September Horoscope 2016

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Sept Horoscope 2016

First Week – Aug – Sept 4

Solar Eclipse in Virgo

What to expect: Clarity
What to watch out for: The need to change
What will it affect? Just about anything!

Remember back in June, we were contending with a mutable grand square? It involved Saturn and Neptune and had many of us unsure of which way was up. Now we have a solar eclipse, the trigger of all triggers, which will bring to light all of that energy. What happens during an eclipse is that something gets blocked, either the light of the Sun or the illumination of the Moon. During that tiny bit time, we get a break. It’s like when you have a problem you can’t solve and you let yourself forget about it for a while, and then suddenly in the darkness of forgetting, you get the answer. Eclipses are times when we suddenly get the answer or we suddenly realize something. It could be that we need to leave a situation, that we love this person, that someone needs us, or that we need to change a situation that impacts us. Eclipses bring something to light and often what comes to light is game changing. This solar eclipse will be especially powerful. We’ll finally have clarity! For some, clarity will make us wonder if ignorance wasn’t bliss and for others, it will spell sweet relief. No matter what, if the truth has not yet been revealed, this powerful solar eclipse will draw the curtain and we will finally see what has been hiding beyond.

The challenge at this Solar Eclipse will be to rise to the occasion. Leave all baggage behind and move forward into the unknown. This new moon solar eclipse also makes connections with the North Node, of which the degree symbolism focuses on leadership. Who leads us out of this will be a reflection of the collective unconscious. For this reason what we focus on, our responses, be they filled with love or fear, will be important. Our leaders are only a reflection of what is in our hearts and minds.

Why? Solar Eclipse in Virgo 9°Vi21′, Sun Square Saturn, Sun Opposition Neptune.

Making New Connections

What to expect: Clarity about relationships
What to watch out for: Obsessiveness
What will it affect? Who we connect with

On Sept 2nd, on one hand we have a chance to open and expand our minds. On the other hand we may feel an obsessive quality about our passions and all that we stand for. This may be a struggle that exists within you, but it also may be that two separate camps are set up in our world and we need to choose one. By the 4th of September we will feel comfortable with the direction we are taking, the people we are connecting with and the relationships we are forming. In fact we may feel a certain psychic connection, like we’ve known these people forever – even though we may have only met.

Why? Mercury Conjunction Jupiter, Pluto Opposition Vesta, Neptune Trine Transiting Juno.

Second Week – Sept 5 – 11

Untitled design(3)Constructing a New World

What to expect: New insights
What to watch out for: Opportunities to make it practical
What will it affect? Humanitarian causes

On Sept 5th, there is an opportunity to have flashes of insight that help us to peer into the fabric of a new possible world. Allan Watts once said:

“The reason we have poverty is that we have no imagination. There are a great many people accumulating what they think is vast wealth, but it’s only money…they don’t know how to enjoy it, because they have no imagination.”

At this time we will have access to imagination, and can use our imagination to come up with solutions to poverty and to calls for all forms of humanitarianism.

On Sept 7th, we then have an opportunity to make an evolutionary leap, transforming who we are. We look closely into solutions to our human condition, and have the opportunity to transform and make evolutionary leaps. The pieces that are often missing in real change are money and consistency. The good news is that at this time, we have both. Also, there is an opportunity to set an example in whatever we do. For example, how moved are you by someone who has cut off their long hair? Something they have prided in, attached to their identity and had been growing forever, but felt moved by someone in need going through cancer treatment to cut it off and donate it? These are the sort of authentic actions that will set an example and influence the hearts of our followers.

Why? Uranus sextile pallas, Sun Trine Pluto, Venus Sextile Saturn

Jupiter Moves into Libra

What to expect: A focus on fairness, relationships and fashion
What to watch out for: Opportunities to expand your business
What will it affect? Law, relationships, money, aesthetics

On September 9th, Jupiter moves into Libra. Jupiter is the planet that expands all it touches. It’s been in Virgo for the last year expanding all things Virgo – organization, structure, health and regime. Now as Jupiter moves into Libra, the focus will be on expanding industries related to justice; law, legislation, mediation as we seek to balance the scales of justice. We will see a greater focus on finding middle ground, negotiations, coming to agreements.

It also expands aesthetics; fashion, jewelry, boutiques, etc. Libra ruled by Venus enjoys a balancing the scales of our senses, so we can expect that more focus will be placed on how we look, harmony in colour and presentation.

Finally, Libra is the sign that is related to partnerships, so contracts, related business partnerships, and mergers expand as well as all relationships, including love relationships expand in general. We may see a greater focus on socializing, parties and collaborations in both our work and personal lives.

If you are in business related to any of these areas, you may experience growth, particularly if your business incorporates new ways to integrate these areas into our lives.

