May Horoscope 2013

April showers bring May flowers we never even knew existed!  April was quite an emotional month with a lunar eclipse towards the end and May has some more eclipses in store – a solar eclipse on May 9 and another lunar eclipse on May 25.  In addition, there is a third Pluto Uranus square in the series of five, happening from 2012 to 2015.  This is one jam-packed and eventful month!
The solar eclipse on May 9 is conjunct Pallas and Mercury in Taurus.  Pallas is good at seeing patterns and Mercury is good at communicating them.  The combination with the eclipse in Taurus brings a creative intelligence that helps us to kinesthetically ‘get it’.  Areas that we will wake up to include the earth, how we treat the earth, what we value in our lives and what we say and how we say it.  This solar eclipse is sure to bring the consciousness awakening release that it promises. 
Pallas then moves into Gemini as does a host of other planets.  This year, the planets are moving together creating quite an impact in each sign as they move.  So as we move through the month, Venus will arrive in Gemini, followed by Mercury, the Sun, Pallas and finally, Mars.  Together in Gemini they are very chatty and they work together to help us to ‘get it’– heart, mind and spirit.
As mentioned, Uranus is squaring Pluto this month.  Ceres and Vesta come into the line of fire with these two; Ceres between May 5 and 7, close to the solar eclipse and Vesta on May 23, close to the lunar eclipse.  Uranus and Pluto have been moving back and forth in the skies and made two exact squares last year and will make several more in the coming years.  This is the third square in the sequence.  The last two have been blamed for the ‘Arab Spring’ and extreme frustration of youth, the fall of dictators and for much seemly senseless violence.  Pluto is associated with deep transformation and sometimes death and is in Capricorn, a sign that is associated with large institutions such as the government, financial systems, power and authority.  Uranus, the planet of upheaval and surprises is in fiery Aries.  It’s a tension that blows through like the Tasmanian devil and together the two seem to be calling for deep and transformative social, political and institutional change.This month, as these two square each other again, they also oppose and square Ceres, the mother Goddess Asteroid, which is moving through the sign of Cancer.  Ceres in Cancer is true mothering and nurturing.  If you were a latch-key kid of the 70s and 80s you missed it and if you were a Generation Y’r of the 90s and beyond, you probably got too much of it.  What is the fine balance here?  Before we find it we may need to work through all of those destructive ways we have been nurturing ourselves in one extreme or another.  For instance, the way our institutions are structured may be causing gaps in the way we are able to nurture.  After all, the fact that school hours don’t match up with work hours gave rise to the latch-key kid.  On a societal level, the bureaucracy and instructional ways in which we deal with issues of nurturing, from world famine to the use of pesticides and the artificial ways that we mass produce our food may come into question.  How much time our children are nurtured by others such as in daycare, or by things such as video games and iPads or 24-hour TV may also come into serious question.On an individual level, our imbalanced ways of nurturing ourselves may create a crisis. Things to watch for could be as extreme as binging,anorexia or bulimia or as simple as choosing fast food rather than cooking a nutritious meal.  Why do we do these things?  Solar eclipses are about new beginnings, so whatever happens will be sure to bring a flash of insight and will set the pace for a new way of being.  It may look bad in the beginning, but it sets the stage for a potential new and healthier way of life.
Later in the month as Uranus and Pluto move closer to their exact square, Vesta will also be in on the picture.  Vesta is the Asteroid Goddess energy associated with the keeper of the sacred flame.  She is dedication and can be dedication to the extreme.  In the sign of Cancer she is also concerned with the family and ideas of nurturance.Those who do not fit or feel at home may come across like rebels without a cause or may use personal power inappropriately.  Hunger strikes or suicide bombing to prove a point could be the worst, but can just as easily be acted out by having a string of sex partners without a condom.  How we integrate others, allow for diversity and create a place that feels like home and is love is calling for attention and reaches critical mass this month.
Finally, the lunar eclipse on May 25 is in Sagittarius and makes a square to Neptune.  This has been a heavy duty month.  Earlier eclipses have been releasing lots of emotions and have brought important information to consciousness; so has the Pluto Uranus square.At this eclipse we may we may convince ourselves that smoking weed brings us closer to God and is helping us in our understanding… but is it?  Beliefs and perceptions can be easily distorted at this time and escapism can be twisted to look like we are actually dealing with the situation.  Marx once said that “religion is the opiate of the people”… the point is that with Neptune the truth is always in the spaces between the concrete.  This is a tricky one, so exercise, routine and keeping a clear, perhaps even meditative mind, may be a better route. 


