September Horoscope 2013

It’s been a highly creative summer and one filled with both necessary and unnecessary conflict. I also had my birthday at the end of August. Paying close attention to what happens to you on your birthday can give you some clues on what to expect for the coming year. Here’s what happened to me when I went to the spa for the day. Upon arrival they signed me in and gave me a key to my locker where I would find my slippers and robe that I would float through the day in. I entered the locker room, with locker key number 99 in hand. But wait… The lockers only went up to 98. I scanned the room and noticed that they started at one on the other side and went all the way around until they stopped at 98. “Why,” I said out loud, “would they give me a key to a locker that doesn’t exist?” I stood perplexed for a moment and then aha!, I turned the key around and realized that it was 66! The lesson? It’s all about your perspective. Sometimes when things don’t seem to exist or be possible, taking that moment to be curious (rather than angry, disappointed, confused, indignant, etc., etc.) will make the impossible completely possible.

September starts with the analytical Sun in Virgo trining Pluto, making these kind of aha moments possible. Don’t let Virgo’s perfectionism stop you from seeing even the oddest things as something potentially positive. On September 4 we are asked again to challenge our perceptions as tricky Neptune is opposite Ceres. Can we nurture ourselves, AND also transcend our own needs to nurture our world and the universe? Sometimes our ideas about perfection stop us in our tracks. But there is no need to be perfect. Eating just a square of chocolate rather than the entire 100g bar is the difference between nurturing yourself and being abusive. Don’t let a little slip-up (say eating two squares instead) send you down the rabbit hole toward eating that whole bar. Perhaps the answer lies in sharing.

On the same day, Mars is opposite Juno bringing about a competitive vs cooperative energy. Mars is in Leo and wants what it wants. Juno, the marriage asteroid is in cool and detached Aquarius. This is the thrill of the chase energy. That need to have what you can’t can be very alluring, but focusing on everyone’s needs rather than just getting for the sake of getting is the best approach.

The new moon on September 5 opposes Chiron making us again focused on being perfect about who we are and how we express ourselves. It has some help from Pluto and Jupiter, binging emotions to the surface and sharing them with others will be a really beneficial use of this new moon. Group therapy, a group of girlfriends sitting down for coffee, Sex in the City style, or some other deeply intimate group setting can be intense but rewarding. Also, if you need to stage an intervention for someone you love who is going down a dark and scary path, this might be the new moon to do it on.

On the 7th, Mercury sextile Pallas and the Sun sextile Jupiter make it an excellent day for group brainstorming. This is a great day for corporations to do team-building exercises (too bad it’s a Saturday) or for mastermind groups to get together and think-tank. The energy will be positive and the creativity through the roof!

But, keep your ideas to yourself until after the 8th/9th of September. Mars will square Saturn. Fear may get in the way and telling others will only deepen it as the likely response will be “it’ll never work”. Taking immediate action on ideas will also be an exercise in frustration and the disappointment can make you doubt your ideas. Since I am sure your ideas are good ones, it’s best to take a slow and methodical approach and let things incubate. Keep your own counsel and don’t allow frustration to discourage.

The 10th/11th will be a better day to start on projects. Venus square Pallas and sextile Vesta will allow you to sublimate your femininity into creative projects. All three planets will be moving from one sign to the next on these days, so the potential to birth a new and exciting project really exists. The challenge will be to keep your balance between being receptive and being decisive, which will determine your success.

On the 16th something may come up that seems like a good idea. But Neptune opposes Vesta, which could lead to disillusionment or dedicating to oneself causes that may not be what you expect. Take good care on this day to what you commit yourself to. On that day, Mercury is opposite Uranus, so words may float out of your mouth that may get you into trouble in this respect. Pluto is also trine Ceres, which stresses the idea of non attachment so if you do make a commitment, realize that you don’t own it, and at some point you may have to practice the idea of catch and release.

On the 19th when the moon is full in Pisces, we will be faced with following our instincts vs getting caught up in our “shoulds”. Saturn, Venus and the North Node will line up in Scorpio on that day. Globally, this could be a day when financial structures come into question. Governments and banks will be in the line of fire, which means we will all feel it. Saturn and the North Node are quite karmic, and Venus is all about relationships and money. Whatever had been seeded in the past will now sprout surprisingly to the surface. Let’s hope they were good seeds and it’s a good crop!