Why? Jupiter moves into Libra.

The Final Reveal

What to expect: More of the truth
What to watch out for: Feeling deflated
What will it affect? Politics, society, our outlook

On Sept 10th, Saturn and Neptune come into their final square. These two have been squaring off since last year November. When these two come together their energy brings out lies, deceit and scandals. This is because Neptune is the ruler of all that lies beneath. Saturn, the lord of Karma, the planet of lessons, responsibility, boundaries and structure squaring off with Neptune’s shadow energy helps to bring all of this to the surface. Not only are secrets under the gun, but so are industries related to Neptune, such as oil, the internet, hospitals, and drugs, including addictive drugs, crime, spirituality and film. Over the last year we have become aware of a growing opioid problem, panama papers, and unfairness in the drug industry in the US with price hikes with lifesaving EpiPen, fossil fuel protests with sage smudges and totem poles and more. The energy of Saturn squaring Neptune can lead to depression, loss of hope and direction, and confusion. This is complicated at this square on the 10th with Mercury in direct opposition to Chiron. Mercury is now retrograde muddling our thinking and thought process. Chiron, the large celestial body associated with our hurts and wounds often established in our childhoods, makes that muddled thinking even more difficult. We will likely feel indecisive, lost and perplexed. The best way to handle this energy is to take in information without forming any attachments to it. It will be hard to see the good side of things for the moment and we may form incorrect and unfairly negative assessments in the moment – making us feel stuck. We are likely to grab ahold of a sense of power within our relationships at this time. On one hand, we can feel connected to someone, like we have a hand to reach out and grab. On the other, we may use the vulnerability that exists in that relationship to give us a sense of control. Watch out for the tendency for power plays, jealous words and manipulations at this time.

Despite all of this, the good news is that this is that we are over the hump. The eclipse at the beginning of the month likely brought most of the information on this square to light. We are now in the process of healing and finding solutions.

Why? Mercury Opposition Chiron, Saturn Square Neptune, Juno Sextile Transiting North Node, Venus Square Transiting Pluto.

Untitled design(4)Third Week – Sept 12 – 18

Mercury Acting Up!

What to expect: Issues with travel
What to watch out for: Aggression
What will it affect? Communication, travel, agreements and contracts.

Sept 12th and 13th, Mercury may play pesky. Normally Mercury is most difficult at the beginning and then again at the end of its transit, but this time Mercury is retrograding in a sign that it rules and has nothing to tether its disorientation. On the 12th, it joins up with the sun in Virgo. Normally a good time to make plans and to travel, and also normally a good time to make business agreements, these acts should be avoided unless they follow the rules of Mercury retrogrades; rescheduling, revisiting or renegotiating. Also on the 12th, Mercury will square Mars. On a normal day this can bring out road rage, accidents and carelessness. With Mercury retrograde this is likely to be agitated. Drive carefully and if you’re like me drive with a big chunk of rose quartz in your hand, a stress ball or whatever keeps you calm!

Why? Sun Conjunction Mercury, Mercury Square Mars, Sun square Mars.

Difficulty Getting it Across

What to expect: Great ideas
What to watch out for: Difficulty getting them across
What will it affect? Our passions and purpose, communication

By the 14th, we may be feeling a need to fight for our ideals and passions. We are able to see into the patterns of things and feel a need to charge forward. The problem will lie in communicating. We can seem tongue tied about our passions, failing to get them across – or we may seem too narrow minded and frigid. The point is, this may not be the case, but our words will come out all wrong at this time. Again the culprit is Mercury retrograde. Better to focus our passions on reworking communication from the past or coming up with a version of our communication that we save in our draft folder. Warning – keep the “to”, “copy” and “blind copy” addresses empty, just in case the message gets sent accidentally!

Why? Mercury Sextile Vesta, Venus Square Vesta, Mars Sextile Pallas.

Full Moon at 24°Pisces – Lunar Eclipse

What to expect: Catharsis
What to watch out for: Avoiding the true healing because of pain
What will it affect? Past hurts, collective consciousness, artistic outlets

On September 16th, we have the third eclipse in the eclipse season, this one a lunar eclipse in Pisces. Lunar eclipses tend to be wildcards, meaning things can just happen just out of the blue. The energy of this one is related to a much needed catharsis. Catharsis is a purging and purifying process. Anyone who has ever done a cleanse or detoxification process – whether it’s from drugs, cigarettes, sugar or wheat – knows that these always result first in major discomfort, sometimes a migraine or worse, and then finally relief and health. This is an opportunity for major healing if you can stay real and present to the pain. The tendency however will be for spiritual bypass. Things that will help us stay real and with the process include painting or any artistic expression, particularly ones that are extremely feminine in expression, such as needle work, knitting and weaving. If you’ve ever visited a quilt museum, you’ll know how rich in story and healing this kind of art work can be. Surprisingly, focus on a project such as this can lead to a major breakthrough.

