February Horoscope 2013

February starts out with Ceres, the universal mother, going direct on February 4th, joining Jupiter who went direct just a few days earlier on January 30th. Both are in Gemini unleashing nurturing and fertile communications, joy and gathering. If you find your Twitter, Facebook and all other forms of social chit chat lighting up and feeling especially warm and fuzzy, blame it on these two!

February is a short month and before the blink of an eye it will be Valentine’s Day. Venus squares Saturn on the 10th, but any difficulty experienced then is well ahead of the break up to make up due date of the 14th.  Lilith will be moving into trine Venus bringing together sex and love.  They are in Gemini and Aquarius respectively, keeping it cool and intellectual, but let’s not forget the best sex starts in the mind and in the words of Confucius “words are the voice of the heart”.

Another formation is taking place in the sky on February 14th, a Yod, with Vesta forming a lovely sextile toPallas but in a stressful aspect to Saturn in Scorpio.Vesta and Pallas play nicely together, mixing their goddess strengths of focus and dedication and finding the right words to mix with intellect. The tension comes with Saturn challenging this to be done in service, with right purpose and without resentment. Time to grab our goddess bosoms and dig deep for the love.

The full moon on February 25th will form a stressful square to Jupiter.  The mood may be overly optimistic and prone to unrealistic tendencies. Decisions made now may be unrealistic.  The Sun conjunct Neptune doesn’t help matters, making us more apt to want to escape ourselves.  Hopefully, it will be a clear night as the best way to use this energy may be to stare at the moon and dream without trying to make them a reality just now.


With Jupiter and Ceres in your third house of communication, you will be the one starting all those joyful and nurturing conversations at the beginning of the month.  The Sun, Venus and Mercury will have you sharing the love with your friends as it travels though your friendship house. Mercury goes retrograde on the 23rd so miscommunications are likely during that time.


Your career has been flying high with Mercury, Venus and the Sun all on your side. Watch for some disruption as Mercury goes retrograde on the 23rd. The Sun will catch up with Neptune on the 20th in a combination that can see you momentarily confused about your hopes and dreams; and when the full moon squares Jupiter on the 25th, relax and have some fun.  This may help you refocus.


Have you got the travel bug? With Saturn traveling through your house of work and health, maybe you’re off in distant lands working or taking care of your health in some way. Don’t let that stop you from learning the language of love in distant lands. The Sun, mercury and Venus in your house of long distance travel will help you along.


I hope you’ve been taking care of your finances. Shared resources may have been a pain in the butt as of late, but Jupiter will be a like an angel on your shoulder. Ceres moving forward will help you get in touch with unconditional love. These are two aces in your pocket.


Are family responsibilities bumming you out? Gratitude is the key. You’ve got friends and partners on your side.  Try not to have “foot in mouth” syndrome later this month when Mercury turns retrograde in your partnership house. Even in you do find yourself in the dog house, you’ve got lots of joyful and nurturing supporters in your friendship pool.


You’ve been working tirelessly, being of service and maybe you have been seeing nothing in return.  Jupiter is finally moving forward in your house of career and Ceres moving forward on the 4th will make sure that you are recognized for your tireless efforts. I know your motto is that it is much better to give than receive, but let yourself take in some of that nurturance.


Sookiesookie… you’re on a romantic high all month. When the sun shines a light on your house of romance and creativity on the 18th, you’ll be flying high. Mercury goes retrograde on the 23rd in the same house and don’t forget Neptune will be fogging things up by the full moon. Having fun and not taking it too seriously is your best bet. Libras know how to stay out of conflict, so I know you will fare well.  Just don’t mislead anyone and nothing will need to catch up with you later. Keep creating that positive karma!


Have you been feeling serious about everything, family, love, your community, yourself? The Sun will move into your fifth house of romance, fun and children on the 18th, letting you lighten up for some fun.


Never one to sit still, you have been doing your thing for your community. Your focus will move to home projects. Even if the start gives you a little grief, by the 18th you will be in your element. Maybe you don’t really feel like getting into those deep unconscious issues that have been giving you trouble, but with Saturn retrograding through your 12th house starting on the 18th in the house of the unconscious, a meditative home project could be a step in the right direction to help sort a lot of things out.


Money is likely to be on your mind all month. Boundaries are important. Knowing your worth is also, but remembers that it is better to give than receive. Jupiter and Ceres are moving through your 6th house of service making this even more true. You will find giving, even in your seemingly dire moments, to be rich and fulfilling and healthful.


The first part of the month is yours. Taking care of yourself and having fun are top priority. Later in the month your drive to make money will really heat up. Watch out as Neptune is also there fogging things up. Saturn also goes retrograde in your house of fame and career. Careful planning and even retracing your steps and some gentle reflection on how you are projecting yourself may be in order.


You’re in a cocoon for most of the month. Mars has already got you fired up ready for the world, but there are still some behind the scenes or soul seeking that needs to be done. Jupiter and Ceres will be moving forward in you 4th house of home and family, so spending some time focused on these areas will serve you well and will recharge the batteries for next month when it’s all systems go.



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