December Astrology 2015

IMG_0988First Week

Need for Nurturing

What to expect: Nurturing conversations.

What to watch out for: Holding on to past grievances.

What will it affect? Our conversations and old wounds.

On December 1st, we are feeling the need to nurture. We have the opportunity to work it out through conversation. Conversations at this time will open up a wound, but a wound that needs to be opened and healed. We have the opportunity to see things in a new way, to incorporate unique perspectives, and to change our thoughts. It’s a good time to practice forgiveness exercises and to pay attention to what unconscious material comes up for us in our dreams. It will point to areas we need to address to move forwards.

Why? Sun sextile Ceres, Mercury trine Uranus, and Mercury square Chiron.

Balancing our Relationships

What to expect: Going deeper in our relationships.

What to watch out for: Insecurity that can throw us off.

What will it affect? Relationships.

By the 3rd, energy allows us to connect with the values from our intimate/business relationships. True partnership requires balancing the needs of both parties. What is fair, loving, and balanced? At this level, we often put in place contracts to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Once this is achieved, we feel satisfied and safe to move into deeper realms of intimacy and partnership. This is no easy matter; it requires trust. Venus goes into Scorpio the next day and this new level becomes the focus throughout to the end of the month. It might start out rocky. We may have a passionate need to express our independence when we realize that we really do need to share. Conversations can reflect overconfidence in our viewpoints. It’s a good time to explore shared values to ensure that they really are shared. You’ll be tempted to be suspicious and there may be moments of intensity.

Why? Venus conjunction Juno, Vesta entering Aries, Mercury square Jupiter, and Venus entering Scorpio.

Competition vs Healthy Ego

What to expect: Competitiveness.

What to watch out for: Attempts for unfair advantage.

What will it affect? World events and our egos.

On Dec 6th, the energy moves into a competitive nature. Healthy competition is something for which we should always strive. Healthy competition involves playing fair, having integrity, working hard, being a humble winner, and knowing how to lose gracefully if we lose. This ability gets seriously challenged on the 6th. We may see the claws come out in both our personal lives and on the world stage. Stay positive. This moment represents the last of the energy that has been playing out over the last couple of years. If we have been standing in integrity, we’ve seen lots of bullies in our lives and in the world stage topple, and we can expect to see more power hanger-ons go down at this time.

Why: Sun sextile Mars and Mars square Pluto.

12790138_sSecond Week

Changing our Mind?

What to expect: An opportunity to change your mind.

What to watch out for: Being too fixed.

What will it affect? Our purpose.

Dec 7/8th – Do you allow yourself to change your mind? Sometimes we can get fixed on a certain path. We continue down that path because it was what we decided. We don’t want to look flaky, uncommitted, or like we easily “flip-flop.” But to continue down an unproductive path, even though you said you would, may not serve you well. We’ll have an opportunity to examine our plans and the path we have been following, then make changes or leave the path all together. Don’t be afraid to change your mind if it’s really not working. The energy exists for us to be honest with ourselves, to have breakthroughs, and to make changes more readily.

Why? Mercury square transiting North Node and Sun trine transiting Uranus.

New Directions

What to expect: Discomfort.

What to watch out for: Abandoning things because of discomfort.

What will it affect? Relationships, new plans, and directions.

As we move in a new direction, the past might come up to remind us of something. It may be the something that caused us to go in the other direction before – maybe to avoid feeling pain. Remember, even success can be scary and have uncomfortable feelings attached to it. We can have constructive and practical conversations now, especially within our partnerships. This energy will stay with us for the next three weeks while Mercury is in Capricorn. If you need to strategize around something that you want to achieve, now is a good time. Get out the flip chart paper and sticky notes, then map it all out.

Why? Sun square transiting Chiron, Mercury sextile transiting Juno, and Mercury entering Capricorn.

Fight for Fairness

What to expect: Wanting something to be fair.

What to watch out for: Going about it in the wrong way.

What will it affect? Our passions and our need for change.

Expect some intense energy on Dec 10th. We’ll want something to be fair on that day, passions will run high, and the need to take action to get what’s ours may take over. Words said will be fighting words, so for this reason it’s important to take a breath or two before we say anything. It may also be something we see on the world stage. Our collective thoughts and our collective actions will have global impact, so it’s important to keep them in the highest order. Ask yourself in the moment “what would the Dali Llama do?” Stay away from revenge or the need to power play.

