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Business Lady MoneyOne of the epithets that describe Juno is Moneta. This is because she was the protectress of funds in Roman times. She stood guard over the mint where coins were made. She is associated with the goddess Mnemosyne (memory) and is, therefore, also associated with keeping records, or accounts.

In truth, many women are in charge of the finances at home are in roles and careers where they make more money than ever in history and are on a larger scale than ever running their own businesses. We have evolved from being property to owning property. Click here for a brief history of Marriage.

Juno Moneta A$trology is about empowering women economically. We want to give you that extra edge financially. Let’s face it; we tend to be uncomfortable with investing, budgeting and making big financial decisions… And when it comes to decisions, many women move beyond just a logical decision to making decisions from their heart and their intuition… so a little astrological advice can be helpful. In fact, astrology is one of the best kept secrets of stockbrokers and financial investors. This is because the markets respond to movements of the planets, especially the moon and the Sun.  Not only do stock markets respond to astrology, so do all facets of business activity.

So what are the important things to consider when making a business deal, accepting a job offer, buying a car or real estate and business activity in general?

Here are some business astrology basics.


When things are done during the moon void of course a couple of things will happen… or better put, not happen. The moon void of course means that the moon is not engaged and for business deals to turn out, they must be done when the moon is engaged. This means that the moon is making an applying aspect to one of these planets: Venus, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, or Jupiter. The moon is the first action of the event chart and if it’s sleepy, the action taken during that time will also be sleepy. Therefore, actions taken during the moon void of course will not get off the ground, nothing will happen or they will just plain fail.

Now, the moon void of course is not a time when we throw our hands up and say “I can’t do anything, the moon is void of course.” You may want to start things that you know you would like to go nowhere. For instance, I met with my lawyer for the first time on a legal issue that I knew I didn’t want to go to court. When negotiating, I made sure to squeeze the opposing side into a void of course time frame; I knew their threats would go nowhere.

The proof is in the pudding, so try it out. Check back on a deal you made that didn’t work out to see if you initiated it when the moon was void of course.

Okay, so how do we use the moon? The moon phases can be used effectively just by moving in line with the flow of the moon cycles. Initiating new activities should be done at or just after the new moon. It’s a great time to set goals and create visions and plans. When the moon is in its first quarter it’s time to get in there and get things done. Now you should be in motion with your plans from the new moon. Things culminate at the full moon. This is when you see the fruits of your efforts. After the full moon at the last quarter, things will be in decline. It’s wrap-up time. Many things need more than 28 days to come to fruition, but even those things will have better results if they are in flow with the moon cycles.


Mercury retrograde is a little more familiar to most. It happens about three times a year for about three weeks. Mercury rules communication, vehicles, travel and commerce; and during those three weeks those things can mess up. Think about it. Communication is a biggie. If you are signing a deal you want to make sure that you understand one another, or that you’re not missing some important detail. Therefore, Mercury retrograde is a great time to research, review and recycle. Signing deals, initiating travel and buying vehicles are all bad ideas during this time because you will find later on that something was missed or that you got a lemon.


Venus retrograde is like going to the dollar store thinking you’re going to get a deal and then spending a whole lot of money on useless stuff or stuff that is tacky and breaks easily. Venus rules beauty, love and aesthetics, but it also rules money; so anything initiated during Venus retrograde can end up being costly in the end. If purchasing large investment items, they will be difficult to sell. If you have inventory for your business you may accidentally overstock and have a hard time moving items. If you’re in media or in the public eye, don’t do anything to your appearance as it will not turn out the way you expect it. Things to avoid include cutting your hair, cosmetic surgery and so on. Okay, Venus is retrograde for 40 days, which is a long time to not get your eyebrows done. If you need to, do it, but don’t try anything new. I did that before and ended up with wax being yanked out of my hair (not my eyebrow hair).


Mars rules action and defense, so anything started during Mars retrograde (which is long, 80 days), will be long and drawn out. Whoever initiates during Mars retrograde will lose, so it’s not a great time to start legal action against someone you’re hoping to win against. This doesn’t mean that you let others walk all over you. Instead, you might try mediation during this time or wait until Mars is direct. It’s a time to strategize and make plans rather than acting.


Jupiter is expansion; it’s the optimism of any business or transaction. When it’s retrograde, this can limit the expansion of an enterprise. So if you start a business during Jupiter retrograde, the company might have a hard time attracting clients or growing at an expected rate. Jupiter in a company chart often represents the leadership and when retrograde it can show up as someone who is shy or not aggressive in terms of sales and marketing.


Saturn gets a bad rap. That’s because it’s associated with responsibility and in a natal chart, with the lessons that one has to learn. It can be constriction and restriction. In a business chart, and also in a marriage or relationship chart, Saturn is a must! It provides the glue to keep you going when things get tough; it keeps business transactions grounded; it makes sure growth is happening at a reasonable rate. Saturn connections and a Saturn retrograde in a business or business transaction event chart is, therefore, something that you would like to see.

Note: All business and life decisions involve an element of risk. Astrology can be a great tool to aid decisions, however, please use at your own risk. Please see our legal disclaimer for more details.  

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