September Horoscope 2015

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First week in September


What to expect: Heart-to-Heart’s, Break-ups and Flings, Return of the Mack, and high spending!

What to watch out for: High spending, unnecessary outlay of cash.

How long is this happening? Sept 1st

Who and what does it affect – Love and money related to children, creativity, romance, banks, leadership, risk, and precious metals.

How it will feel:

The Love Drama will continue this month. It starts with a bang on Sept 1st when Venus, still in her retrograde motion, meets up with hot and fiery mars in Leo. The combustion will take place in your love relationships and in your spending. The saying “all that glitters is not gold” is especially important on this day – and sometimes real gold doesn’t even glitter! We will be looking for love and money in all the wrong places. Mind you, it may feel extremely good… so if your goal is to get something that feels good but that may have a huge cost and won’t last – go for it!

Why? Venus Retrograde conjunct Mars in Leo

Powerful urge to analyse and transform

What to expect: The need to analyse all areas of life.

What to watch out for: Trying to fit things that don’t belong into a project plan.

Who and what does it affect: Our ego, psyche.

How long is this happening? Sept 5.

On Sept 5th, the Sun will trine Pluto and create a day of intensity. It’s a day we’ll obsess with hardcore analysis over every detail. We’ll make pros and cons lists, we’ll Excel spreadsheet it, we might even run some statistics (regressions and other formulas). But emotions are not easily managed and are often a lot messier than the well-planned-out Sun and Pluto, currently in Earth signs, would like. Letting yourself get a little messier will help the transformation. Even just allowing yourself to see how the mess doesn’t fit into your spreadsheet may be insightful.

Why? Sun trine Pluto in Earth signs.

Surveying the relationship damage

What to expect: Relationship and money drama ends.

What to watch out for: Some final drama.

By Sept 6th, Venus will go direct, leaving in its wake all the damage. It’s time to finally say good-bye to it or see what it’s worth.

There is some tension with our motivations and our old childhood wound. Additionally, there is tension with our values and power structures. We may see a considerable amount of drama which could show up as passive aggression, a throwback to both childhood tantrums and cool, controlling power play dramas. Those controlling our heart strings or purse strings will be involved.

Why? Mars, Chiron, Venus, and Pluto will be tense in the days surrounding the direct motion of Venus.


32360258_sSecond Week in September


What to expect: Breakthroughs.

What to watch out for: Fanning flames out of control.

Who and what does it affect: Insights, creativity, sports, and innovations.

How long is this happening? Sept 8th

On Sept 8th, when Mars trines Uranus, we will be having some dramatic breakthroughs. Both are in fire signs, so be careful of the fires you start; it may be difficult to put out the flames. This warning applies to both the emotional and the mundane level (so if you’re late summer camping and the area says “no fires,” don’t light a fire!).

The talons will come out

What to expect: Harsh words, words that have impact.

What to watch out for: Road rage, backhanded comments, passive aggressiveness, and grudges.

Who and what does it affect: Communications, travel plans, negotiations, and balance of power.

How long is this happening? On Sept 9th, Mercury will square Pluto. Mercury is in its shadow stage, getting ready to go retrograde. This transition means that Mercury will move back and forth, squaring Pluto a couple times over the next month before it moves on.

Expect to hear or say things that dig deep. They may come across like a backhanded comment. You’re not sure if you understood what you heard – it might take you a moment to realize that the claws have dug in deep because Mercury in Libra is not always direct. It’s got a frenemy feel to it.

New Moon Solar Eclipse

What to expect: The unexpected.

What to watch out for: Holding on to old structures, roles, guilt, and perfectionism.

Who and what does it affect: Old wounds and childhood patterns.

How long is this happening? The days surrounding the 13th.

