Aleph – A Vesta Story

VestaI just finished reading Aleph, Paulo Coehlo’s latest book. A friend lent it to me and I devoured it in a day.  In the book Paulo takes a journey across Russia and encounters a past life love. Hilal who is without doubt Vesta. In a post earlier this month when describing the goddess asteroid Vesta and the essence of who she is, I referenced Paulo’s book Eleven Minute’s, I hadn’t read Aleph yet.

Hilal in Paulo’s book is a woman who in her past incarnation was burned for being in touch with her feminine power and Paulo is partly responsible. In this incarnation his Karma is to be in service to the feminine and in this book he has a beautiful description of the injustice to the feminine, describing it in a way so as to right the wrong.

There is also a beautiful description of how Hilal transmutes her devotion and love into music.

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