Why? Mercury square transiting Vesta and Mars opposition transiting Uranus.

New Moon – December 11th

What to expect: Idealism.

What to watch out for: Not taking advantage of the energy.

What will it affect? Ideas, idealism, and visions.

The New Moon on Dec 11th is in Sagittarius. With this New Moon, we can create intentions for the next month to six months around our philosophies and higher ideals. The New Moon will be triggering all of that stuff that came up in the last couple of months – the stuff we’ve been feeling and challenged to heal. We can now direct any healing that has occurred into new projects, actions, and intentions. We have a great deal of energy around directing our energies toward whatever comes up at this time. Added to that is the ability to dive into the depths of things in order to see more detail than we usually have access to. This change enables us to combine our idealism with a deep dive into what is needed to get what we desire off the ground. Venus’s sextile to Neptune will also give us the ability to envision in dreamy and powerful textures, representing the piece de resistance in making this an eventual reality.

Why? Event: New Moon at 19°Sg02′ , Venus trine transiting Neptune, and Pluto conjunction transiting Pallas.


20139949_sThird Week

Watch out for Excess

What to expect: Strong opinions.

What to watch out for: Taking on other’s energy.

What will it affect? Opinions, beliefs, and boundaries.

On Dec 13/14th,we may be easily led to excess. It is the holiday season and normally I would be warning you about eating or drinking excessively, but this time the excess are around our opinions. With the Sun still in Sagittarius, they may come out without censor. The thing is, you may be intuitively tapping into other’s insecurities at this time, especially if you are a sensitive person picking up on other people’s energies. Your words may be just something that you are reflecting back to them. But that person may be a boss or another authority person in your life, so you will want to take the time to be aware of where you start and others leave off. Of course, mind altering substances will enhance this. Keep your wits about you!

Why? Sun square transiting Jupiter and Mercury sextile transiting Neptune.


What to expect: Neediness.

What to watch out for: Weak boundaries.

What will it affect? Relationships, money, and children.

Dec 17th is a day when you will notice just about everyone is a little needy. Energy may be running high, the level of stress increased, and erratic thinking or behaviour may dominate the day. Someone may try to use their wiles to sweet talk you into what they want or just as easily express a little jealousy in order to get their way. The need is strong to have an acute awareness of boundaries and a healthy sense of self-esteem. Allow others to experience whatever they are experiencing without feeling the need to make it any different.

Why? Venus square transiting Ceres, Venus sextile transiting Pluto, and Uranus square transiting Pallas.

Clearing Patterns

What to expect: Opportunities for healing.

What to watch out for: Complaining.

What will it affect? Old wounds and our direction in life.

On Dec 18th, we have another opportunity to see into the patterns that have been following us from the past. We can form new habits and let go of unhealthy, unconscious material at this time. The way is presented again for us to form new beliefs or to refine old ones. Our examinations can also point to the poison that will heal – much like homoeopathic remedies, we realize that a little poison can often serve as the antidote. Remember this if you see an old pattern pop up and sting you yet again. It’s what we do with those experiences. Do we complain “not again” or do we see them an opportunities to change the story?

Why? Sun square transiting North Node and Chiron sextile transiting Pallas.

Strategies and Plans

What to expect: A good time for planning.

What to watch out for: A little backlash.

What will it affect? Ideas, strategies, and directions.

Dec 19/20th allows us to do some deep work on our strategy and plans. We may have started this process at the beginning of December, getting out our sticky notes and flip chart paper, but now we have the added energy of the planets to advocate for our plans and get others on board. Unique perspectives can be applied to old problems. The more open minded you are to new ideas, the better. Fixed thinking can spark upsets and challenges, including surprising behaviour that you don’t expect. Creative insight may occur right now and healing plants/ animals may also help. How, you may ask? They often put you and others in tune with nature and its flow lessens stress. This shift helps to put everyone in touch with what is needed to heal and move forward. Be creative in how you allow this to happen.

Why? Mercury conjunction transiting Pluto, Venus trine transiting Chiron, Venus sextile transiting Pallas, and Mercury square transiting Uranus.

17719797_mFourth week

Telling It to Others

What to expect: Sharing our plans.

