March Horoscope 2013

Follow the leader into Aries this month; first Mars, then the Sun, then Venus.  Mercury went retrograde on February 23rd and will be doing its apparent backward dance in the sky until March 17th.  It will follow the rest into Aries in April, but for now, Mercury is hanging back in Pisces to go over some things.  The conversation with Mercury will go something like this:  First Mercury will conjunct Venus asking the question ‘do I really have what I value in my life?’  The next day it will trine Saturn and sextile Pluto getting us to think about the structures in our lives a little deeper and by the 9th Mercury will square Jupiter making us likely to come up with a grand plan.  Just wait until Mercury is direct again on March 17th before making a move.  Retrogrades are best used for revisiting and reviewing.  Making a move before then may not work out so well. 

Juno moves into Aquarius on March 13th.  Juno in Aquarius loves to experience freedom in partnerships. Nice and easy sextiles first from Juno to the Sun on March 23rd and then from Juno to Venus on the 24th will help us truly understand how freedom in relationships works.  Gone are the days of co-dependency!  The theme will be co-collaborative, co-creative, co-active – anything that is co-freedom!  If the message is a little too subtle during this time, the full moon on March 27th will make it loud and clear.  The moon will be in Libra, the sign of partnerships and opposing a Sun-Venus-Uranus conjunction in fiery and independent Aries.  Again, the theme is freedom, embracing who you really are as an individual and making it work, I mean really work, in partnerships.

Pallas and Ceres are in a dance, sextiling exactly a number of times between the 19th and 27th.  Pallas is still in Aries providing the right recipe for brainstorming or fired up initiative for worthy causes.  Combined with Ceres, great energy exists if you are teaching or taking a course tinged with the feminine or nurturing.  Amazing insights and opportunities happen at this time when combining learning, wisdom and nurturing.  Don’t think they exist?  Check out programs like Marie Forleo’s B-School for women entrepreneurs or the New Feminine Power course by Katherine Woodward Thomas and Claire Zammit, which focus on accessing your feminine gifts to transfer onto the world.  Make a commitment to this new direction on the new moon on March 11th and more blessings will rain down.  The new moon is in Pisces, blessing any consciousness-raising projects.  Common sense initiatives that focus on incorporating sustainability, reducing carbon footprint or other ways in which to love the earth will get wings when Pallas moves into Taurus on March 30th.


After making some completions during the first half of the month, you’re ready to step out and let yourself shine.  “I am beautiful, I am confident, the world is mine, I am free” will be your mantra.  Someone close might challenge all of this by the full moon on the 27th.  Don’t be afraid to make some adjustments if you need to.


Mercury is retrograde in your 11th house.  Things may be a little off with friends; things may clear up by the 17th; and they may give you some food for further thought when your Sun, Mars, Venus, Uranus and Pallas swim around in your house of secrets and the unconscious.  Whew!  If this feels uncomfortable, comfort yourself with those tangible things you love most.  Just don’t go overboard or stop yourself from getting to the real nuggets of your unconscious.


Now that your career has taken off, spending some time with your friends or donating your time to a charitable cause may be where you’re headed.  Things are good and you’re feeling philanthropic.  This month you’re also learning how a lover can also be a friend.


Your visionary ideas may need some retracing at the beginning of the month.  This is a needed process too, as the second half of the month will see you making your mark on the world stage and in your career.  You’re more comfortable in the home sphere, so if you’re going to take off your shell and share openly your loving and creative vision, taking the time at the beginning of the month will help you not retract out of a need for safety.  Show them your stuff, Cancer!


All that hard work you’re doing around transforming who you are, how you come across, and your style of give and take needs some rewarding.  A vacation and even better, a vacation with friends, may just be what is called for.  If you can’t get away, taking an online course with your favourite visionary may be just the ticket.


There is some hard work ahead in the “you and me” category.  Mercury retrograde will help you look at your partnerships with fresh eyes.  Maybe you have taken things for granted or misunderstood things.  Whatever the case, the second half of March will challenge your shared resources and call for deep transformation.  There might be a little escape in your career where you are feeling a whole lot better.  Just remember to keep the balance.


The Sun, Venus, Mars and Pallas will all be in your 7th house by the end of the month.  You may be sharing your wisdom about balance in relationships with the world.  You have a lot to share and your message does not mean forgetting yourself or being “all about me”.  How do you do this, Libra?  Sage advice will be illuminated at the full moon in Libra on March 27th.


On one hand you’re having a blast for the first part of the month; on the other hand your game may be a little off.  You may be double checking the need for a breath mint or whether you forgot to apply deodorant, but in the end, it may be that you have a little bit of “foot in mouth” syndrome.  Work will take a bigger focus in the second part of the month.


After you have made your house and home warm and fuzzy you’re ready for romance and fun.  The Venus, Uranus, Sun conjunction in your fifth house of romance mixed with your freedom-loving Sagittarius ways will make you hard to pin down.  Your partnerships are where you find nurturing and expansion these days.  Friends may help with some words of wisdom if you are holding yourself back from what you truly desire.


You’ve had lots of activity with neighbours and your community recently.  If you’ve been bothered by a neighbour who knocks on your door every two minutes to borrow sugar, by the second half of the month you’ll find the right words to set your boundaries. Mercury will go retrograde in this area helping you to reassess.   End of March will be focused on your home, beautifying it, making it your sanctuary and a place where your spirit can roam around free and be renewed.


Now that you have your finances all worked out, it’s time to make a contribution in your community.  You may feel inspired by letting yourself give in ways that allow you to express creativity and nurturing with children or youth.  Maybe you’re even doing this as a philanthropic arm of your business.  Or you’re realizing that you can make money, help the community and have fun all at once.


You’ve hit your groove and have been showing everyone just who you are.  You’re getting ready to put that renewed self into money-making ventures.  How much time you have spent on yourself and how much effort you have invested in raising your self-esteem will now pay off.  With Mercury retrograde in the first couple of weeks in your first house, you can clean up and put the finishing touches on your self-presentation.





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