October 2015 Astrology

single - coupleFirst Week in October

The first week in October is relatively quiet on the major planetary action, but that’s okay. So much happened in September that we likely need a couple of days just to absorb, regain our balance, and figure out what it all means.

I haven’t spoken in a while about the asteroids, but if you have gotten my free report, you will know that they provide the detail in between the spaces of our planets. So without much going on the surface, I will tell you what’s going on between the spaces this week.

Co-dependent or Co-creative?

What to expect: An evaluation of our relationships.

What to watch out for: Deciding if we are team co-dependent or team co-creative.

As you know, Mercury is retrograde. We are about half way through it now. This week on October 1st, Mercury is conjunct Juno. Juno is the asteroid that speaks about marriage. With Mercury retrograde in Libra, the sign of partnerships and balance, we will be going over and rethinking how much balance we have in our relationships. This was also the theme of the recent eclipse. Marriage will be on our minds; it’s up for review and reconsideration. We have some help in breaking through barriers and will be able to approach things in an innovate way.

Why? Mercury conjunct Juno, Mars in tense aspect to Uranus.

Strong and Wrong?

What to expect: To be very certain and passionate about our positions.

What to watch out for: Self righteousness.

What it affects: Things/causes we are passionate about, thinking, communication, and expectations.

On October 2nd, Mercury is opposite Vesta. Vesta is the holder of the sacred flame. She is passionate, dedicated, and self –contained. Our thinking will turn into a review of our commitments, what we sacrifice for our passions, and whether or not we’re balanced (especially in regards to communication). We may be worried that everything is coming out wrong. It’s the difference between the non-violent communication of Ghandi and the violent communication of moralistic, judgmental, and coercive communication that starts wars. How are we communicating our passions to the world? We will have some help breaking through. There is a tense aspect that might make us a little aggressive, strong, and wrong. We might feel like others owe us understanding and become a little bit obnoxious about it.

Why? Mercury opposite Vesta, Mars in tense aspect to vesta, and Venus in tense aspect to Ceres.

Second Week of October

The World’s Biggest Eye Contact Experiment 2015
Taking a Stand

What to expect: Revolution.

What to watch out for: Resisting or resistance to change.

What will it affect? Our Values and our ego.

On October 6th, the planets seem to wake up again – when they do, they’ll have a lot to say.

The Sun is in Libra and squaring the Pluto in Capricorn. Those seeking fairness from established institutions, the government, and the status quo will be taking a stand. Libra doesn’t like conflict, but more than not liking conflict, it doesn’t like things out of balance. Where there are perceived imbalances, you will see a stand being taken. You might get a demand letter from a lawyer or a call to answer for unfair actions if you’re a large institution not playing fairly; if you are on the other side, you may be demanding fair play. It’s a day when values are strong and defending them will be high priority.

Why? Sun square Pluto; Venus in tension with Pluto.

Last Days of Mercury Retrograde

What to expect: Crossed wires.

What to watch out for: An intensification of mess-ups.

What will it affect? Travel, communication, relationships, and technology.

Mercury will go direct this week on the 9th, which is good news if you’ve been getting frustrated with all of the communication disturbances. I’ve heard everything from car breakdowns to phones going kaput, but the most common Mercury retrograde experience has been crossed wires. I myself had a conversation with my mother about a TV box – after about 5 minutes of total confusion, we realized that she was talking about the box that transmits the channels and I was talking about the box that the new TV came in! On the Oct 6th, Mercury retrograde is in communication with Saturn, so our thoughts and communications will be turned to serious matters. Questions like “is this logical? Does this make sense? Is everyone on the same page?” will come up for review. There might be some confusion, especially in relationships that needs clarification. When you have those conversations, make sure you’re both talking about the same thing. Our faith may also be challenged.

Why? Mercury Direct, Mercury sextile Saturn, and Mars opposite Neptune.

Getting Our Finances in Order

What to expect: Assessing our values and our valuables.

What to watch out for: Letting it get us down.

What will it affect? Relationships, money, and plans.

On Oct 8th, Venus goes into Virgo and on the 9th the North Node will be there too. Now is a good time for us to go through our stuff, organize, and make a plan. If you need to sell things or give them to charity, now is a good time. Take a look at your finances and plan out your backup, insurance, and other security plans. Our minds will be very analytical. Even if we’re not very good at this or it’s something that we avoid because it gets us down, our financial and other advisers will be on their game. On October 10th, we will be armed with information and will be in serious assessment mode. What needs to go, what is worth staying in our lives?

Why? Venus in Virgo, North Node in Virgo, and Venus square Saturn.

Moving Mountains

What to expect: Ahha moments.

What to watch out for: Uncomfortable feelings.

What will it affect? Old wounds, self esteem, ego, and personal power.

On Oct 11th, we are experiencing another wave of spiritual awakening. It’s a good time to keep a dream journal by your bed and to write out your feelings. We may be experiencing a need to break away from something or make big changes that will help us move forward. There is a tremendous amount of energy for self-empowerment. We will feel empowered, powerful, and ready to stand up for ourselves. Join the world’s biggest eye contact experiment or something like it to share your power.

