pisces and Mars in tactile earthy Taurus. The added energy of Chiron brings in a healing/awakening energy. This is the kind of energy that may awaken your Kundalini; the energy set at the base of your spine that is said to take you to a higher level of consciousness and even psychic ability. But raising your Kundalini comes with a big warning. It’s powerful energy that can throw you off kilter. Can you face all of your wounds and crap all at once, in the midst of intimacy and spiritual connection? It’s meant to be a deeply healing energy, but one that is intended to for those who are prepared, have done “the work” and who are emotionally and spiritually ready. If you are not ready for this kind of energy, this is an excellent time to get ready. Deep wounds can be healed right now. Relationships can be repaired. Not only in our personal lives, but also on a higher, more social level. But take it slow.

Why? Venus Direct, Venus conjunct Chiron, Mars Sextile Chiron and Venus



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