Horoscope: Nov 28 – Dec 4th, 2016

Nov 28 – Dec 4th

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New Moon at 7°Sagittarius

What to expect: Proposals
What to watch out for: Something missing
What will it affect? Relationships, money

The New Moon on Nov 29th is in Sagittarius. The New Moon conjuncts Juno, the asteroid associated with marriage. With this New Moon, we can have relationships that allow for a lot of freedom of movement and thought. Its a marriage, however, that needs agreement in belief and direction in order to work, otherwise we may find our projects or processes opposed or resisted. Supporting this energy is Venus sextile Chiron and square Uranus, which makes the need for freedom and the likelihood of painful interactions likely. This is not just within personal relationships, but also business partnerships. A whole different approach to our personal interactions is called for, and this new moon will give us the opportunity to search for and make intentions for new and innovative approaches. Though what we believe about relationships comes into question and is challenged, we have the willingness to move in a new direction. We are inspired by possibilities, and confused by options. To be successful at this, we first need to figure out the new ways of meeting our independence need, currently in opposition to our need to achieve and have stability. Sometimes we think we need a partner to meet this last need…. and this is exactly what comes into question.

Why? Sun Square North Node, Sun Conjunction Juno,Venus Sextile Chiron, Venus Square Uranus, Juno Square North Node, Sun Square Transiting Neptune, Venus Square Transiting Ceres

Words of authority and Power

What to expect: Authoritative words
What to watch out for: Postulating
What will it affect? Communications

November was a watershed month. Neptune’s position opposite the North Node brought to light some truths, but in ways we could have never predicted. The truth of our power, the truth of the powers that be. The truth of the hearts of men and women.

December begins with Mercury moving into Capricorn. Mercury will be in Capricorn for all of December, retrograding later in the month. For the first part of the month we are seeking authoritative opinions, approaching things with skepticism and some caution. We may seek to impress with our words and to be highly intellectual. Mercury will travel towards Pluto, speak to Pluto, and proceed to walk off stage in a retrograde motion. Mercury does not quite touch Pluto –this will happen in January. As Mercury moves it becomes more and more concerned with the deeper truth. By the time mercury retrogrades on the 19th, we will become more curious about what is pretention and what is real authority. More on Mercury retrograde later in the month.

Why? Mercury in Capricorn.

Launching Projects

What to expect: Focused energy
What to watch out for: Rose colour glasses
What will it affect? Projects

We can get busy between Dec 1 – 3 on any project that we are hoping to get off the ground. Saturn, currently in a two and a half year visit to Sagittarius, is doing an audit on all things Sagittarius –laws, media, religion, beliefs, foreign lands and foreign relations and travel. Saturn will sit between Mars and Jupiter and these two will join together to accomplish tasks for Saturn. We’ll have focus and a mixture of optimism and realism as we put our plans into action. It’s likely that projects will centre on humanitarian issues and issues of change as Mars brings in Aquarius’ energy and connects it to Jupiter in Libra. This energy is currently concerned with expanding diplomacy, peace, justice and fairness. Even if your business’s main focus is separate from these areas, they will play a subtle but pivotal role in its sustained success. What does your Human Rights policy look like? Do your marketing and media products reflect diversity? These areas and more can be acted on with success.

As we get to work, our initial approach may be one of rose coloured glasses, as Neptune squares relationship asteroid Juno. However, Jupiter and Mars will help us to recognize viable projects.

Why? Mars Trine Transiting Jupiter, Mars Sextile Transiting Saturn, Neptune Square Transiting Juno

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