October Horoscope 2013

November starts with another Pluto-Uranus square. Wait, it’s October! Yes, but since that lovely square happens on November 1 I didn’t want you to be blindsided as October 1 starts with an exact square from the Sun to Pluto and an opposition to Uranus on the 3rd.

If you look at the images of the 1950s and then the 1960s you wonder how the world changed so much in seemingly overnight. Even the Beatles sounded wholesome in 1963 with Please Please Me and practically the next day were bizarre beyond belief with the white album… Revolution Number 9. Does anyone understand it? This music was born during the Pluto-Uranus conjunction in the mid-60s. Now during the series of Pluto-Uranus squares, we may finally come to understand what “Revolution Number 9” means.

John Lennon felt connected to the number with his birthday on the 9th and even changed his name to John Ono Lennon so that his name would add up to nine in numerology. But nine is not an easy path; it is the path of the humanitarian, which is sometimes fraught with conflict if one is to achieve real and lasting change. Those on the path of the nine have a responsibility to mankind. Some true number nines are Elvis, Mother Theresa, Bob Marley, Gandhi, Kurt Cobain. Because it’s such a hard path, it’s easy to crash and burn. Elvis and Kurt had trouble with it, but look at the impact of those who embraced it; Mother Theresa, Bob and Gandhi.

John was not a real nine; actually, he was a real jerk. Yoko Ono, his wife, was a nine however; and how she handled John may just be an example of the number nine approach. She loved him through his jerkiness. Though she loved him, she always did what she needed to do for herself.  And though it may not make sense to most, she even sent him packing at one point with a hall pass and her blessings. He spent 18 months in L.A., which he referred to his “lost weekend”. Through that relationship, John went from hitting women (old machismo) to writing Woman, a song for Yoko and a genuine apology to women and Jealous Guy (new machismo). She even found him crying one day while reading The First Sex
by Elizabeth Gould Davis after realizing the pain he (meaning men) had caused women. And once reunited, she got him to be a house husband and stay-at-home dad.

I thought we were talking about astrology here? Well, I believe these are number nine times. And the Sun square Pluto on the 1st will highlight the faults in the cracks. If the structure is not solid or working, it will bring up situations that force change. We can embrace that change in service to what is seeking to emerge or we can hold on tight.  Holding on tight can look like Elvis or Kurt, both of whom checked out in painful ways! Or we can choose the path of Bob! (And I don’t mean marijuana.) With Uranus in the mix on the 3rd, expect the unexpected. My best advice right now is to allow the unconscious to be conscious. Sit in meditation and ask your heart “What am I really feeling?” and let the truth of it emerge. The Sun is in Libra, so not only is finding balance is the key, but loving yourself and all involved through it.

Mercury will also be trine Neptune on October 1, so any heart-to-heart with yourself has the potential to be highly intuitive and spiritual. If you have ever tried to go into a meditative state and visualize and found that nothing emerged, today would be a good day to give it a second try. Whatever the case, if you try to address things with your logical mind, you may get lost.  If you are feeling rebellious or need to be free from obligation, meditate on what your cause really is. If you are feeling internal tension, meditate on what your ideas or beliefs are related to your responsibilities. Maybe your world view needs some revision. Are you harbouring a false belief about the world that is causing you to act in self-sabotaging ways? These questions are answered with your heart, not your mind. Saturn is sextile Vesta, so we can feel strong devotion to duties and obligations. One word of caution however; keep your own counsel on the first as Mercury is squaring Juno, attracting us to people and conversations that will keep us in our minds. This is also all happening around the New Moon on October 4, a tense New Moon.

A couple of days later it’s way better for having a dialogue about what’s going on. Mercury is sextile Pluto on October 6, making it a good time to pierce further into the issue with a coach, psychologist, tarot reader or astrologer.   Good decisions are made when using the head and the heart together. The Sun is sextile Pallas on that day, so recognition of patterns within ourselves can be aided when they are reflected back to us through the mirroring that may occur in these types of interactions.

After basking in the unconscious, intuition and your heart in the first week of October, Mercury will conjunct Saturn on October 8, making it a good day to pull out a spreadsheet and assess the pros and cons in a logical manner. This is when some pessimism can seep in, but there is no need to make any moves just yet. Just let it all swim around and mix together. Jupiter sextile Ceres on the 9th will make sure that you are covering all state of affairs and viewpoints. Maybe this is related to your children or something else you are nurturing, even if it’s only your own inner child. Solid insight will come later in the month, so hold tight.

In the meantime, on October 10 Venus will be square to Neptune, making it a great day to just forget all that’s been going on and spend the day dreaming. It’s a great day to let yourself be creative. Write a poem or do some painting. If you don’t feel that you are the creative type, you can lose yourself in a great movie. Not in front of the TV or your tablet… make a production of it and go to the movie theatre. Venus will be trine Uranus on October 16, another day to go out and have some fun. This time try to find something unusual or exciting to do. It’s October, so finding a fun house or haunted theme park shouldn’t be too hard. If you have the guts, there is always The Stanley Hotel in Colorado, where the Shining was filmed and where they have actual ghost tours! I don’t really like to be scared, but I do like the part where you get to scream and find an excuse for jumping in your lover’s arms. This is the perfect day for that!

The Sun is square Jupiter on the 12th giving us a boost of energy. If you have been stagnating on a project get working on it. Keep the momentum by throwing yourself into work on the 13th when Mercury will sextile Vesta, providing laser-like focus. It’s a day that you may put your head down to work only to lift it at 3:30 p.m. and realize you’ve missed lunch.

On the 19th, Mars will oppose Neptune. This will be a day when it feels as though someone has pulled out the plug. Energies will be low and we may all feel like withdrawing. There has been so much going on in the world and likely in your life that this is understandable. Let yourself catch your breath. Better days are ahead.

