From wounded…. to healer… When Pluto meets Chiron.

PlutoIn 1992 I was in a bank robbery. I walked into a bank in Ottawa, Canada with a friend. She was at the teller and I stood at the back of the bank waiting for her. As I stood there I had the thought… ‘what if the bank was robbed’ and seconds later… it was. We were all on the ground as the masked man pointed a sawed off shot gun at my friend and then at the teller and collected the money. It lasted all of 3 minutes, and changed my whole world.


Here is the chart of the event.

  • Pluto square mars – classic transit for such dramatic and shady experiences
  • Pluto opposed Saturn – Saturn is in my third house of local surroundings (the bank was down the street) and rules my 11th house of friends (was with my friend) and the 12th house of the subconscious
  • Pluto inconjunct moon – moon ruled 2nd house of worth (self worth on a psychological level and banks on mundane level)
  • Saturn is coming up to cross my ascendant and is in minor aspect to my Mid-heaven – the ascendant or mid heaven are usually involved in big life events
  • Mars square my chiron (mars often triggers events)
  • Chiron is coming up to conjunct my mars 
  • Jupiter conjunct Pluto – another confirmation of shady characters
  • Sun conjunct Uranus – Surprise! 
  • Throw in the moon passing over Pluto for added measure and extra emotion! 

As Pluto squares my Chiron today, I reflect on this past event. It has some of the same qualities of awakening and transforming old wounds that the event of the past held. Well Pluto was involved and so was Chiron. I was young at the time, with no knowledge of astrology. I didn’t see this coming, but if I could have would I have avoided it? I was completely unconscious and this event sent me straight to the 12th house of the unconscious and left me there for several years to uncover.

Pluto is slow moving and so is Chiron, so I am not the only one experiencing a stressful transit to Chiron. If you have Chiron in a Cardinal sign (Capricorn, Libra, Aries or Cancer) between 8-11 degrees you will be experiencing a hard aspect with Pluto this year as well. This is a transit that pushes at your wound. If you are unconscious it will make you conscious and if you are conscious… (maybe you’ve already had something wake you up, like I did).. perhaps this transit will gently push you to heal and transform yourself and others… and become the wounded healer!

So I share my healing journey during this Pluto/Chiron transit, with the hope that you will look at any scary experience as an awakening and a time to heal.  

In my healing journey, there have been many people who have come into my life to help me and the Universe has always seemed to drop the right book in my lap.

Here are some of the books and people who have helped me along the way:

The Courage to Heal, Laura Davis – This book is old, but constantly updated and is like the essential handbook for dealing with abuse. I was in a bank robbery, but the fear of the event woke up every fearful situation I was ever in. Child Help calls child abuse the hidden epidemic. 3.3 million reports in the United States per year (there are tonnes more stats on their site and on it’s horrible impacts). In Canada the numbers are similar

Tony Crisp’s Dream Dictionary – If you have a crazy dream life like I do, you can use your dreams to give you clues to what is going on in the subconscious. I bought my copy in Jamaica (I know a weird place to pick up this book… but the universe dropped it in my lap) just before this event. It’s a great book because it looks at the dream symbols in a psychological light (not as omens or other weird meanings).  Keeping a dream journal by your bed will help with this. Also Tony now has a website (which obviously was not around in 1992) where you can look up dream keywords… but I still love my dog-eared book!

I kept journals consistently from 1992 till 2009 and then I shredded them all in a releasing ritual. (I love shredding, I find it very satisfying.. Some people like to burn, some just toss in the garbage… shredding is my thing!). I did go over them before shredding and interestingly I could pick out any point in almost any year, read it, and read basically the same old problem over and over… Wow talk about churning things! Journaling is good. It helps to get it out, but you also need a process that will help transform.  The most transforming tools I have found are Cognitive behavioral therapy. Finding a therapist or psychologist who uses this can be key! Again the angels put in my lap a booked called Calling in the One, Katherine Woodward-Thomas…. 

Oh and by the universe always put books in my hands that are written by authors who actually respond to me when I write them emails. Katherine was one (Paulo Coelho was another). Katherine offered me a coaching/counseling session where she used a combination of cognitive behavioural therapy and spirit which has now evolved into a transformative process used in her online/tele-class course called ‘Calling in the One’. Calling in the One is a book about attracting the love of your life… but first you have to be attracted to yourself…. agh! that old thing again… You have to love yourself before you can love anyone else! But it’s true!!! The process she used with me was one of connecting with yourself at a younger age in a somewhat meditative process, asking her (or him as the case may be) what is going on, how she feels and what she needs. This is when you uncover all those false beliefs that were created in childhood about yourself. This is when you really get to the wound. But if it’s hard to get to exactly what the wound is you can watch my video on accessing the wound in your birth chart for clues on what your wound could be. The real transformation comes in when you have a chat with that little girl (or boys) false belief, challenge and then change them. 

This process is not in Katherine’s book, but if you can’t take her course another book that guides through a similar process is Mind Over Mood, Dennis Greenberger with their ‘thought record’ worksheet.

Here is a list of some wounds based only on chiron and the false beliefs that may accompany them:

Chiron/Sun – wounds around the self – “I don’t matter”, 
Chiron/Moon – wounds around emotion – “I’m a burden”
Chiron/Venus – wounds around love – “I am unlovable”, “Nobody love’s me”, “I don’t know how to love”, “I am an ugly”.
Chiron/Mercury – wounds around communication – “Nobody understands me”, “I am dumb”, “I’m not smart” “I am always wrong”
Chiron/Mars –  wounds around doing – “I can’t”
Chiron/Jupiter – wounds around knowledge, customs and beliefs – “I don’t know”,  “I don’t belong”, “I am different than others”
Saturn/Chiron – wounds around success and importance – “I am inferior”, “I am not important”
Uranus/Chiron – Wounds around the unexpected, freedom or uniqueness – “I am not safe” “I can’t be myself”
Neptune/Chiron – Wounds around knowing, intuition – “I am crazy”, “I don’t know”
Pluto/Chiron – Wounds around power – “I am powerless”

Those with Chiron/Pluto in their chart always have a tremendous amount of transformative power, but if unconscious and un-evolved it can be directed negatively. To those and to all of us going through a Pluto/Chiron transit right now, let’s all raise the consciousness of our wounds and channel our wounded power for some good.

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