August Horoscope 2013

There will never be a dull moment this August. August is jam-packed with the good, the bad and the ugly. First the good because we all like to hear good news; and I’ll end with some good news too… This is what they call “sandwiching”. Good. Bad. Good.  Here we go…

The month starts with the remnants of a Grand Trine! Towards the end of July we also experienced a “Star of David”. I mentioned at the beginning of the month in my July horoscope post that this trine had the potential to make dreams a reality; that it gave potential to help in transforming our society, our values, our economy and what really matters. Jupiter held the Grand Trine together but passed it off to the feminine warrior Pallas, who held the space towards the end of the month of July.  

Pallas in the water sign of Cancer infuses feminine creativity. She is able to stand back and witness the patterns emerging while holding the centre. On July 29 another Grand Trine was formed. This one pointed in the other direction and so the two of them formed a hexagram, a “Star of David”. This new Grand Trine was formed with Pluto, Venus and the Moon in earth signs. Like porous pavement, earth absorbs water, grounding the experience of transformation. As above sinks to below, what is left is fire and air. Fire and air have their say a little later at the New Moon on August 6.  But I think that we can safely say that what is happening here is alchemy. There is a fifth unseen element of spirit working to clear the past for the new to emerge. Unfortunately, conflict is always present during change – it is what drives change. Transformation will happen no matter what, but I do believe it is our choice how we handle and respond to that transformation. If you want to know where the conflict lies, here are the components: Pluto opposed Mars and Jupiter at its worst is violence and at its best is focused on the pursuit of goals and the deep examination of our values and beliefs; Saturn opposed the Moon at its worst is insecurity and fear, and at its best is humbly acknowledging our vulnerabilities and dependencies; Neptune opposed Venus at its worst is deception or confusion in relationships and finances, and at its best is letting go.  All in all, nothing to do here but to trust spirit. Read a copy of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho for enjoyable fable tips on how. Or have it read to you by the soothing voice of Jeremy Irons on YouTube

Now for some fire and air…. August 2is a powerhouse day for the Goddesses.  Juno in Aquarius and Vesta in Leo are opposing each other and the two are squaring the nodes. A square to the nodes creates a decision tree for each. Go forward or remain in the past? Riddle me this…. Juno (powerless devotion) in Aquarius (impersonal, temperamental) opposes Vesta (workaholic sacrifice) in Leo (arrogant, autocratic) OR riddle me that, Juno (partnership) in Aquarius (progressive, inventive) opposes Vesta (dedication and devotion) in Leo (creative, optimistic, generous). As these two oppose, a very complex conflict between individuality needs and relationship needs AND creativity is created. This is a call to evolve all marriages, business partnerships and all one-to-one relationships. 

Uranus will help solve and evolve the riddle as Vesta trines and Juno sextiles Uranus on the same day. Some more help will arrive to help us move forward on August 6. The New Moon in Leo will join in on the action and announce a highly creative beginning with a chance to set extremely powerful intentions. The New Moon will join in by conjuncting Vesta and opposing Juno. Vesta with the New Moon wants to be deeply intimate, emotionally close AND free at the same time. For this particular cycle of creativity, this is the formula for success. Projects can only succeed within in a co-creative or interdependent relationship (codependency no more!). If you are hoping for someone else to show you the way or fill you up in order to “do this” you will need to try a different approach. Having emotional literacy can really help here. You will have to remain vigilant in checking in with yourself and in giving yourself what you need. Keep watering this fertile ground and you will see impatience (the flower) sprout up in six months to a year. Lose faith and you will see impatience spout up (the emotion).

As these two Grand Trines die down in August, Pallas will continue to warrior on when she meets up to oppose Pluto on the 7th and square Uranus on the 10th. It’s that Pluto-Uranus square again! On the negative side of things Pallas has been known to undermine, trip up and sell out other women. She is smart and in the past she has survived by aligning herself with the patriarchy, so I am really hoping that the Pallas energy here merges with the high road. If not, what this can look like is unfocused rebellion and obsession. This could be because the patriarch way of doing things is losing power. As it does, so does this type of woman. She will not go down without a fight! Expect some Desperate Housewives’ type of attitude. Some more difficult goddess energy could pop up on Aug 24-27. Long story short…. This is a lot of concentrated relationship drama. Venus will square Pluto, then will move on to oppose Uranus and finally will square Jupiter. Relationships again will be tested, as this is power-struggle energy, followed by erratic out-of-left-field-something-you-would-never-expect-from-him-or-her behaviour, followed by self-indulgent energy. This energy applies to finances as well, so we may see some strange things in the economy. Also, keep your receipts. You may have a lot of things that you just can’t afford to not return.

At the Full Moon on August 20 we are giving birth to visions set earlier this year. Intentions that have been gestating will come into being. These intentions have already had your hard work and as they come into being they will demand more of you… just like a baby. The reason is the Full Moon is opposed Ceres. Ceres in Leo means you will find joy in nurturing this child / project or whatever you intended, but just as every new parent experiences, you will have the conflicts too.  It is important to strive to meet your own needs (without guilt). Here we think of the ever effective example of giving yourself oxygen first and then your child (as demonstrated by all those wise flight attendants worldwide during takeoff). Why is this important? Because if you planted the seeds six months ago, your intentions are really going to take off! This Full Moon will be an ending, but also a major beginning too!

