Sagittarius Eclipse – May 26, 2021

The Full Moon on May 26th, 2021 is a Lunar Eclipse. It is in the sign of Sagittarius at 5 degrees. A Sagittarius moon makes us feel adventurous and itching to travel. If travel is limited it will send us off in our minds exploring theories, philosophies, theologies, and even legalities. At this full moon eclipse, we can expect to encounter some truth. Likely a shocking truth!

Since it is a Full Moon Eclipse this is a truth that has been bubbling beneath the surface for some time and is now making itself know. A couple of years ago I was in New Orleans. I had met some people from Europe who told me that Europeans love Trump. I found this shocking assuming that everyone had a problem with Trump. Two days ago I came across a list of nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize in Norway for 2021. It said that Trump was nominated for the second time. It explained exactly what the European tourist explained as the reason. While he was in office he did not bomb other countries. Other countries saw him as the most peaceful US President. Wow! I realized then and again now, how I saw the world was not how everyone saw the world. It was the second time that I had been thrown off by my liberal eco-chamber. If you have been living in an eco-chamber of like-minded individuals, scoffing at others in a reality that you presume to be THE Reality, this may be the eclipse to remind you that this is not the case. Even if the truth is a little disorienting, shocking, or ego-crushing, just remember, the truth will set you free!

Sagittarius is said to be the bachelor sign, and so it often wants to enjoy its pursuits alone. This will be challenge as the the Sabian symbol for the Lunar Eclipse is “a game of cricket”. While some games can be played alone, some one-on-one, cricket is a team sport, played with others. Team sports such as cricket teach how to work together as a team, to play up each other’s strengths, to read each other, and encourage and build strategy. Sagittarius is also said to be the bachelor(ette), wanting to go off on its own. Though we may not feel comfortable in a team setting, this full moon is calling on us to sit with our discomfort and to participate with others. We have something to teach. Or perhaps someone on the team has something to teach us. The trick will be delivering or receiving the message in a way that can be heard. Plato said that intelligence is not intelligence if it is not imbued with the soul – with these two together, they become wisdom. Truth imparted with wisdom is what creates team solidarity. Truth lacking in soul and wisdom only creates perfectionism and winning at all costs. It fractures and leaves hurt feelings.

If you do get your feelings hurt, this may be the last straw and you’ll know these are not your people. Just be sure that you are responding with your own inner truth and not just a hurt ego. The full moon’s ruler is Jupiter in Pisces bringing in excessive emotion. This emotion may be excessively positive or excessively negative – there is no in between. The moon is also square Vesta in Virgo asking you to try your best to balance through prayer or mediation or some other practice that helps you to ground and to stay true to your convictions.

During the eclipse, the shadow of the earth comes between the moon and the sun blocking out the sun’s light on the moon, this time for a full 15 minutes. The sun is in Gemini and the temptation will be to shut off or Gemini’s curiosity. It may also shut off the lights only for us to see things differently when they are turned back on. The sun’s ruler is mercury, which just entered its shadow phase will be going retrograde shortly. It also just squared Neptune and is close to Venus. This can bring up flirty words that upset, fibs, white lies, or whole untruths.

All in all, this is a time to take in information, try our best to balance, and contemplate our next steps. Try not to take hasty actions. Anything done during an eclipse is always a done deal – no going back!

I don’t advise any ceremony today. Just go with the flow and respond!