Horoscope: Nov 21 – 27th

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Nov 21th – 27th

The Truth of Others

What to expect: Opposing beliefs
What to watch out for: Common ground
What will it affect? Relationships, projects

The sun moves into Sagittarius on Nov 21. All year we have been questioning our beliefs and are surprised to discover what others really think. Being forced to make a stand for what we believe has brought to the surface for all to see who we really are. As long as we’ve been able to keep things on the surface, we have been able to maintain friendship, but finding out someone is a trump supporter, a Brexit supporter, a Dakota Rock supporter, a black lives matter supporter or the opposite has caused some friendships and associations to prune. The problem is that we have not been willing to listen to each other. However, at this time we have the opportunity to join together with others, express our passions and learn with tolerance and acceptance. Though we may be very opinionated and direct with our ideas, we are open to finding common ground. The most productive groups are those that have a change agent visionary and a naysayer skeptic who is willing to challenge popular ideas. Right now we are blessed to have both. One that is able to envision a way to nurture change with innovation and actionable, impactful steps and the other, with Mercury conjunct with Saturn on the 23rd , helping us to be realistic, concentrated in our efforts, and sure that we are not making mistakes or wasting our time. The trick to maximizing this energy is to blending the energies and look for the best in both.

Why? Sun Entering Sagittarius, Vesta Trine Juno, Mercury Sextile Jupiter, Pallas Sextile Ceres Mercury Conjunction Saturn

Balancing Large Structures

What to expect: Need for change
What to watch out for: Power struggles
What will it affect? Government, Large institutions, Status Quo

On Nov 24/25th Venus will Conjunct Pluto and the two will square Jupiter. Jupiter is in Libra right now, striving for balance. One thing that is often overlooked about Libra is just how far it will go to achieve what it sees as balance. Money will be a huge focus right now. Who has the money, how are they using it and how does balance need to be restored? There is an opportunity right now to transform large institutions, Governments, old patriarchal structures and structures that have maintained the status quo. Problems related to overconfidence and power struggles may arise. Those who hold the power don’t want to give it up. Those striving for change will push harder. This is also a throwback to the Pluto Uranus square between 2011 and 2015. Where are we now? How far have we come? How much change has been achieved? And is it fair? We revisit the progress we’ve made, brush off the dust and get back to addressing the necessary push for change.

Why? Jupiter Square Pluto, Venus Conjunction Pluto, Venus Square Jupiter

Unintended words

What to expect: Hurtful words
What to watch out for: Holding a grudge
What will it affect? Communication, nurturing, passions

On Nov 26th something gets said that opens a wide a wound. As we hear it, we may suddenly be paralyzed by our thoughts, or we may dig our heels in and refuse to budge. It seems that what comes up is a huge incongruence within us between spirituality and belief. Are we as broadminded as we thought? With a willingness to face our wounds added to a strong ability to nurture with just the right words, we are able to move through to other side. We may think we need something and are suddenly surprised that we don’t and that what we need is actually very different to what we thought. What we find is sudden access into a new world that truly nurtures us.

Why? Mercury Square Transiting Chiron, Mercury Trine Uranus, Mercury Trine Ceres, Sun Trine Vesta, Mercury Sextile Pallas

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