The New Emerging Feminine…

The Three Moon Goddess  Blog was created to explore the Feminine in Astrology.

When it comes to astrology, I wanted to really bring the feminine into the conversation at all times. For thousands of years the luminaries (Sun and Moon) and the personal planets of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn ‘dominated’ astrology. These guys were called the Traditional Planets. But something happened that seemed to speed up time and evolution. Modern planets were discovered!

Uranus in 1781, Neptune in 1846, and Pluto in 1930! Wow that’s pretty recent!

Just as Newtons discoveries related to gravity helped us to understand the universe, so did the discovery of new planets help us to understand  personality (astrology became more psychologically based) as well as the events of the world.

Uranus coincided with the Industrial Revolution and exploded on our consciousness true to its revolutionary and abrupt nature exploding with changes in agriculture, manufacturing, mining, transportation, and technology and having a revolutionary change on our economy and the way we live.

Neptune coincided with metaphysics and psychoanalysis, reflecting Neptune’s nature of the unconscious, the dreamlike state, the unseen and the collective unconsciousness.

Pluto with its trans-formative nature and emphasis on power coincided with the atomic age and the rise of dictatorships.

These planets had always been there, but their appearance in our collective consciousness, helped to understand the growth and expansion that was happening in our world. For the most part these planets helped to frame our world  and understand it.

But what about the Feminine?  In traditional astrology we only had two feminine planets to explain the feminine nature. The Moon and Venus!

First Wave of Feminism 

But the feminine was also emerged and in line with that the Astroids were also discovered. Ceres in 1801, Pallas in 1802, Juno in 1804 and Vesta in 1807 coinciding with the first wave of feminism that gave rights of citizenship and right to vote to women in North America.

Second Wave of Feminism  

In 1973 the first Astroid Ephemeris appeared coinciding with the second wave of feminism that saw the rise of many social justice movements and rising awareness.

Third Wave of Feminism 

In 1977 the Astroid Chiron known as the ‘wounded healer’ was discovered and on it’s heals a third wave of feminism that sought to give women the same power as men, “taking back the night” and beginning a healing process for dis-empowered women.

In 2012, is a fourth wave of feminism emerging in the World? Venus crossed the Sun in June of 2012 a rare occurrence happening twice every century or so… symbolic of women standing in front of men… or with men… What is emerging is less about women and more about balancing, reincorporating feminine values  and calling for a rebalancing of the earth, of business, of relationships, jobs, communities and so much more.

How can astrology help us to re balance? In  the Next blog more on Vest, Pallas, Ceres and Juno and their special meaning for us in these changing times….

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