Ceres; Babies, Losing my Mind and the Politics of Seeds

It started couple of weeks ago when I went to the doctor. She called me in after my physical and wanted to go over my results. I was kind of worried because I didn’t know why she wanted to see me, but it seemed that she just wanted to talk to me about how great she thought things were going and how my results looked really good. Then the real reason seemed to come out. She asked me if I had planned to have children. I didn’t know. I don’t have a guy. Yes, I thought before about a donor bank Dad. Did I want a referral, she asked. I told her yes and thought to myself that I would have it figured out in the six months that it would take to get in to see the specialist. Then, I got into my car and I said out loud “If I need to see a doctor so that I can get drugs, I need to do it soon because my benefits run out in two weeks.” The good ones that cover this kind of stuff, anyhow. By the end of the day, the clinic had called me and I was booked for an appointment the following week. Unheard of in Canada; I asked and I received! This started a whirlwind of activity and I had appointments bang, bang, bang! Blood, ultrasounds, a sonohysterogram and magically, within the two week period, the needed prescription for drugs. I know what you’re thinking… I should try this with money or lottery tickets or a sports car!

In total confusion, I did what I normally do. I threw myself into my work. I needed to write my monthly horoscope and that I did. As I wrote, I noticed that a configuration in the sky, the North Node and Saturn were coming together. These two would also be sextile to Ceres. Sextiles are normally a good thing, but this time I looked at it and became concerned.  The North Node and Saturn both karmic, made me wonder… Would we have an agricultural crisis? Ceres is the Asteroid responsible for motherly love, fertility and food… agriculture.To make things even more baffling, for the third time a friend, oh so generously, offered me his “seed’. 

With this, I began to obsess about seeds. An episode of Lisa Ling’s America came on the TV. She highlighted an older couple who had lost everything in the economic crisis. They were in retirement and getting jobs was not an option. But they set forth to grow a garden to feed themselves. They made bread from the wheat they grew and canned with their extra vegetables. Hmm… Interesting. Then I went to see a friend downtown. Along with some gemstone crystals, she had decorated a table in her house with a seed. This seed, she said, was her boyfriend’s lucky seed and she told me she felt moved to put it on the table when I came. Neither of us knew what kind of a seed it was. We chatted for a while and then I left there and went to my sister’s house to babysit my nephew.


As my nephew and I sat and played we also watched an animated movie called The Lorax. Suddenly, I realized the movie was about the outlawing of seeds.


And then on the weekend I went to a cottage with a bunch of friends. One friend was very concerned about the recent discovery of radiation levels from Fukushima moving across the Pacific and hitting the LA coast. I shared with her my recent seeds trend and the astrology that made me wonder. “Oh,” she said, “I happen to be selling seeds.” She had arranged for vegetable and flower seeds to be sold to raise funds for her athletes to go to Europe.

Okay, now this seed thing was starting to become a little strange. With this I began to obsess about seeds. I found myself online researching emergency seed kits. I ordered a tin of seeds through the www.rareseeds.com and then jumped on their online forum. As I researched I remembered the politics around seeds. I had seen it in a documentary called The Corporation, where Dr. Vandana Shiva fought alongside advocacy groups in India against the outlawing of saving seeds. I discovered that there were seeds created by corporations to “commit suicide”. I realized that what was important was to find seeds that would produce other seeds so that you could save them and continue to produce future gardens. Not all seeds are created alike. There are God-made seeds and man-made seeds. I made sure to order the former.

But ordering seeds did not stop my seed obsession. Suddenly, I was lying awake at 3 a.m. thinking about the seeds that commit suicide and the corporations that try to make laws to prevent people from saving seeds. This is greed. Pure and simple Greed. It bothered me that people in poverty would not be allowed to provide for themselves. It bothered me that those corporations do not have more accountability and social responsibility. I know there are programs and funding available, at least in the City of Toronto, to build gardens on rooftops. I know there is even funding for corporations. I thought about how I could make team-building exercises using corporate rooftop gardening. I imagined how building gardens on rooftops of corporations could help feed people going to the food banks with healthy foods (rather than peanut butter and pasta) and I imagined how it could help seed-saving programs. My seed obsession was being transmuted into activism and community-building. I started to formulate my first project for Mother Clan. Mother Clan is an online community that I will be launching soon as part of my other website called www.thecorporateculturedetox.com. The Mother Clan community will be a mastermind group of leaders dedicated to corporate change and social responsibility within corporations.

One question remained. What was making me so seed obsessed? I had looked at what was going on in the sky in general but I had not looked at my own astrology. I decided to pull up my own chart. Aha! I have the progressed Moon opposing Ceres almost on the dot! My Ceres is in earthy Taurus, which makes me very concerned about food and security. I nurture myself and others by feeding and ensuring security of needs. But that wasn’t the only thing going on. I also have a progressed Moon trine my Pallas. Pallas and Ceres are in a tight sextile in my chart – a combination that creates political activism around nurturing and caring for the basic need of others. My end-of-the-world/end-of-fertility doom and gloom had solid astrological roots! It never ceases to amaze me how the energy of the planets and asteroids play out in our lives!