Why? Sun in tension to Chiron, Jupiter trine Pluto.

Third Week in October

New Moon in Libra – Oct 12th

What to expect: A need to create balance .

What to watch out for: Hasty actions.

What will it affect? Relationships, partnerships,and our sense of self.

The Libra full moon will be at 19o of Libra and opposite Uranus. Throughout the month we have been connecting with our sense of fairness to ourselves and to others. At the New Moon our emotions will be supercharged and we will feel like taking sudden action. There is a bit of tension with our wounds. Maybe we don’t think we can make a difference or we get confused about what is ours. At the Moon, we can sift through the emotional landscape and figure out what we need to do for both ourselves and others – but one word of caution. Because the New Moon is opposite Uranus, we may want to make rash moves. But sometimes we can take actions that we regret so play out your decisions to their full conclusion. Including both worst case scenario and best case scenario in your assessment before taking action will ensure that they are good moves.

Why? New Moon in Libra and Sun opposite Uranus.

Say What You Need to Say

What to expect: Speaking our minds.

What to watch out for: Weirdness in how we come across.

What will it affect? Communications, things we are passionate about, and serious matters.

In the words of John Mayer, “say what you need to say.” On October 13th, with Mercury finally direct and in an amazing connection with grounded right brain thinking, we can say what we need to say. We’ll have some help connecting our words to our left brain. But, if you’re not comfortable with expressing your feelings, it will come across.

Why? Mercury sextile Saturn, Mercury opposite Vesta,and Saturn trine Vesta.

“Big Magic” Strategic Planning

What to expect: Amazing ideas.

What to watch out for: Limited thinking.

What will it affect? Plans, business, goals, ideas, and visions.

The 15th is a great day for strategizing and creating long term plans. It’s also a good time to understand your motives and the motives of your company. Use the 2016 Astrological Business planner to help you. If you want more help, jump into the Astro Strategic Planning Program with Ingrid Insight (keep you’re eyes peeled on your email for this!). We’ll be taking some time to understand what the planets say about each aspect of your business and then using the timing of the planets to plan for 2016. It’s not yet time to take action, but the energy of the planets will give us the opportunity to brainstorm how it should be done.In time you can whittle away at what won’t work, but now you can allow yourself to be idealistic. Because there is not pressure to act on it, we will be able to get it all out there in the realm of possibility. If you tend to get in your own way with this kind of energy, pick up a copy of Big Magic, and read it before you get to this date. If you have confidence and upbeat energy, you can make anything happen – even what seems impossible.

Why? Mars trine Pluto, Venus opposite Neptune, and Mars conjunct Jupiter.

Fourth Week in October

2015-10-04 11.39.10The Lies We Tell Ourselves and Others

What to expect: Things not adding up.

What to watch out for: Dishonesty.

What will it affect? Communications, relationships, and power dynamics.

On the 22nd, Mercury will square Pluto. Mercury has had us thinking about relationships. Communication is the cornerstone of relationships, at least in this day and time. How honest have we been with ourselves and therefore others, especially our significant partner? We may feel like we can outsmart the situation or someone might try to pull a fast one on us at this time. By the next day, we may feel a need to express our truth, but it will depend on how accurately you value yourself. Here’s a hint: we are all valuable. So as we express and exert who we are, we can know that it will be all worth it in the end – even if it doesn’t go well with others.

Why? Mercury conjunct Juno, Mercury square Pluto.

“I love you” – Oops! Did I say that?

What to expect: Confessions of love.

What to watch out for: Uncensored expressions.

What will it affect? Relationships, social situations, and communication.

On October 25th, “I love you” might accidentally float out of your mouth. It could be some equal sentiment that you may not have wanted another to know, but found yourself saying anyhow. We are discovering our true passions and their intensity may have us bubbling up beyond our ability to hold back. Even if your timing is all off, let yourself enjoy the feelings unapologetically.

Why? Mercury opposite Uranus and Venus conjunct Jupiter.

Last Week in October
43274876_sFull Moon in Taurus

What to expect: A bounty.

What to watch out for: Not allowing yourself to receive.

What will it affect? Our spiritual connection, receiving, and security.

It’s a Taurus Full Moon and a farmer’s moon. We are cultivating at this full moon and reaping the harvest in both our lives and our businesses. It’s in a positive aspect to Neptune so we may be experiencing the tactile with the divine. A ceremony using your five senses, one that puts you in touch with your spirit, would be a great way to use this Full Moon. Think of Yoga or dance and definitely include music. Give thanks. Even though you are harvesting and you are receiving, you want to make sure that you are fully receiving and in celebration. Receiving with gratitude creates the cycle of abundance.

Why? Full Moon in Taurus.

Letting Go of the Pain.

What to expect: A little bit of hurt.

What to watch out for: Letting disappointment overwhelm.

What will it affect? Relationships, money, and childhood wounds.

