Capricorn Full Moon – July 13, 2022

Full Moon – July 13, 2022

The full moon on July 13th is at 21 degrees Capricorn. While the full moon usually brings out our emotions, the moon in Capricorn is uncomfortable with them! This is stiff upper lip energy. We may feel the need to hold back or censor our emotions. Or we may feel cold, distant and out of touch. The third option is that we may feel overly invested in ambitions, putting our emotions on the back burner.

The Sabian symbol for the full moon is “A general accepting defeat gracefully”. This symbol is about learning from failure. The problem is, that not many of us enjoy failing. Most of us would rather not. However, facing and experiencing our emotions related to failure or loss is the key to learning and growing at this full moon.

At the full moon, as always, the sun is opposite the moon. At this full moon, there are many asteroids infusing the full moon with their energy.

With the Sun is with Osiris, Persephone, Ceres and Kassandra. All four of these asteroids bring in the energy of loss. In mythology, all experienced the cycles of life, death and rebirth in different ways. In Egyptian mythology, Osiris is killed by his jealous brother, twice! He comes back to life, but the second time is patched together only for a while. Osiris in astrology is associated with death and rebirth or transformation.

Persephone and Ceres are mother and daughter in Roman mythology. Persephone is pulled into the underworld one day while out in the field picking flowers. Unable to find her Persphone’s mother Ceres, the grain goddess goes into mourning. In her loss she causes the grain to stop growing. In astrology, Persephone and Ceres are associated with the loss of a child, food shortages, and famine.

Kassandra is a Greek goddess who has the gift of prophecy. While she is able to see the future accurately, she is never believed. This causes her to lose her sanity. In astrology, she represents doubting yourself, not being believed, and being silenced.

There is no doubt that this full moon is about loss. Loss of life, food, security, children. Loss of our minds, or our sanity, in all these four represent various ways in which we can experience loss – mentally, spiritually and emotionally. However, within these stories of loss is the path to a transformation into a new way of being. Osiris is put together long enough to bring forth his progeny, Persephone and Ceres transform their loss into the cycles of life and the seasons, and Kassandra transforms her loss into a deep trust in herself!

So how do we process and handle all of our emotions to get to these golden nuggets of transformation?

Opposite all of that energy with the moon is Hylonome. Associated with profound emotional loss, she processes with the use of grief counselling or elimination rituals such as discarding letters, photos and clothing of the deceased person.

Arrokoth and Minerva are also conjunct the moon. Arrokoth is associated with the sky, astronomy, astrology, space travel and exploration. Minerva represents wisdom and courage; the ability to analyze and strategize and the ability to take a different perspective. They offer us some additional tools to help us face our emotions and deal with the loss. Along with rituals that Hylonome suggests, we can also use astrology or the idea of space and different timelines to gain deeper insights and to help us to make sense of the loss we feel. These tools will help us to see things from a spiritual or cosmological perspective!

Also while the full moon is also conjunct Pluto promising deep transformation and opposite Mercury in Cancer, making our thinking fearful and muddled, we do have some support! A partner or a lover can be there for us during this full moon. This full moon is ruled by Saturn, which is in a tight trine with Venus. Our partner will stick by us and will offer different perspectives or ideas. They will not let you get stuck in an emotional rut! The moon is also trine Neptune which is conjunct the marriage asteroid Juno, offering us sacred support and connection from our divine consort or twin flame! They are there for us. We just need to let down our Capricornian emotional guard!

Happy Full Moon in Capricorn!