July Horoscopes 2013

The arrow has been sailing through the air since the full moon in June and will make its impact on July 1. Its target: the Cancer Sun, which opposes Pluto on that day. Now that’s quite a start to the month. It may show up as a bit of backlash or nastiness especially to women and children. Maybe those who are losing power even start to call the men who are pro-renaissance (you know the one’s… they share their emotions, spend more time with their kids, and cook dinner 2.5 days a week) “Lilly boys”, challenging their manhood.  But not to worry; those who are resisting change may get nasty but Saturn and Neptune have been working together to bring about some heaven on earth.  And whatever happens it will only serve to illuminate the problems and further Saturn and Neptune’s agenda, even if it does so by creating some fire under the butt!

A couple of days later the Sun will square Uranus and this will only add fuel to the fire. It will be exact at 2:22 a.m. EDT. Why am I being so specific about the time? For those of you who see repeating numbers (some of you see 11:11; some of you, like myself see 222). The spiritual meaning of seeing 222 is that you are on the right track. It’s a new beginning. Well, if that is so, I’ll take it… and so will Saturn and Neptune. That’s because the major theme of the month is the grand trine that is formed with Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter. Saturn is in Scorpio bringing structure to death, sex and taxes. Neptune is in Pisces where it has made its homecoming and is raising our spiritual awareness. Neptune also calls for creativity; it slowly and subtly changes structures, unveils deception and innovates the exchange of energy, such as financial currencies. Jupiter is in Cancer and is focused on expanding family values, love, caring and sharing. These three are working together in the backdrop, or forefront depending on your perspective. We have been seeing lots of really hard stuff as the fallout of the Pluto-Uranus squares. But Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter are now working together to highlight what really matters. Songs like Same Loveare hitting the charts. Moms like Ingrid Loyau-Kennett are saying no to violence. New currency exchanges such as bartering (what’s old is new again) and person-to-person lending are transforming economies.  And though they have been gaining ground, we may see these kinds of changes take stage in the mainstream. The height of this energy will be when Jupiter joins these two between the 17th and the 19th.

Saturn has a bad rap, but in fact, Saturn isn’t all bad. And because Pluto and Saturn have been in mutual reception (this means they are transiting in each other’s signs, helping each other out) when Saturn meets up with Jupiter, Saturn will have some reliable insider info to offer. Jupiter will be in Cancer and will be like a super optimistic mom – the one who’s always on the sidelines cheering on her kid’s game, the one who is the volunteer parent on every field trip, the one who is always front and centre at all the PTA meetings… And it’s her optimism that will really help to make things happen.  The PTA’s values in the United States are collaboration, commitment, accountability, respect, inclusivity and integrity… and you better believe these will be Jupiter’s mission over the next year. Think mom has no power, say or influence? Think again; a stunning example was Ingrid Loyau-Kennett.

Also by the 19th Saturn will be direct. In fact, Saturn turns direct on July 7/8.  Even though Saturn is not all bad, a Saturn transit is still quite serious – it’s like having to do your taxes; and when Saturn is retrograde it’s like being audited. When Saturn goes direct on the 7th, it’s like the audit has been completed; but that doesn’t mean there won’t be some changes as a result. Maybe you’ll have had to implement new processes, or something has come to an end and as a result more is required of you. Whatever the case, you can move forward now.  But as you move forward the Goddess Asteroids will pipe in, challenging us to do things a bit differently. In the old days we went overboard to get things off the ground with new enterprises. We denied ourselves, working long hours or neglecting one area of our lives to further goals of a project or another area of our lives. Maybe we neglected our families or children and worked long hours to get a business going. Maybe we studied into the wee hours of the night neglecting our friends and a social life. We are challenged with a lesson on this on July 2 when Saturn squares Ceres. Taking time to nurture your inner child no longer means that we won’t succeed. Later in the month Saturn will square Vesta on July 16. Vesta moves into Leo on July 6 igniting devotion to creativity, or in the negative, to extravagance. Problems with trying to create the perfect work of art or just general workaholism can emerge. We are challenged again with creating balance. The lesson is to have fun while also committing to our gifts that we are offering the world.  Balance IS the key word. The universe is supporting us in bringing forth our creativity, so there is no need to fear balance. We can have balance AND success. So although Saturn may have created new structures for us to follow, know that we can take it in stride.



Having some fun with your family may be on the agenda for July. If everyone else misses the “have fun” point you can give them pointers by the end of the month.  There might be a bit of miscommunication with family members at the beginning of the month. To avoid a national lampoon’s style summer vacation, don’t assume they understood what you meant; make sure they do.


Jupiter and Mars have you wanting to do things around the community, but Mercury could interfere with communication or car problems. You will really enjoy yourself just staying home. Venus warms up your house like a cozy fire in winter.


Whatever you do, do not make any financial deals until after the 20th. Mars will make you want to do it, Jupiter will make you optimistic about it… but trust me, money will be lost. Fun can be had by holding a block party with the neighbours. You will be talking about it for years to come.


It’s your birthday month, but at the beginning of the month you might be coming across all wrong. Saturn in your 5th house has been teaching you a thing or two about fun and creativity, but you can give your self-esteem a boost by nurturing your inner child.


You might be battling demons in your dreams at night or fighting a bit of insomnia. Both your dream state and your wakefulness will help to bring awareness to your thought processes or your unconscious thoughts. Even if you’re getting no sleep (or restless sleep) you’re still looking good with Venus in your first house.


You’ll be out having fun with friends all month. Mercury is retrograde in the 11th house of friends and Venus is in the 12th house of secrets. You know that song Blurred Lines By Robin Thicke? Try not to do that.  You can have fun and nurture yourself by extending some unconditional love… And the goal is to heal Karma, not accumulate more.


Your career should be going well this month. At the beginning of the month, try to do more listening than talking, especially since you will be in the spotlight. Mercury retrograde could have your followers on twitter raising their eyebrows to that weird tweet.


Your self-presentation is changing as you’re becoming more spiritual, yet you are somehow infusing your career into your higher learning and spirituality in a beautifully feminine way. Sharing this new way of being is better done by being and less by telling everyone about who you’ve become. The message comes across smoother by letting it just be.


You might go overboard, especially with your significant other’s money or resources. Try to hold in the reigns particularly at the beginning of the month, otherwise this can truly be a disaster. Luck will really be on your side if you hold off until after the 20th, when both Mars and Mercury will be in a better place.


Your marriage and business partnerships are a major focus this month. Mercury can cause a bit of miscommunication, but sometimes a good heart-to-heart when things go wrong is just the remedy for deepening the intimacy. By the end of the month you be glad for your mistakes, for they will teach you much.


You may feel like all work and no play, but give yourself a break or you will make mistakes especially during the first part of the month. You will benefit the most and will have the most fulfilling fun by spending time with your partner.


You will struggle the most with work-life balance this month. In fact things can go a little off while having fun that will make you think you’re better off just to spend the time working. If you feel you must work, make sure you are doing the kind of work that you find fun.

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