Virgo Full Moon – February 24, 2024

The Virgo Full Moon is on February 24th. It’s at 5 degrees of Virgo! We may feel a strong desire to organize our lives and to de-clutter or destroy what is no longer necessary. Virgo represents details, organization, analysis, routines, health care or self-care. At this full moon, we are encouraged to remove the things from our lives that are not helpful. The full moon is a time of illumination and completion. It’s a time to release what no longer serves us, clearing the way to allow us to manifest our desires.

The moon is conjunct transpluto Isis. Transputo Isis represents transformation, healing and rebirth. Isis was a powerful goddess known for her magic and wisdom. She was also strongly linked to Virgo. The constellation of Virgo is represented by a goddess holding an ear of wheat, symbolizing fertility and abundance. In ancient astrology, Virgo was also called the Furrow. A furrow is a long deep wedge created in the land making it ready for planting seeds and creating the right conditions for fertility. Her conjunction with the moon further emphasizes the need to clear away so that we can make the soil of our lives ready and fertile.

The Sun opposite the moon is conjunct Saturn, Mercury and the dwarf planet Gonggong. Saturn in Pisces brings structure to all that is hidden in our subconscious, to our spiritual connection and our dreams. We feel motivated to bring heaven to earth but may struggle to balance practicality with our vision and purpose. Our goal with Saturn in Pisces is to create boundaries around ourselves and those dreams, visions and purpose. Mercury has now joined the Sun and Saturn in Pisces, and this can bring us into a deep connection with our intuition and higher truths, however, doubt and other depressive thoughts can also creep in. Our dreams are big, but we can feel overwhelmed by the road in front of us or we feel doubts about the reality of them being realized.

The Sun is also conjunct dwarf planet Gonggong. According to Chinese folklore, Gong Gong was a water god who caused devastating floods by smashing his head against Mount Buzhou. A dragon, Gonggong is described as having a copper human head with an iron forehead, red hair, and the body of a serpent. Gong Gong is the symbol of chaos and destruction and his collision with Earth was described as causing the Earth to tilt on its axis. Gonggongs conjunction with the Sun, Saturn and Mercury suggest that there may be destruction within our lives, thoughts and structures beyond our control. It may also suggest that we are creating destruction and in so doing throwing our lives a little off-kilter.

In some versions of the myth, Gong Gong’s actions were out of desperation to save his people from a drought. Gonggong is not just about chaos and destruction, but also about sacrifice and the lengths we go to for humanity. This reminds us that we can have compassion for the wrecking ball that may be going through our lives right now, as it is meant to save us.

Interestingly, in the myth, the Goddess Nuwa comes in the save the day. She chops off a leg of a turtle and uses it to hold up the pillars of the heavens and in so doing stops the flood and destruction. Her part of the myth points us back to Isis, who can be said to be her Egyptian counterpart. Like Nuwa, Isis also could reconstruct and resurrect and she reminds us that even as we experience the destruction of the structures in our lives, we can know that we are supported in and through our deep transformations.

The Virgo moon is also helped out with an optimistic trine to Jupiter in Taurus. Jupiter in Taurus encourages us to focus on our values and material possessions and to create a solid foundation for the future. It asks us to connect with the earth on a deeper level and to build a life that is both fulfilling and sustainable. It should be noted that Jupiter is squaring Venus and Mars which can cause us to lack discipline and lose interest quickly. It can make us more impulsive and prone to conflicts in our relationships, while at the same time overly optimistic or unrealistic when it comes to the things we love. Use the Virgo moon energy to temper any of these imbalances. If we combine the earth energies of the Virgo and Taurus, we can temper these impulses with practicality and moderation.  We can balance the stability, optimism and innovation we need to realize our dreams.

The Sabian symbol for the moon is “a merry-go-round” It encourages us to embrace transformation and evolution in our lives. The merry-go-round represents the cyclical nature of life and the need for us to go with the flow. Just like a merry-go-round, life has its ups and downs. If you are fearful you will feel like life is spinning out of control, but if you embrace the merry-go-round of life and trust in the process of growth and transformation it can be enjoyable.

Happy Full Moon in Virgo!