However, even if it is a not such a good crop, at the end of the month Uranus will send a flash of insight to Pallas, a creative solution can emerge to whatever situation that arose at the full moon on the 19th. Saturn is square Pallas though, and the need to be pragmatic and to have a strong foundation could shoot ideas down. The good news is that Pluto and Vesta also have a say and we may see spiritual or social ideals being reinforced by the powers that be.

 Read what’s in store for each sign:


You have a desire to have fun, experience a thrill and to express your uniqueness this month. You may question what your purpose is and if your work is meeting it. Give yourself time to see how things play out this month if you do start to feel disillusioned. Acting on it may be a bigger gamble then you anticipate.


Your high ideals may hit a snag this month. Your intentions are good, but perfection and having it your way, especially in your home, can get in the way. This month you will see just how much it may also be affecting your primary relationships. The good news is that Jupiter in your 3rd house will help you to expand your perceptions. If others are unsuccessful at getting you to see this, your flash of insight might come from a good book.


You might have some difficulty sleeping this month. Your mind is racing a mile a minute because you’ve got so much to say and share. You might be so inspired that you find yourself calling a friend at midnight without realizing the time. It’s a good time to listen and not push your ideas so adamantly. You will definitely have a platform or podium for your ideas, and as maestro, your best approach to influencing others may be with a basic Google search on followership.


Your innate Cancerian values of mothering and taking care of others are becoming more mainstream. There are still some challenges and as you are asked to prove yourself, you might take it personally. Don’t let your self esteem suffer if your ideas are questioned. You are extremely community oriented this month, showing others how mothering is a transferable skill. Mothering has been the most underpaid, undervalued job, and has been a role that has longed for recognition. But as you start to get that recognition you may feel a little uncomfortable.


This month you are not sure what is going on with others. Maybe something does quite add up. However this won’t matter as long as you become clear about who you are, what your values are and are able to exert yourself in a way that is enrolling. You may have been putting up with something for a long time in your family of origin but you will now find a new approach that aligns with your newly clarified roots.


It’s your birthday month Virgo, and good times can be had with friends. If you’re feeling social, it’s a great time to have that big birthday party. Other years you may have liked to be by yourself, but this year holding a party will open up a new social life for you. Your unconscious is warring with new ideas and perceptions that are emerging, but don’t let that hold you back. The practice of mindful meditation will help by putting some distance between what you think and who you are, to help you rise above it.


Libra, this is your month for some downtime. A review of the last three months or even the year will be highly beneficial. You may be having deep thoughts on your finances and how they help or hinder your hopes and dreams. If you’ve felt some disillusionment with your job, now is the time for behind the scenes ground work. Luck is on your side to make a big career change.


You are redesigning yourself, looking inward and making changes that to reflect who you really are. This may square off this month against the powers that be, maybe your boss or another authority figure. You may have recently connected with the more creative and idealistic side of yourself and you want to express it more. Don’t allow whoever is clashing with the new you emerging to bring you down or to make you question yourself. To any Scorpio now embarking on a university education, Happy Frosh week. This is definitely the time for higher education as you will really enjoy it.


You have a strong creative, selfless and inspirational energy this month, especially in your career. However, you have been in a phase and extending yourself for some time. This month there may be some curve balls from parents or children. If you are in the “sandwich generation”, these curve balls will feel magnified. Your constant selflessness may feel rewarding right now, but will catch up with you. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself too.


Group participation is where your greatest learning lies right now and your sense of responsibility to a greater cause is increasing. You may however feel torn by conflict with others as you take actions that you believe benefit all and which you feel passionate about. Taking a real look at your strongly held belief systems and how your fraternization’s unconsciously inform your belief systems can lessen the conflict.


You may be so dedicated to your work and your sense of purpose that you idealize money. You know what the phrase “do what you love and the money will follow” really means. This month you may experience partnership problems especially if you are in business that will affect your career. Don’t let this throw you off. Keep that mantra, because even if there is a hiccup this month, you are still right. Doing what you love will make the money follow!


Mars has you working hard this month. You have a strong base for your projects and know where they are headed, but leave some room for the possibility of learning something you didn’t know. You self-expression may be a little foggy as well. Others may challenge you only because they don’t seem to understand you.  Being more direct in your self-expression can help deepen other people’s trust level with you.

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