Horoscope: April 17 – 23, 2017

April 17 – 23

Redefining Beliefs and Freedoms

What to expect: Focused work
What to watch out for: challenging relationship
What will it affect? Relationships, beliefs, travel, education, diplomatic relations and the status quo

Monday starts with lots of focus as the Sun makes a trine to Saturn. Saturn has been in Sagittarius cleaning up all things Sagittarius. In our personal lives it’s been cleaning up our beliefs, philosophies and in the world as a whole – foreign affairs, diplomatic relations, travel, religion, and education. With the sun making a trine to it, we can focus on tackling some of the needed work in these areas. Our concentration is good. So is our attention to detail. So if we want to make headway on the lessons of Saturn and incorporate them into a plan of action, now is the time to do it.

On the same day, Jupiter makes a square to Juno; traditional partnerships are challenged. The structure of committed long-term partnerships or business partnerships are called into question. There is a push for fairness and balance and need to incorporate new beliefs which include freedom.

Why? Sun Trine Saturn, Jupiter Square Juno

Tackling the Details

What to expect: Working well with groups
What to watch out for: Speaking without thinking
What will it affect? Communication, egos, groups, power structures

On April 19th the sun moves into Taurus encouraging us to spend the next month plodding away at the details. As it moves into Taurus, it also meets up with Mercury, putting the focus on the details of communication, contracts and even travel. It’s a productive week, but with Mercury still in retrograde motion, our time is best spent on review. The good news is that these two are also making a trine to the North Node. Get together with your team, tribe, and power-group and use the brainpower of the group to tackle the task. You will find that you are on the same page and that you will get a lot done.

On April 20th Mercury will retrograde back into Aries inspiring our courage to speak. We can be assertive, but with Pluto going retrograde the same day, aggressive actions may be the standard of the day. Stay level headed. Sometimes we are right, but our thoughts, words, and actions done without forethought and diplomacy can set us backward. Take the time to think through your words.

Why? Sun Entering Taurus, Sun Conjunction Mercury, Mercury Trine Transiting North Node, Sun Trine Transiting North Node, Mercury Entering Aries, and Pluto Retrograde

Certain of our Values

What to expect: Letting go
What to watch out for: Loneliness
What will it affect? Relationships, motivations, wounds, self-care, direction

On April 21st there is a lot going on. Venus, now in a direct motion will square Saturn. These two have been in close contact for awhile. While Venus was retrograde earlier in the month, it also squared Saturn, unearthing our real values, and encouraging us to deal with loose ends and karmic connections, now with Venus direct and connecting again with Saturn, the soul-searching continues. This time we are more clear and confident in our understanding and our decisions. We may decide for good that the relationships that no longer serve us are done and feel good about it. It may feel lonely, but the space created in so doing leaves room for something greater and more positive to enter.

Mars enters Gemini the same day, filling us with a desire and motivation to learn. It also makes a square to the North Node, and so we feel motivated to break from ideas that hold us back. If we’ve been flakey about our direction, we now feel motivated to get more practical and leave behind the daydreams.

There is also a mini trine at play that is working with our wounds. It’s providing us with a consistent and reliable nurturing energy, and that’s what we need right now.
It’s helping us to work through our wounds with a warm spiritual and nurturing hug.

Why? Chiron Sextile Ceres, Chiron Trine Vesta, Vesta Sextile Ceres, Venus Square Transiting Saturn, Mars Entering Gemini, Mars Square Transiting North Node



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