Horoscope: April 23 – 29, 2018

April 23 – 29

Passion and Inner Significance

What to expect: Finding inner meaning
What to watch out for: Offending our partnerships
What will it affect? Work, passions, values, relationships

On April 24th, the Sun trines Vesta and sparks our passion! We are looking for what gives us meaning plus stability and authority. Venus will go into Gemini and make a sextile to Chiron. This starts the discussion in our partnerships and out will come all the things we are dissatisfied with, including the areas where we lack passion and meaning. Venus in Gemini values conversation, exchange of ideas and debate. It is extremely curious and its curiosity often leads the Venus in Gemini into trouble when it comes to partnerships. When Venus makes a sextile to Chiron the same day, we are faced with questions about our loyalty. The lyrics of the Tegan and Sara song “I’m not unfaithful, but I’ll stray” comes to mind. But it’s not just love relationships. It’s any partnership. The real question is, are we giving each other enough space? Do we need others to give us meaning and fill our cup or do we find our own inner significance? Chiron in Aries wants us to start valuing the independent individual and make us realize that having curiosity and outside interests don’t always spell out disloyalty to our partnerships.

Why? Sun Trine Transiting Vesta, Venus Entering Gemini, Venus Sextile Transiting Chiron

Deep Inner Work!

What to expect: Transformation
What to watch out for: Holding on to the past
What will it affect? Learning, communication, the past, power

Between April 23rd and 26th, Mars meets up with Pluto, which has recently gone retrograde. The two make a sextile to Jupiter which is also retrograde.

This is amazing energy, however, the retrograde energy of this connection turns the energy inward. In this particular aspect with Jupiter in Scorpio and Mars and Pluto in Capricorn, we are reflecting on our ambition, drive and need for power. How do we use power? Is it used for a good cause and in good ways or is it used inappropriately, even if it is inadvertently inappropriate? This energy is a good time for working with coaches, counsellors, and self-help books to help us understand our inner workings. This is also a good time for checking out your astrology chart. Astrology is one of the best tools for going inward and examining our inner landscape. Jung did it, as Bernadette Brady recently published book on Carl Jung outlines in The Astrological World of Jung’s Liber Novus.

Caution: Mercury is still in its shadow period and covering old ground. We’ve been here before just weeks earlier. It will trine Ceres and the North Node in Leo between April 25th and 27th, making us nostalgic and longing for the days of old. However our inner journey may not be a completely smooth road. On April 25th, Mercury will square Saturn bringing us down a bit. We may come across as negative and skeptical. We are being asked to let go of the so called “glory days.” In fact we may have rose coloured glasses as Neptune also makes a square to Pallas. All we may see is the security we had and the stability it offered. But was that really true? Was it ever really there? Facing the truth can help us move past our negative thinking. Time to move on!

Why? Mars Sextile Jupiter, Mars Conjunction Pluto, Mercury Square Saturn, Mercury Trine Ceres, Neptune Square Pallas, Mercury Trine North Node


Full Moon in Scorpio

What to expect: Powerful connections
What to watch out for: Abuse of power
What will it affect? Relationships, community, use of power, direction

The Full Moon is on April 29th in Scorpio. The Sabian symbol for the Full Moon is “A fellowship supper reawakens unforgettable inner ties.” The Full Moon puts the focus on community. More specifically it puts the focus on exclusive community or in some cases “secret society.” One of the more recent secret and interesting societies is nicknamed Circada 3301. It’s an internet society based around a puzzles and alternate reality games. It’s said to be linked to cryptocurrency and speculated to be founded to recruit intelligent code breaker types. This fits with the energy of this Full Moon. It speaks of power, money, emotional intensity, transformation, extremes and the secrets or mysteries of life. The Full Moon squares the nodes in Leo/Aquarius, so will bring about a new direction or possibly a call to a mission “if you so chose to accept.” Many of us feel called, but back down when asked to step into our leadership or to claim our inner strength. Face this Full Moon like a child. Remember how your innocence and lack of experience allowed you to take risks and to believe you could do anything? We are being asked to approach this full moon with that kind of childlike courage. Thankfully, we get some help from Saturn, now retrograde in Capricorn. It’s making a trine to the Sun and sextile to the Moon. This helps to ground our decisions in common sense. Therefore even if we approach our decisions with childlike courage, we skip any childlike stupidity, which promises to keep us out of any childlike trouble! The Full Moon is a time of culmination and the link to Saturn also helps us with the required discipline to complete tasks and bring us to the next level.

There is, however, one tricky energy pattern at the Full Moon. Chiron makes one of its first aspects since its arrival in Aries last week. It will conjunct Juno the marriage asteroid. Earlier in the week it connected with Venus for similar relationship energy. We are in the early days of Chiron in Aries, and its energy may well show up as a hurtful situation. For example, our partner’s criticisms can paralyze us as they call up similar old inner wounds, or they can send us into battle as we try to defend who we are. However, combined with the energy of the Full Moon, we may find that this angry and hurtful energy is needed to help us find our truth and direction. We are challenged to have the courage to be who we are in our relationships, without hurting or destroying them.

Why? Full Moon at 9°Scorpio 38′, Sun Trine Saturn, Chiron Conjunction Juno


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