We have a lunar eclipse on October 18 at 25 degrees Aries. Astrologer Bernadette Brady calls this a gentile eclipse with a sense of inspiration, which allows a sudden release from the unconscious that brings with it deep insight. She calls them good insights and wise to act on. If you have been allowing yourself to dream and to meditate all month, this will be a productive eclipse. Jupiter sextile Vesta on October 19 will give you the vision and dedication to follow through. Finally, some action!

Mercury goes retrograde on October 21 in Scorpio. Students taking chemistry beware. Mess-ups can happen at this time by misreading directions and causing small explosions. Research done at this time may need to be revised. Decisions in big business may fall through later on or be fraught with hiccups. Mercury retrograde will again touch Saturn in a conjunction on the 29th bringing some pessimism into the mix. Don’t get too down on yourself if things are not going well. Just remember there are always valuable lesson in our failures and mix-ups.

Gemstone that will help with the energy this month is Cobaltoan Calcite. This gemstone works with the heart, aligning us with the feminine, balancing our emotions and promoting positive thinking. It opens the heart centre and would be a good one to meditate on decisions to come from the heart.



Transformations have been happening for a while in your career and ambitions. This month something will come up or you may act in ways that will throw a curve ball on your major relationship. There will be uncomfortable decisions with respect to your dedication to your workplace and your shared resources. Enjoying some time with friends might be a great idea mid-month, but this is not a good time to lend friends money.


Unconscious material, the stuff you have locked away and prefer not to think about will rise to the surface in a positive way this month. The tension that arises with the responsibilities you feel to your partner and your children will help this to occur. I know you like to throw yourself into gardening or some other distraction, but talking it out at some point will help you. You connect best this month with traditional sources, like a priest or pastor.


This month you will experience new beginnings and perhaps an aha moment when it comes to those things that you are seeking to create.  Your hopes and life expectations are in revolt and you are getting clear about the life you want to lead. Family and work pressures will only serve to make it crystal clear.  A chat with a coworker can have surprising insight. Getting out with a friend mid month will be fun and romantic sparks may even fly.


Crazy things are happening in your career. You’re working it out with your family, which feels comfortable to you. You feel that sense of duty to your children and those in your immediate surroundings, but don’t ignore the real adjustments that might need to take place. Changing the way you do things may seem okay on paper, but you actually have to follow through and feel the discomfort of change. Going out with coworkers later in the month can be a blast!


You’re learning, you’re communicating; this may be having a huge effect on your long held beliefs. Higher education has a way of doing that. You are likely in the midst of higher learning or are planning a trip to a far off land for a transformative experience. You feel dedicated to doing this as you feel in some way down the line it will help provide for yourself and your family in important ways. The bank and the family might not agree with you. Think this one through. Ask mom or someone like her to pray for you. The answers will emerge.


Work it out with the bank and you might find yourself in new surroundings. You might have some surprises when it comes to your romantic relationships and deeply intimate relationships. If you feel confused, have a chat with a sibling. Your brother or sister knows you and won’t let you lie to yourself.  You may feel deep exhaustion mid month when it comes to your partner. Mid month have some fun with a female in your life that feels like family – it could even be mom.


Whatever happens with your relationship… and it might be a something from left field, will help all of that stuff swimming around in your subconscious to emerge. The best part is that it has the potential to transform those family wounds that run deep. Healing family wounds can be a powerful way of completely transforming your life and all other relationships, so don’t avoid it. Dramatic results can be apparent in your self-worth and in turn the wealth and worth you manifest from it.


Work has been throwing you some curve balls lately. All kinds of secrets or things that have not been so apparent are rising to the surface. An exit due to health reasons or even a scandal might be some manifestations of this. You’re not sure how to express yourself in this circumstance and you’re not sure who your friends are either. You might find yourself venting with a neighbour over a cup of coffee. This might be amazingly helpful.  You might be surprised by a raise of change of position later in the month.


You’re figuring out how you can express your creativity in line with your humanitarian efforts. Your passion and dedication is admirable. But if you’re keeping the lid on anything with the idea that you don’t want to hurt anyone, think first of all that it might not be a good idea and then that thing eventually will come to light. You have good intentions but sometimes the road to hell is paved with good intentions. A chat with your banker or accountant might be truly helpful. Blow off steam with children mid-month; it’s sure to be tons of fun.


Your foundations are going through major transformation. This is not easy. Remember the foundation is the most important part of the house and any mess up on a foundation renovation can be costly. Right now you are working it out with your boss or other authority figure in your life. The legalities seem to be working out in terms of manifesting your hopes and wishes but you must also consider how the house will settle. And when it does, what adjustments will need to be addressed? If you’re having a hard time assessing what you really feel, friends will act as good mirrors.


Something is going on on a very deep level with you. You may not be able to put your finger on it, others might not either. Whatever you’re doing seems to be making itself very public and is causing everyone around you including yourself to feel a little tense.  You may feel that these intense and public experiences are in service to the people and your usual humanitarian efforts. Perhaps perceptions have not caught up to you yet. Be patient with yourself as you do tend to be on the leading edge. Meditation to help name what’s going on can be helpful. Sometimes more social change needs to happen before your ideas are accepted but naming what’s happening will help your own comfort level.


Miracle or debacle… it could go one way or another when it comes to your finances this month. I’m rooting for miracle. You might have some tremendous luck building international partnerships. The funding or the cash flow may not be so straight forward. You’re good at having faith in nebulous situations and that will serve you well this month. Advice from friends can be useful. Try not to dwell on partnerships that have not worked in the past or let those old voices or old and long gone situations of that past take hold in your mind in negative ways.


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