Why? Sun Opposition Transiting Chiron, Mars Square Transiting Chiron, Full Moon at 24°Pi19′ Lunar Appulse Eclipse, Venus Trine Pallas Mars Trine Uranus, Venus Opposition Uranus.

Fourth Week – Sept 19 – 25

Relationships Sparkle

What to expect: Sparks flying
What to watch out for: Communication misunderstandings
What will it affect? Relationships and money

Sept 19th is a wonderful day for relationships. Venus in Libra, the sign of love and relationships, will be in a nice aspect to Mars in Sagittarius. The energy flowing between these two is creative and adventurous. Not only that, but we also have Juno – the marriage asteroid – making a nice aspect to Pluto. Relationships will be magnetic and transformational. The only aspect to watch out for is Mercury in its last days of being retrograde. A couple of things could happen at this time. Past loves or missed opportunities may show up at this time. You may have conversations that revisit and reminisce and possibly rehash, perhaps to the extent of clarifying old misunderstandings. If you don’t meet up with someone from the past, but instead connect with someone new, things said could be met with misunderstanding. Better to spend the time window shopping, watching a movie, riding bikes, or anything where you can spend time together without talking too much.

Why? Venus sextile Mars, Juno sextile Pluto, Mercury sextile Juno, Mercury trine Pluto.

Unfounded Suspicions

What to expect: Intensification of mess ups
What to watch out for: Unfounded suspicions
What will it affect? Communication and relationships

On Sept 22nd, Mercury goes direct! Mercury will have spent three days in close connection with Pluto. We’ll feel compelled to research, probe into things. We may feel obsessed with conspiracy theories and mysteries. Even though Mercury is going direct, I do caution that the information can still be a little muddled. It’s best to take any information we dig up with a grain of a salt. We may make connections that we later look back at and wonder how we arrived there. To complicate matters the Sun will move into Libra, switching our focus to relationships and Venus the planet of relationships will move into Scorpio, raising our need for intensity and drama in relationships. We can also get this way with money coming up with or imagining suspicions that later prove wrong!

Why? Mercury Stationary, Mercury Trine Transiting Pluto, Venus enters Scorpio.

Untitled design(5)Last Week – Sept 26 – Oct 3

Letting Go Of What No Longer Works

What to expect: Time to let things go
What to watch out for: Protests
What will it affect? Politics and society

On Sept 26th Saturn will square the nodes. The nodes are now moving into the degrees associated with the solar eclipse at the beginning of the month, and the Saturn Neptune square. This brings karma even more into the mix, but also allows us to make peace with whatever has happened and chose a direction associated with peace, and to let go of structures that are no longer useful or productive. There is a little bit of intensity associated with this day because Pluto also goes direct. Uranus will bring a little bit or erratic behaviour and we may see rebellious behaviour manifest on this day; marches, protests and the like. Venus opposes Ceres, so this may show up as hunger strikes or other actions against food.

On the positive side, the Sun will come up with meet with Jupiter, so we are likely to feel quite optimistic and positive about any future outcomes.

Why? Saturn square North Node, Pluto direct, Uranus Square Vesta, Venus Opposite Ceres, Sun Conjunct Jupiter.

Getting Things Done

What to expect: Increased ambitions
What to watch out for: Opportunities to work with others
What will it affect? Ambitions, drive, motivations

On the 27th, Mars will enter into Capricorn. This shifts our drive towards ambitions and status. We are determined, diligent, and focused for the next little while. This will be a good time to put our heads down and complete any projects we want to start or have been working on. Communications within our relationships will also go well at this time, helping us to work well with others to accomplish our tasks.

Why? Mercury Sextile Transiting Juno, Mars Entering Capricorn.

New Moon in Libra at 8°Libra

What to expect: Opportunity for intention setting
What to watch out for: Cheapening the experience
What will it affect? Relationships, money, creativity and self esteem

The month ends with a new moon in Libra!

If you have ever tried to make French food with table cream or sour cream instead of Crème Fraiche, or settled for a poster of a painting instead of the real thing, you will understand this new moon. This new moon is about creating our passions, relating to our loved ones, and building our fortunes based on what has been known to work. With this new moon, we are looking for only the best ingredients, the tried and true nuggets of wisdom, and the formulas that cannot be reworked.

Armed with only the finest ingredients, we are able to set intentions with this new moon to bring into being those desires which have the ability to nurture our self worth and build our self esteem. How good do we feel when we eat the finest, connect with the finest, and surround ourselves with only the finest?

Why? New moon at 8°Li15′, Mars Trine Ceres.