On the 27th, we might experience a little bit of wounding related to love or money. It likely involves money as Venus in the sign that loves to have a back-up plan (Virgo). But just as easily it could be that someone who we rely on lets us down. Whatever pain we experience at this time will help us to see things in their true light and will redirect us back to the truth within.

Why? Venus opposite Chiron.

Read your sign for tips on where to use the energy this month (read both your sun sign and rising sign)


The new Moon is in your relationship house this month to bring clarity to your relationships. Personal relationships are always the hardest area to restrain ourselves and think before we act. But it will help you to take your time and feel out your plans first. It’s a great month to build a plan around your career and your work. The full Moon brings a bounty of resources or money. It’s directly related to and can be measured by your faith in the law of abundance.


The new Moon clarifies relationships at work. Take time to think over things before you confront your boss or co-worker. This month is a great month to make plans and brainstorm how to bring your creativity into the world. You may not have the intention for it to be a medium for teaching, but that’s what it’s likely to do. The full Moon brings a bounty of friends who accept you for who you are.


The new Moon brings some clarity around your relationship with your children. Though they usually have quick comebacks, yours are quicker this month. Just make sure to take time and consider how you would really like the relationship to develop and if your words will help that along (even though you are witty). This month is a great month for making plans and brainstorming around real estate, estate planning, or family investments. The full Moon brings a bounty of realizations and connections with spirit, especially if you have managed to incorporate the divine into your work.


The new Moon brings some clarity around relationships with your parents. You might normally side with Mom and this time you side with Dad. Alternatively, you might find they are both unified and challenging your career choice, in which case you will feel the need to break free. This month is a great month for planning and brainstorming alliances, networking, and contracts – but that doesn’t mean you need to be traditional. You can come up with new interesting ways to partner. The full Moon will bring a bounty in friendships and connections, especially if you have been investing in ones that share your beliefs and ideologies.


The new Moon brings some clarity around your communication with others. You may be getting insight because you share beliefs or you may experience a surprising situation that helps you to understand your beliefs and helps you to better align and balance your communications. This month you can plan and brainstorm how to make money – and the kind of work you need to do to make it happen. The full Moon brings a bounty of career opportunities, especially ones that align with your spiritual beliefs.


The new Moon will bring some clarity around your relationship to money. You may be faced with a surprising situation regarding your shared resources that will help you to seek balance and clarify. This month you can plan and brainstorm around how to express yourself with your creativity, children, or in your romantic relationships. Choose one that you would like to come to fruition. Creative solutions beyond what you see as possible will be available to you now. The full Moon brings a bounty in travel. You may find yourself getting in your car to travel long distances , but the bounty will come from not just the destination but also the journey. Think of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, or Dr. Seuss’ Oh The Places You Will Go.


The new Moon will bring some clarity around your relationship to yourself. It might be in the face of a surprising relationship situation – a breakup or a confession seemingly out of left field. This month is a good month to make plans to dive into your unconscious and inherited patterns. The traditional way may be seeing a therapist, but allow yourself to explore other ideas that really speak to what you need. The full Moon will bring a bounty of shared resources and the possibility of deeper intimacy, especially if it is connected to a deeper and more spiritual place.


The new Moon brings some clarity around deep and hidden motives that have been running both you and your relationships. There might be a health issue or an issue with your animal that helps to bring this to light. This month is a great month for planning community, political, or networking events. You may have a tonne of great ideas about how to mobilize your alliances in new ways. The new Moon brings a bounty in the area of partnerships or your personal relationships, especially if you connect on a creative level. This might be through art or through child-rearing.


The new Moon brings some clarity around your relationships with friends. You will get a clear of how self involved and/or giving you are. You might be surprised that what you think is fair is not considered so by others or vice versa. This is a great month to think about publicity, particularly the kind of publicity that will help you earn money. The new Moon at the end of the month will bring a bounty of work and career opportunities. Be welcoming and grateful.


The new Moon will help you balance your relationships at work, particularly if they have been infringing on your home life. A home situation may bring it to light. This is a great month for considering how to present yourself and some of your newfound beliefs. You may have been hesitant to step out with it, but now you can come up with ideas for your coming out or debutante party. The full Moon brings a bounty in the area of connection with your children or creativity. You will be communicating more spiritually and intuitively..


The new Moon will help you to balance your relationship with religion. You may have a situation that pierces your perceptions, helping you to form new and more balanced beliefs. This month is great for bringing the psychic and unconscious realm into practical purposes. You will have the ability to bring it down to earth. The new Moon will bring a bounty in the area of family support and resources, especially if you have connected with your spiritual/intuitive gifts and inheritance.


The new Moon will help you to balance your shared resources. You may have a surprising situation that impacts your self-image – it will help to balance this area of your life. This month, examine your partnerships and connections. You may come up with new and empowering ways to connect with others, thus presenting your gifts to the world. The full Moon brings a bounty in the area of communications, especially if you have been expressing the spiritual side of yourself. It might show up as positive feedback or a community built from just being yourself.


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