New Moon – August 8, 2021

New Moon – August 8, 2021

When is the last time you sang? Break out your karaoke, or if you are shy, turn on the shower, get in. It’s time to belt it out!

Find a song that taps into your spirit and resonates with how you feel… Bohemian Rhapsody… Sing the body electric… Let it go… His eye is on the sparrow; youtube your favourite choir choir choir, and sing along – Hallelujah, Zombie or people have the Power with Patti Smith…

The new moon sets off the revolutionary energy of the Saturn/Uranus square and it asks us to do it with a Leo flare. The Sabian symbol for the new moon is a “volunteer church choir makes social event of rehearsal”. Normally getting together with a church choir to sing is not a revolutionary act… but as it turns out, during the Saturn Uranus square it is! The New Moon is at 16 degrees of Leo. Leo is all about courage, leadership, and creativity. Are you Simba, a young cub finding your voice? Are you a stately lion king? Or are you the cowardly lion, wondering if you even have a heart? It may take a break out in song, Lion King style to figure it find out!

You will know when you have found your theme song when the words accurately tap in to let out your emotion; when the melody makes you want to rewind and play it again; when the frequency lifts your spirit high and takes you to where you need to go! The New Moon squares Uranus at 15 degrees of Taurus whose Sabian symbol is “A man with a rakish silk hat, muffled, braves the storm”. Something about this new moon is not easy, and life becomes a Les Miserable soundtrack! Do you hear the people sing? There is a need to push through.  A need to stand out from the crowd and do it your own way. A need break free, even if you only break free in song!

As this is a New Moon you can and should dream a dream. The moon opposite Saturn however, shows that your dreams may be in reaction to a sense of abandonment and loss. Saturn brings emotional difficulty to the situation, but with that difficulty, we become very clear, and in reaction, dream and declare something that truly values ourselves.  It doesn’t feel comfortable in the moment, yet there is something deeply satisfying about having that clarity to say ‘never again’. That Saturnian energy then spurs you on to achieve your goal and takes steps to nurture your self-esteem

All of this energy at this new moon is also happening in fixed signs. It brings in a stubborn, technical, and prideful energy clashing. It may be a voice within that tells you that you sound tone-deaf, or like nails on a chalkboard, causing you to fear expressing yourself.  On the other hand, you may be drowning out others with your voice, not caring how your sound to others. Try to stay away from disharmony for the sake of disharmony. Your goal shouldn’t be to upstage anyone but to find the right tone to share your inner truth.

Happy New Moon in Leo!