So that was August… How did you like your August sandwich? Good. Bad. Good.


This month you may find a creative solution to the conflict you’ve been experiencing with your home vs. career. Your faith and unconscious have been working to help you appreciate your sense of responsibility to others and them to you.  Both your beloved and your family of origin are embraced by your sense of service and all that you are working towards in your career. You may have been wondering “what about me?” Remaining objective, open to creativity and to the patterns that are emerging will aid this creative solution into being.The gemstone Jasper will help you to keep that objectivity.


Not one to like change or to change course once you’ve made up your mind, you’re being challenged to let go. You’re the emotional rock this month. You’re sturdy stable and reliable, and everyone is taking comfort in your role in being there. It’s even more prized if you can expand your perceptions and beliefs to support the community and your family. Look beyond yourself and remain open to what you think you know.Gemstone Rhodonite or Yellow Topaz will help you to let go and help you to trust.


Your actions may be the force behind the changes that are happening within the economy. You are being uncharacteristically deep and esoteric. And if you are not, then perhaps you should take the time to be. Sitting still to go deep isn’t really your thing, but right now you’re waxing political and it’s being heard. It has the potential to impact the way you make money and the way others do too.  Care is needed with your words.Gemstone Blue Topaz will help you deepen into the truth. Calcite will help you link your head to your heart.


As the mother sign you have always been the hardest working with the least amount of recognition and pay. You bring relationships together, work hard at the picnic while everyone else is having fun, instill those values by making sure everyone gets up early to go to church (or mosque or temple). Plus, plus, plus… And usually you get forgotten. With the Sun in your second house and Jupiter in your first, I think you might finally get some recognition. Recognition shows up at a pat on the back AND money. NiceMoonstone will help you find your emotional balance.


Happy Birthday Leo! It’s your month. This year spend some time rejuvenating yourself. Lots is going on in your subconscious. It’s like a cocoon. Rest will help it be nurtured and to take form into that beautiful butterfly, once ready, to be released. Ceres is conjunct your Sun this month, providing you with the right recipe for good meals and nurturing yourself. Heeding to this formula is the best immunity booster you can ask for.Your birth-sign stone Garnet will help increase your power and vitality.


You’re a social butterfly this month. All of that humanitarian stuff you’re doing might be sending you into burnout. It’s hard because what you’re doing is important. But summer colds are the worst! Nobody likes to sneeze and blow their nose while the sun is shining. Until next month on your birthday, you need to carve out some time to give yourself time for rest and reflection. Plus, you don’t want to start to hate your own creations.Amber stones soothe and calm all this nervous energy.


You’re in the limelight this month. Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and Pallas are all in the tenth house of career. The other planets are working with you too and you may be finding yourself kicking butt. But how are you balancing all of this with your family responsibilities? If you’re not, you may need to find a way. Being in the limelight can really expand the ego, but an inflated ego will only land you in trouble. If you have mastered the ability to stand back and look at yourself and your ego, you will fly through this.Snowflake Obsidian will help you gently look inwardly.


This would be a great time to explore distant places. If you’re studying this would do the trick too, but school’s out and it’s summer, so a summer trip might be the better option.  You’re a pretty deep and transformative cat and so you might be surprised by just how many of your perceptions are challenged. Your career may have some surprising boosts this month too.  You’re working well with the feminine energies and bringing them into your work and career.Turquoise provides protection and inner calm.


Your ideas are fertile and expanding. They may also be grounding into some solid money-making structures. Really, financially, this can go either way. Much will depend on your level of consciousness. If you’re unconscious this could be a kick in the pants. If you’re conscious you may be able to blow them out of the water both creatively and financially.  Some think only special people can make money and be creative too. You have to potential to prove them wrong.Topaz will help you to trust the universe.


You vs them. Pluto is in your first house. Jupiter is opposing it in your seventh house this month and so is Pallas. Mars and Mercury there also make relationships the focus of this month.  Self-righteous indignation will not work. The more your able to work it out the more you will be able to see how all of your relationships work together to support you.  Ceres conjunct the Sun in your eighth house is bringing some support to nurturing in your relationships. The goal for the month is to figure out how not to lose yourself or your cool while trying to keep your personal boundaries amongst all this relationship energy.Quartz relationship crystal will help you with challenging relationships.


Aren’t you on summer vacation? “I’ll rest when I’m dead,” might be your reply. Oh, wow; that’s hard core! You’re working harder than the hardest working man did (James Brown). Letting yourself be nurtured by some TLC from your honey or even giving some TLC to your honey can balance out this work-crazy energy. Some relationship give and take can help ward off any illness.Aquamarine will help soothe stress and gangly energy


You’re in a massive creative phase right now. Don’t let the money situation or the lack of support from friends get you down. Hard work on your creative projects can be surprisingly nurturing right now. Most of the time we think of nurturing ourselves as eating good meals and having Epsom salt and lavender bath soaks, but sometimes nurturing yourself means just getting the work done. You feel more peace as long as you’re working towards “it”.Kyanite will help you transform dreams into reality.

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