You’re starting to see the connection between how you spend resources and how it reflects your inner worth.  Deep changes are happening within yourself that reflect on your career and just how sweet “home sweet home” is.  If your plants at work are lush and the ones at home are dying, this may be sending you a strong message.  Pay attention to the message contained within your surroundings.


The changes you have been making will all quickly become apparent.  Maybe you’ve been losing weight and it’s been happening for a while, but all of a sudden everyone notices.  Whatever changes are happening and are being noticed will prompt you to want to spend some of your hard earned cash on yourself to match.  Just remember that sometimes as we change on the inside and out, others in our lives may start acting weird. Instead of taking a “that’s their problem” attitude, working with them to adjust to your changes can ease things considerably.


For the first part of the month, your mind is racing and so are your dreams – that’s if your mind isn’t keeping you from sleeping.  What you value and what you’re passionate about seems to be changing; or perhaps the real you is emerging.  As you allow parts of you to step out this month others find you irresistible, even on the platonic level.  There is something still brewing in behind the scenes that is giving you that allure.


You have a caring and loving heart, Cancer.  You may feel yourself acting like mama bear protecting her cub this month.  It may feel at times like fun times have come to an end or that it’s an uphill struggle.  Not to worry; friends and acquaintances will help you along your path and it may even feel sometimes like you have a guardian angel working behind the scenes on your behalf.  Your voice is heard and you find much fulfillment in humanitarian endeavours.


Your career is taking off this month.  You are being seen as the leader you feel that you truly are within. Even though this is happening, you’re feeling a bit nervous as you draw on your spiritual convictions and sense of purpose.  It’s important to withdraw to find your balance and to make sure you’re balancing your work and your home.  This month finds you on the path to your true hopes and dreams.


You’re deeply philosophical and questioning everything this month.  You feel you must do something and this can have you seriously considering a career that takes you abroad or maybe back to school.  Maybe you’ve been deeply affected by an experience romantically or with your children that has set you down this path.  Whatever the case, you may find your surrounding and your day to day change, or something happens that gives you the conviction to change it.


“My barn having burned to the ground, I can now see the moon.”   This is a Chinese proverb that you will deeply resonate with this month.  Experiences are deeply transformative and even though you may have to shell out some cash or go to bat legally or politically to replace that barn, you will find enlightenment in having glimpsed that moon.


You’re taking your relationships to new levels.  You’re talking, getting the deeper or larger picture of it all and doing something about it.  There is no in between in the action of what you do – it’s either going deeper or getting out.  If you are going in deeper, you will find this month deeply intimate. If you are getting out, it will be just as intense.


Not one to sit still, still this may be a month that has you focused on your health.  If you are overdoing it, you may need to slow down.  Or maybe you need a food and exercise schedule to pull you out of that funk.Better yet, maybe it’s a bit of TLC that will do the trick.There may be something to that Marvin Gay song about ‘sexual healing’.


You may experience an ‘aha’ that will help you see the pattern you have been repeating in your love life.  How you’re nurtured and how much you give and receive in your all of your relationships is experiencing huge transformations.  This is because you have been experiencing huge transformations in who you are.  This is not always an easy experience, but your confidence will be really showing in your work and contribution.


Is this the third time you’ve moved in two years? Something in your surroundings is changing yet again and it looks like this time it’s your home.  Maybe you’re moving, renovating, you’re having a child or a child is moving back in.  Whatever the case, there is lots of activity in your home this month.  Just make sure you have marked off an area in your home for an inner sanctuary.  This is a time in your life when you need it.


You feel the most happy at home this month.  You will feel motivated to make your surroundings comfortable and may even take up an online course rather than venture out.  You may just as easily invite others over for dinner parties or afternoon teas.Approaching things in this manner may help you to get to know you neighbours and forge new relationships right from the comfort of your own home

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