March Horoscope 2015

March Horoscope 2015

2015-02-27 18.20.04Our thoughts are so important in creating our lives and our worlds. Mixed with emotion, our thoughts become particularly powerful. This month, thoughts will be very creative and emotions will be high. This means we’ll have an unusual ability to create whatever is in our hearts and minds – for ill or for good.

On the 2nd of March, Mercury sextile Uranus will generate unusual and potentially cutting edge thoughts and opinions. Mercury will also oppose Jupiter which will expand those thoughts. But it also will make us all a little opinionated and overconfident. This change may be a time when we can really listen to people and to see what they are made of. Venus will oppose the North Node, so if we don’t like what we are hearing or if we realize that it doesn’t Jive with our values, we can make healthy decisions to let them go with love.

By March 3rd, Jupiter will trine Uranus. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your perspective) it’s a bit of a roller coaster ride and by this point there is no getting off. We are now at the top, ready to plunge at a crazy speed. From that point to the end of the month, our bottoms barely touch the seat even though we are strapped in. Our lungs may not register when to take a breath. We’ll either be screaming with delight or sheer terror! Even though Jupiter is retrograde, it will still expand the energy of Uranus. We’ll feel it on the inside. Uranus is the planet of surprises. It’s also the planet of humanitarianism, change, forward thinking, and innovation. It’s in Aries which is associated with pioneering a new direction, living courageously, and defining ourselves. It’s a little like the first Tarot Card, the Fool, who often leaps before thinking. But that’s not all….

On March 4th, Venus will also join the party. We value our freedoms at this time but perhaps someone else would like to control them – so there will be a little bit of a clash starting out the month of March.

The full moon on March 5th will be in Virgo. This is a powerful full moon with a great deal of unconscious material floating to the surface for examination. Virgo will help us to sift through the information and make sense of it. It’s a detailed moon with transformative power as it will also be connected to Pluto. Those ready to step into their power will do so at this time. It’s a culmination of much inner work and we may see many finally stepping into the leadership to which they were called. They will embrace their role to transform our world in positive ways. Mars is opposite the North Node on the 6th which helps us to move in a new direction. By the weekend, the Sun conjuncts Chiron (the wounded healer) and we will feel a strong spiritual direction emerge.

8377186_sOn March 10th, Mars will trine Jupiter and this change will feel like going up the second hill of that same roller coaster ride. The next day, Mars conjuncts Uranus and we are plunging again, this time with a bit of a twist or turn. Mars squares Pluto in Capricorn. Those in power might pull a move and you may find yourself suspended in midair. Are they really checking for safety or is this just a move to try and prove who’s in control?

Mercury will move into Pisces on March 12th giving our language and communication an idealist tone. But by the 16th, Mercury will square Saturn which may be the reason for the narrow-thinking and pessimism that seems to emerge. This energy also won’t help with the other major astrological event for that day created when Pluto and Uranus square. This is the last square Pluto and Uranus will have for many years to come, but with all the Mars and Jupiter action of the last couple of days, this one does come with a bit of a bang. I feel like telling everyone to hold a heart shaped crystal or some rose quartz. As much as you can, block out the negative thinking and increase the love.  Reflect back on the last six squares between Pluto and Uranus. You can also read the horoscopes for those dates to get an idea of the energy; how it’s been playing out in your life and on the world stage. I only started writing about the monthly energy in 2013, but you can get the picture from the one’s I wrote; June 24, 2012, Sept 18, 2012, May 20, 2013, Nov 1, 2013, April 21, 2014, Dec 14, 2014.

By the 18th, Mercury will conjunct Neptune, which will help us to tap into our intuitions and our ability to vision. If we can hold onto this energy for a couple of days, we’ll have a New Moon Solar eclipse in Pisces on March 20th.

The solar eclipse is at 29o Pisces which makes it a very spiritual, compassionate, self-sacrificing New Moon. It makes a favourable connection with Saturn, grounding its energy. On the 14th, Saturn turned retrograde. It’s in Sagittarius now but it will head back and dip into Scorpio toward the summer. Before it gets there, we’ll have the chance to reflect on some of the early lessons in Sagittarius. Sagittarius rules religion and higher learning. This solar eclipse energy makes an aspect to it so we can set intentions – then we’ll really understand the direction in which we should head. The eclipse is a happy positive eclipse according to *Bernadette Brady. Creative projects and romantic relationships can have sudden success and positive creativity. This result can occur on both the group and the individual level. If an eclipse is connected to a planet in your chart, you will have an opportunity to really embrace this energy and help evolve the planet forward.

On March 22nd, Mercury will connect with Pluto, sending us into deep penetrating topics. By the 24th when it conjuncts Chiron, we will have a chance to have deeper discussions that can potentially heal hurt feelings. Venus sextile Neptune on the same day promises a way to deepen and spiritualize the love, thus feeding your soul.