September 13th is a New Moon Solar Eclipse and this one is happening in Virgo. It packs a punch! Here’s the thing: the Sun and Moon will be opposite Chiron. This is how Virgo is. Virgo loves to be needed, to take care. They love a messy situation just so they can swoop in and be the saving grace. If you’re a hot mess, Virgo is the loving stable shoulder upon which you can lean your head. Virgo will tell you not to worry when things get hard. They will take on the worry for you and, in the process, they will discard their own lives, their own hopes, and their own sense of self. They have mistakenly defined their sense of self in shouldering a role that involves taking everything on. This solar eclipse will help us to see the ways in which we have all been doing this in our own lives. It will challenge us to step out, be ourselves, and to nurture others in healthier ways. But boy will this be painful! That’s Chiron’s nature. But Chiron, also called the Wounded Healer, has just the kind of pain we need. It’s a small pebble thrown at you if that’s all you need to get your attention and it’s a large brick if you’re a little denser. But rest assured, this eclipse will “eclipse” someone or something that is just not needed any more from your life, so that you can live more fully. Maybe someone is now capable and has left the nest – it’s possible that this leaves you without a role. Now you need to find someone or something new to project that role onto. Or you could try being your authentic self without a role. There is some tension to this eclipse from Uranus, so you can expect a rude awakening or a lightning bolt of insight. Just don’t try to ignore it – doing so may lead to unconscious eruptions that are even more painful.


43779832_sThird Week in September

Mercury Retrograde – AGAIN!

What to expect: Trouble with all things related to communication – travel, contracts, emails, and text messages.

What to watch out for: Pushing forward with new plans instead of reviewing old ones.

Who and what does it affect: Relationships, negotiations, mediations, and legal battles.

How long is this happening? Sept 17th – Oct 9th.

Mercury goes retrograde on Sept 17th, pushing us into a three week period in which we will have some time to review our thoughts, our perceptions, and all of our communications. Frustrations will mount if you try to push forward. If things start to go awry, take a step back and review instead.

A little too much optimism and self-belief

What to expect: Overly optimistic thinking.

What to watch out for: The things we think we know.

Who and what does it affect: Plans, critical thinking, belief systems, and the collective unconscious.

How long is this happening? The days surrounding the 17th.

Jupiter is also opposite Neptune on the same day that Mercury goes retrograde. Our idealism is heightened and we might become heavily attached to our spiritual beliefs. It’s not a day to take risks as our thinking is REALLY not clear.

Two and a half years of lessons in Sagittarius

What to expect: Lessons and reform in education, foreign investments, religious institutions, publishing, and travel.

What to watch out for: Issues in these areas start to show up in the news or in our lives .

Who and what does it affect: Areas that are outdated and no longer work.

How long is this happening? Sept 17th for 2.5 years until December 19, 2017.

Saturn is moving back into Sagittarius, leaving behind the lessons it has imposed on power structures, pensions, insurance, mining, and sexuality. The lessons in these areas may now see reform in the form of new laws. Saturn will now move on to do its audit on education, foreign investments, religious institutions, publishing, travel, and the courts while in Sagittarius.

37103107_sLast Week in September

Possibility for love and money finally working

What to expect: A breakthrough with respect to our values centered on love and money.

What to watch out for: Being too guarded.

Who and what does it affect: Love, money, and any ideas and beliefs regarding these values.

How long is this happening? Sept 22 – 24th.

On Sept 22nd, Venus will trine Uranus. Throughout August, Cupid sent off a lot of crooked, broken, and sometimes resembling boomerang arrows. Now on the 22nd, Cupid will finally hit his mark. We’ll feel a little cautious and a little suspicious and guarded though. The Sun’s sextile Saturn and conjunct the North Node, will make us more concerned about a commitment and something that is in line with our purpose and helping us grow as individuals. Mercury is still retrograde and squaring Pluto on the 24th so those backhanded comments and frenemy attacks can start to fly again.

Spinning our wheels

What to expect: Things not working as we expected.

What to watch out for: Holding on to the old ways of doing thing.

Who and what does it affect: Actions, motivations, beliefs, planning, organizing, and budgets.

How long is this happening? Days around Sept 24th.

On Sept 24th, The need to plan things out and taking our time becomes strong. We might be pushing forward but it feels like we are spinning our wheels. The problem is we may be plotting along, stuck in our old rigid belief systems of how things get done. Now is a time to go even slower and to question our beliefs about how things get done.

Why? Mars goes into Virgo and will square Saturn now in Sagittarius.

Sneak peek into new directions

What to expect: Things that are hidden coming to light.

What to watch out for: Expecting things to change right away.

Who and what does it affect: New structures around marriage, relationships, the institution of marriage, and the beliefs systems around relationships.

How long is this happening? 25-26th

Pluto goes direct on the 25th, so some messiness around power structures, authority, other conventional wisdom might pop up as the god of the underworld pulls a U turn and starts going in the other direction. Secrets might come to light. There might be a scapegoat that gets tossed into the world stage to help deflect from responsibility. We are a more educated society these days so when Saturn sextiles the North Node by the 26th, we may have some insights into how we need to change and reform.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

What to expect: Words that threaten to start wars.