What to watch out for: Keeping it to ourselves.

What will it affect? Communication and ideas.

When the Sun enters Capricorn on the 21st, our energy turns toward taking ourselves more seriously. We will likely have a series of conversations about what is we want to achieve in 2016. All of those plans that we came up with last week, we are now speaking. We are sharing with others how we see it, why we see it that way, and what lead up to it.

Why? Sun entering Capricorn, Mercury sextile transiting Chiron, and Mercury conjunction transiting Pallas.

A Really Nice Time

What to expect: Fun and enjoyment.

What to watch out for: Working or something crazy like that!

What will it affect? Relationships, children, nurturing, and self-nurturing.

On the 23/24th, we have two days of fun, joy, and nurturing. These are two great days for taking advantage of the holiday season and getting together with those you love. It’s also a great time to step outside your normal traditions and take the initiative to create new ones. If you normally go on a sleigh ride followed by hot chocolate and marshmallows – an oldie but goodie – you may want to donating your time to a humanitarian cause, taking the time to nurture those who are normally without. You will be surprised by how much this feeds your own soul!

Why? Uranus sextile transiting Ceres and Venus sextile transiting Jupiter.

Full Moon

What to expect: Actually seeing Santa and the reindeers make a shadow in front of the Moon!

What to watch out for: Missing out on that scene!

What will it affect? Family, home, children, and surprises.

The Full Moon is on Christmas Day! And it’s in the sign of Cancer, the sign that loves family and all things related to the home. We’ll likely form our words carefully on this day. After all, what and how we say things to our families is often quite a bit different than how we say it to others, but they can be words filled with wisdom, optimism, and solidarity. Uranus, the planet of surprises, also goes direct on Christmas day. If you have never been surprised on Christmas morning, you can expect to be so this year!

Why? Full Moon at 3°Cn19′, Mercury trine transiting Jupiter, and Uranus stationary.

Time to Review and Dream

What to expect: Dreaming.

What to watch out for: The dissatisfaction that spurs it on.

What will it affect? Our passions, purpose, relationships, and communication.

With time spent at home and away from work on the 26th, we might turn our attention to our purpose. We may get that feeling like “I’m enjoying myself so much… I don’t want to go back to work.” Let any discomfort in this area float to the surface at this time. You’ll have the time and energy to think about what you do want, daydream, and perhaps dream about retirement with your partner. You may even find the inspiration to take those steps now rather than waiting for some distant future for your happiness. Just enveloping yourself in this process will bring a joy of its own!

Why? Sun square transiting Vesta, Sun sextile transiting Juno, Venus sextile transiting North Node, and Mercury trine transiting North Node.

47419266_sLast week of December

Pre- New Year’s Resolutions

What to expect: An impatience to get started.

What to watch out for: Letting negative feedback discourage you.

What will it affect? Our purpose, communications, visions, and humanitarian efforts.

On December 28th, you may jump the gun and make some pre-New Year’s resolutions. They may involve getting into action with a new spiritual practice. You may find yourself creating a routine that you intend to stick to for morning meditation practice or for donating your time weekly to a volunteer position. There is a serious side to your planning and one that likely involves a couple of “shoulds.” “Shoulds” are often seen in a limiting or negative light, but in this case they will be ones that deal directly with something that you have been feeling called to do, but have also felt apathy surrounding. You might feel called to defend a cause or address a problem. You may also receive some challenge for your intentions. It can range anywhere from “why would you want to do that?” to beyond – words spoken from those who love us but feel fear to words that challenge us and only serve to propel us further in the needed direction.

Why? Mercury trine transiting North Node, Sun sextile transiting Neptune, and Mercury square transiting Mars.

An Exotic New Year’s Eve

What to expect: Wanting some adventure for New Year’s Eve.

What to watch out for: Spending money you don’t have.

What will it affect? Relationships, money, and values.

Venus moves into Sagittarius just in time for New Year’s Eve. We’ll feel like traveling for this one. Just make sure that you have the cash after all you’ve spent over Christmas. This energy can make us prone to overspending. I spent one New Year’s doing yoga and meditation with the White Sikhs before dancing to a Bengali version of Staying Alive. Try to find something similarly unique to celebrate the coming year!

Why? Venus enters Sagittarius.