By March 25th, we are back to business when the Sun trines Saturn. Stay the course as we move toward the lunar eclipse at the beginning of April. We start to get a little more intense again. Venus trine Pluto on the 30th makes us a feel our emotions a little more intensely – by the last day of March, we may be realizing some truths. With Mars moving into Taurus on the same day, our persistence and desires may be strengthened.

Read the Horoscope for each sign:


Big changes have been occurring in who you are and who you are presenting in the work place. This change has also been transforming your career. This month you will be the pinnacle point of all of that activity. The eclipse will be in your 12th house, helping you to unlock buried sources of love from within.


You may sense a course correction this month as unconscious material floats to the surface. Actually it might pop to the surface, surprising you. You are expanding into your spiritual gifts and shifting your beliefs. You are also tapping into your childhood passions again. At the eclipse, you can share your ideas with the world in a political forum or in connection with your growing tribe.


The bottom is finally falling out from whatever has been moving and shifting in your finances. Everyone seems to be coming out of the woodwork, friends, past acquaintances – or this might even be a political favour that leaves you feeling pushed and pulled. The good news is that shifts in your marriage or partnership may lead you in a new direction. It might be a proposal or it might just be finally aligning with the right mate on a deeper level.


Where is your relationship heading? This month might take you to the edge. Taking things to the edge is often required in order to evolve our relationships further. We don’t really hold or own others. This month your ability to flow with changes without attachment will be tested. The eclipse on the 20th will help you to tap into profound and spiritual truths about love.


Your leadership is being called on to transform your work and the beliefs we have about work. You’re leading the way on this but first your own beliefs must be examined and transformed. This month will push that development forward. You can expect the eclipse to help you readjust your leadership style. If your ego has been getting in the way, this adjustment might feel uncomfortable. Take time to examine your roles. Re-read ‘The Power of Now.’


The lucky thing is that Jupiter will be sitting on your shoulder like a protective angel this month, so don’t be frightened if you seem to be turned inside out. The creative process is easy; think of a baby being born. It brings a beautiful gift, but the process is one that leaves a mark. Spend time asking women about their birth stories and you’ll resonate with their energy this month. The eclipse this month has the potential to connect you with your soul mate. If you’re already connected, this will take it deeper.


You might feel a little uprooted this month. Let’s say you find out that your partner had a relationship before you were together that produced a love child (I think this happened to Gwen Stephanie). It’s this kind of left field information that floats the surface and completely changes your foundations. The eclipse will put you in touch with service and love for humanity. It might feel exhausting and you might want to hold back, but this change is likely the best thing for you right now.


You might feel like you have a left foot at work this month. If your boss is coming down on you, know that it’s just a sign saying something is misaligned in your self presentation. They can’t figure you out, so they would prefer if you just conform. How you give your gifts is really being transformed and it’s just a matter of getting clear feedback. You may have foot in mouth syndrome (which might be commonplace) but reflecting back on what floats out of your mouth will help you adjust your new and emerging perspective. The solar eclipse will be expressed in an inspired love for your children – or creativity if you don’t have children.


Projects can really take off this month. All that is required is a little more belief in yourself. You’re able to win the support of your constituent, whomever and for whatever purpose they are in your life. It might be a political group or it might be a tribe that you are creating for a creative endeavour. The eclipse will help you tap into the spiritual linage or heritage that you may have been ignoring. They are your gifts. Use them.


There may be some disruption in your home this month. One of your children might move back in or you might be asked to take care of your grandchildren, leaving your house and home completely turned upside down. It’s another chance for you to define/redefine who you are becoming. Your old communication style might re-emerge mid month, but it’s an opportunity to adjust your thinking and your communication style for a better, more effective approach. If things are getting lost in translation, maybe there’s a better approach. The eclipse will help you access a more loving communication style.


You have some innovative ideas on communications. There will be lots of unconscious material floating to the surface for you to access. Maybe it’s from your unconscious, but it might also be inspired by the universe. You’re having a Tesla moment this month. The more you partner and share your ideas, the more access you will have to the inspiration. True, Tesla was not recognized during his lifetime for his creations. Yes, maybe they were stolen, but don’t worry whose idea it was or let the idea of whose creation it was stop you from allowing the creation to emerge. The eclipse will help you to access deeper levels of self love and selflessness.


Hitting the jackpot in terms of your earnings will throw you a little off kilter. This jackpot will be the result of hard work (not a lottery winning), so you should be able to access your worthiness a little more quickly. You will become the epitome of the new spiritual movement that is emerging with respect to work. Leader is being transformed to Mastermind as you spread the word about the power of working together. Work teams are being transformed into work tribes. The eclipse will help you tap into the universe of love within yourself.

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