Scorpio Full Moon – April 26, 2021

The Scorpio full moon on April 26th occurs at 7 degrees opposite the sun at 7 degrees of Taurus. Among other things, these two signs are about resources. Taurus is what’s mine and Scorpio is what is ours. Taurus has a focus on things of value – security is a big deal and so is food and money. Taurus is all about self-reliance. Scorpio on the other hand views resources differently. Other people are involved – What’s yours is mine. And without your money and resources, it faces destruction – think of taxes, insurance. This is also why Scorpio has a penchant for power. If I lose you I lose my resources (or alternatively, if I lose myself through death, you get my resources). And so Scorpio holds on for dear life. Survival is its key goal. This full moon brings tension to these two dichotomous viewpoints on resources.

This is also a very significant full moon because this is the degree of the first Saturn (currently in Aquarius) Uranus (currently in Taurus) square, which happened in February. Essentially this triggers the story that came about during that first square. The Saturn Uranus square is a year-long transit, with the planets meeting up exactly three times. Do you remember what happened during the first meet-up? It was the Robin hood/Gamestop Wall Street takeover!

If you missed it, the stock trading app, Robinhood, and users on the discussion forum Reddit converged to stage a Wall Street coup using the failing Gamestop stock to undercut the Wolves of Wall Street who had bet against that stock. It was a true Robinhood story (taking from the rich to give to the poor) and let’s just say it cost Wall Street A LOT!

The Saturn Uranus cycle however is a long one – about 45 years long. And since these two have been meeting up throughout this cycle, a bigger story has been developing. There are three words that capture it – deregulation, financial failure, and buyouts.

Read more on the Saturn Uranus square here.

Will we see Robinhood strike again? The ruler of the Scorpio moon, mars is in cancer. This brings strong, powerful, and crisis-like emotions and protective action. The only one with anything to protect in this scenario is Wallstreet. The sun is also particularly strong at this full moon. It’s beside Uranus, making it creative, inventive, unpredictable. Its ruler, Venus is beside it in Taurus, a sign that she loves, she is attractive and among the things she attracts is solid and reliable resources. She also has mercury standing with her. Taurus in mercury whispers in her ear traditional knowledge. These are old ideas, but carry wisdom and good judgment. Mercury in Taurus whispers ‘A SYMBOLICAL BATTLE BETWEEN “SWORDS” AND “TORCHES.”’ It’s the Sabian symbol of that degree!

I can’t help but want to see Robinhood fight again and win. And at first glance, the Sabian symbol seems to say FIGHT! But look closer and you will see the better approach to this full moon is to release the action of battle and to focus instead on what the battle is symbolic of? This is true for both the swords (Scorpio) and the torches (Taurus)! The Scorpio full moon asks us to peacefully look out across the lake at the still reflection of the moon and to meditate on the spiritual lesson it is trying to illuminate. It doesn’t ask us to release our mission or battle or crusade but to focus on the spiritual lesson or the value behind it, understand it, and take wise action.