Horoscope: April 24 – 30, 2017

April 24 – 30


What to expect: Slowing down to check
What to watch out for: Crisis in Belief
What will it affect? Structures, thoughts, beliefs

Mercury is retrograde this week and making some important contacts. On Monday, April 24th it connects nicely with Saturn. It’s made this connection before earlier this month, and now as it moves backward over the same point, it’s checking for grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It’s checking for flaws in reason and leaps in logic to make sure that our thoughts, words and plans all make sense. What areas of our lives need a review? Contracts? Our writing? This time is best used for critically reviewing, revising and reformulating.

Mercury is also squaring Vesta challenging our intellect versus our spiritual conviction. Worldviews may be challenged bringing us some existential angst. Working with an ontological coach or therapist can help you sort through it.

Why? Mercury Trine Saturn, Mercury Square Vesta

New Moon in Taurus

What to expect: Slowing down to check
What to watch out for: Crisis in Belief
What will it affect? Structures, thoughts, beliefs

The New Moon in Taurus on Wednesday, April 26th is asking us to clear the land, fertilize the soil and sink elbow deep into the dirt to plant our intended creations. This New Moon is welling up emotion within us as the New Moon connects with our inner mother. Some us will feel nostalgic, others loss and others protective. We want to keep our loved ones close and may feel a little possessive. Our inner mother is asking us to set intentions for connecting to what is nurturing. How would we like our family to look? How do nurture ourselves and our loved ones? Plan your homestead garden, lay out the plans for your home, decide who’s in and who is out regarding your inner circle. Remember we can’t choose the families we are born into but can intend to create the family we desire and deserve.

Why? New Moon at 6°Taurus

Choosing a path

What to expect: Sorting through ideas
What to watch out for: Scattered energy
What will it affect? Ideas, communication, partnerships

On April 28th Mercury meets up with Uranus at the same degree. We are back to our review. Take all of the great ideas or flashes of insight that you’ve had over the last three months and review them for merit. Which will work? Which are just plain hare-brained? Which would you choose if you were stranded on an island with only enough gas in your boat to get you to one other island? This energy is the entrepreneurial sign of Aries, we may be rearing to go, but the problem is that we may have too many ideas and too many paths to take and must commit to one. Now is the time to take a look at all paths and review the pros and cons of pursuing each.

Venus will move back into Aries on the same day. We can connect with partners and may even feel a need to rush into ventures. Rush in too soon, and we can miss important details. Being too aggressive can create costly mistakes. Slow down and allow for the cat and mouse game – It not only has the value of creating an exciting chase but also providing us with valuable information for our review.

Why? Mercury Conjunction Uranus, Venus Entering Aries


What to expect: A good belly laugh
What to watch out for: Triggered insecurities
What will it affect? Authority, self-master, healing

The energy pattern changes on April 28th when the north node moves into Leo. The North Node in Leo moves us into energy that focuses on creativity, leadership, self-mastery for the next 1.5 years.

As the energy moves into Leo, it also makes a square to Ceres in the Taurus/Gemini cusp. Ceres in Taurus tends to be nostalgic, holding close traditional values, yet as we cross this boundary; it challenges us to test boundaries. Trickster energy emerges that openly mocks and challenges authority. We are acting like bugs bunny, the Joker in Batman, or the trickster in any Shakespeare play. We are seeking to upset the story, move the plot along, foiling the plans of the protagonist and in so doing bring both complications to the story, but also levity. We find ourselves amused at the absurdity of life and nurturing ourselves with a good belly laugh.

The nodal square to Ceres also plays into a larger energy pattern at play. Saturn and Chiron will square exactly on April 30th, so the trickster energy on the world stage takes the form of challenging hierarchical structures and social convention. It’s likely just as amusing, but also serves to deepen the plot of the energy of Saturn square Chiron which is challenging us to break from authority. Saturn has us focusing on laws, religion, higher learning, media and the military. Chiron, currently in Pisces has us wanting to heal water, marine life, and underground resources. These two have us focusing on what is truth and what is illusion that we need to heal. We may see the archetypal tricksters playing a significant role this week. Robin-hood stealing from the rich to give to the poor; the Native American raven or coyote tricking and taking what he pleases, but entertaining in the midst; Russel Brand cleverly poking politicians, media, and academia; the internet troll stirring up insecurities. The hero is tricked, or it may be the villain. But with the larger energy of Saturn and Chiron at play, it is sure to search a higher purpose of healing and reshaping authority.

Why? North Node enters Leo, North Node square Ceres, and Saturn square Chiron


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