So, in two weeks to a month, I will have a two-year garden of seeds in a tin, the seeds of a project for corporate social responsibility begun and a floor plan for my new house. After all, I live in a condo… Where am I going to plant my two-year garden? 

As for the baby… I leave that mustard seed up to God! 

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Ceres – How does your garden grow?

The asteroid Ceres is the Mother Goddess Asteroid. She rules mothering, agriculture (gardening, food, nurturing) and is the goddess of unconditional love.


How does your garden grow? Every good gardener knows that to grow a healthy plant it must be pruned. The idea of pruning means loss and this can be a difficult concept for Ceres.


Here is the story of Ceres.

Ceres had a daughter Persephone and they wandered the world together, the world was in constant harvest and they were happy. As Persephone grew up she became very beautiful and had lots of male interest, but their bond (mother daughter) was so strong that all suitor were rejected and sent away. One day Persephone was out picking some flowers and the earth opened up and swallowed her into the underworld where Pluto, the god of the underworld took her, ravished her (of course) and made her his wife. Ceres was so grief stricken she refused to eat. She then refused the earth harvest in her grief.  Yes others must suffer too. The people and gods prayed for her daughter to be released so that they would not starve, and their prayers were answered, but Persephone had consummated the marriage by eating from a pomegranate and so was still bound to him (Pluto). Ceres and Pluto then agreed to share Persephone… which is why, explained by Greek mythology, we have a summer and a winter.

Ceres is related to how we are able to nurture ourselves and others emotionally and throughfood. If there are hard aspects it can even show eating disorders, difficulty letting go or living through your child. It can show up as being a “bad” mother or not being available to nurture to others.  Some with this strong intheir charts will reject motherhood (or have difficulties with motherhood) because it is so deeply associated with pain.


She represents unconditional love in that she must learn to share and not have any exceptions. For those with Ceres strong in their charts, their true lesson is the lesson of non-attachment…  And their gift is being able to nurture and mother. This can be a child or children, or it can be the nurturing and mothering of the world. One person I know with Ceres strong in her chart on the mid heaven (the point for career and fame), teaches career women how to nurture themselves and their families through cooking classes.


Tools to help you connect with your Ceres: Gourmet food,  Mediation practices in non-attachment, connecting with your inner little girl (or boy) and soothing him or her, giving him or her what they need, taking the gymnastics classes yourself at 42yrs or doing dancing with the stars, rather than pushing your daughter who doesn’t want to.If you have an eating disorder, one of my favorite sites on body image and eating disorders is Adios Barbie.


Chiron’s Gift

ChironThe asteroid Chiron was “discovered” in 1977. Of course Chiron had always been there, but like a Terma in Tibetan Buddist tradition, it appeared in our consciousness at just the right moment. The time was ripe for healing and that is the meaning of Chiron.  In Mythology Chiron was a teacher and skilled with medicine. He was a healer, astrologer and respected oracle. Chiron was a centaur, half human and half horse and was rejected by his parents. Though Chiron was a healer, ironically he could not heal himself. He died from a poisoned arrow lodged in his foot.

In Astrology, Chiron is the wounded healer and it’s placement in our birth charts represents the areas where we have experienced wounding, usually in childhood. Finding it’s placement in our chart helps to understand the wound. As the wound sometimes acts like a Terma in our unconsciousness, lying waiting for discovery at the right time, the pain is often repeated over and over in our lives calling for us to pay attention. It’s that pattern that in the midst you realize, I can’t believe this is happening again. Chiron is the essence of “what we resist persists”. Yet every time it happens you are given the opportunity to go deeper into the wound and are presented with profound opportunities for spiritual growth.

Chiron also presents itself like a riddle. In Mythology, he was a healer, but could not heal himself.  Chiron’s wound is essentially where we feel rejected and disconnected from others. Even when we become aware of the wound, it can seem impossible to heal. In Mythology Chiron’s original wound was rejection and one can only wonder if connection, vulnerability and the ability to look imperfect could have saved him. It’s the classic case of the Doctor having a heart attack, or therapist having a breakdown. Watch  Brene Brown’s talk on vulnerability for a great example of this.

Chiron is not a Goddess Asteroid, but I believe it is the masculine persistent teacher, teaching us how to be receptive to the feminine antidote, vulnerability and receptivity in order for healing to occur.

What is your wound? What false belief about yourself does it create? In my own chart Chiron is in Aries in the first house of “who am I” and opposed to Venus in Libra in the seventh house of “who are we”.  The wound is around being myself and experiencing a wound in love and relationships every time I express the Aries “who I am”. Chiron created an essential false belief that I can’t be myself and be loved. Oh what relief to discover this and to heal it! Okay Okay… it’s in the process of being healed!