Horoscope: Sept 25 – Oct 1, 2017

Sept 25 – Oct 1

Project Progress

What to expect: Getting lots done
What to watch out for: Pessimism
What will it affect? Projects, work, strategies, and plans

On Sept 25th Mercury is square Saturn. The good news is that we can get lots of focused work done. The bad news is that we may be overly negative, critical and perfectionist. Mercury is in Virgo making us very hard on ourselves and critical of our accomplishments. You may think what you’re working on is nothing or not very good, but keep going, when confidence returns you’ll see how much value the work has. It’s especially important to keep going on the projects you’re working on as Saturn is also trine to the North Node. This energy will help us to let go of bad habits and structures and incorporate new positive ones helping to guarantee success. If you bring new people into your project, you’ll likely work well with them. The energy of Mars trine Pallas on the 26th will also help to bring in practical strategy.

Why? Mercury Square Saturn, Saturn Trine North Node, Mars Trine Pallas

Quick Triggers

What to expect: Disappointment
What to watch out for: Acting without thinking
What will it affect? Purposeful work, social change, collective wounds

On the 27th Jupiter will oppose Uranus. There is a powerful push for balance and freedom. The Sabian symbols for the two degrees speak of disappointment. On one side is Jupiter, normally optimistic in the sign of Libra. It’s in the last degrees of Libra and making its last push to balance things out. The Sabian symbol for the degree is “A man in deep gloom. Unnoticed, angels come to his help.” On the other side is Uranus in the last degrees of Aries. It’s pushing for change and has been for quite some time. The Sabian symbol for that degree is “A large disappointed audience”. Unfortunately, this energy of Jupiter and Uranus will make us quick to make judgments and to act before we’ve completely thought things through.

As the Sun comes into a conjunction with Vesta also in Libra, our identities can be hugely tied up in our work. The kind of work we care about right now is the work that involves fairness and partnerships. At the same time, Mercury will oppose Chiron making it hard to let go of our thinking and perspectives. This may be the culprit in our disappointment. Our disappointment may also interfere with our ability to believe in a higher purpose. The best approach is to wait things out. Wait until you have more information, more time to think things through and for optimism to return.

Why? Sun Conjunction Vesta, Mercury Opposition Chiron, Jupiter Opposition Uranus

Relationship Highroad

What to expect: Working through relationship issues
What to watch out for: A tendency to lie
What will it affect? Relationships, communication, work, money, leadership

Relationships face some difficulty between Sept 28th and Sept 30th.

Dishonesty may be the theme as Venus opposes Neptune. Maybe your partner is dishonest with you or you are dishonest with your partner or as a partnership, you are dishonest with others.

The Sun and then Vesta will square Juno building up the relationship tension. It’s likely to be a tension between balancing partnership needs with security and ambition. Does work get in the way of your relationship? If your relationship is about work, then does your relationship get in the way of work? Work towards honesty. Also, maybe better planning is in order? Venus will trine Pallas helping us to come up with strategy, plans, and goals together. Doing so will help to alleviate the tension. As you sit down to discuss matters, use the energy of Mercury sextile Ceres as it will help smooth out any conversations with playfulness, creativity, and praise.

Pluto will also go direct on Sept 28th, and by Oct 1st Mars will make a trine to it calling forth our leadership. Whatever we do with a positive intention will be highly influential and transformative.

Why? Sun Square Juno, Pluto Direct, Venus Opposition Neptune, Vesta Square Juno, Venus Trine Pallas, Mercury Sextile Ceres, Mars Trine Pluto


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