What to watch out for: Knee jerk reactions.

Who and what does it affect: Our passions, our sense of self, relationships, fairness, or our sense of fairness.

How long is this happening? Days around Sept 27th.

On Sept 27th, the Full Moon will be in Aries. It’s connected to the South Node (which represents the past), so past wars will be highlighted. At the opposite side is the Sun conjunct Mercury. Mercury conjunct the Sun can lack objectivity in terms of thinking and perceptions. Because Mercury is also retrograde, we can expect words and thoughts that are deceptive, two-faced, and prone to error and misunderstandings. For this reason you will need to take a step back before you armor up and start the charge!


Read what’s in store for your sign (don’t forget to read your ascendant sign)


Aries: A solar eclipse in the 6th house brings about a health issue or a work issue. If you’re ignoring a work issue, it might show up as a health issue. It’s time to pay attention to your health and set powerful intentions for balance. Mercury retrograde in 7th house brings up missed communications with relationships and partnerships. I know it may seem annoying, but double checking the meaning of what was said will save you a lot of trouble. The Lunar Eclipse in 1st house brings about the end of your lonely days or the ones you’ve been creating because of your need to express or work on yourself alone. You might not let someone in immediately, but this is a start.

Taurus: The solar eclipse in 5th house has you planning for a baby, a creative project, or a new sport. Mercury retrograde in 6th house helps you to review your diet. Do you need a vegetarian diet, need to pay closer attention to your macros or just need more B6? These areas come up for review. You may also have to retest for any health tests. Testing errors are possible. The Lunar Eclipse in 12th house brings an end to a coaching or psychotherapy relationship. You’re feeling like you’re now coming out of the dark. Yeah!

Gemini: Solar eclipse in 4th house. You may start thinking about moving or just move suddenly. Mercury retrograde in 5th house has you standing there, wondering where the rest of the team for your final match is or waiting at the wrong school to pick up your children. The Lunar Eclipse in 11th house brings about the end of some friendships, associations, or the need for them to change in some fundamental way. Don’t be afraid to let go of things that are no longer working.

Cancer: Solar eclipse in 3rd house brings a new beginning with a neighbour or a sibling. You’re likely making a commitment to heal those relationships in some important way. Does the fence one half an inch on your property really matter or is it the fact that you can’t stand your sister’s husband worth you losing touch with them? The eclipse will help to sort this out. Mercury retrograde in 4th house brings up communication issues related to your parents or your childhood home. Now is the time to review how things have been working over the last couple of months. The Lunar eclipse in 10th house brings about an end to a career situation. Maybe your boss leaves, creating a gaping hole on the team, and maybe it’ll provide an opportunity for you to end your days as an employee and finally become a boss!

Leo: Solar eclipse on Sept 13th in 2nd house of personal worth and finance brings about new beginnings with your personal finances. Do not make major decisions or sign big deals during this month, but do welcome any new direction with a certain level of commitment. The Mercury retrograde is in 3rd house of local travel, communication, and siblings. Expect some miscommunication or interruptions in these areas during the retrograde and consider it a time for review. The Lunar eclipse on Sept 27th in 9th house brings about convocation, commencement, or rite of passage.

Virgo: The Solar eclipse is on Sept 13th in 1st house of self presentation. You are embarking on a new definition of yourself. Mercury retrograde in 2nd house of personal resources causing mix-ups with your personal resources. Schedule payments or collections ahead of time and take care to review your budget closely. Lunar eclipse in 8th house in the house of transformation brings about a culmination of a divorce, inheritance, or psychological insight.

Libra: The Solar eclipse in 12th house of the unconscious making it a good time to embark on sharing your secrets. Find a trusted adviser or counselor. Mercury retrograde in 1st house of personal presentation causes you to be off a little later this month. Take the time to review how you are coming across to others. The Lunar eclipse in the 7th house of relationships brings about the end to a relationship situation. This may end an issue in the relationship – or it may end the relationship all together.

Scorpio: The Solar eclipse in 11th house brings about new associations. Now is a good time to join a community, tribe, or humanitarian organization. Mercury retrograde in 12th house. You may have a case of Tourette’s syndrome as unconscious material pops out of your mouth. Use this information to review your psychological health. Lunar eclipse in 6th house brings about the end to a health situation, either by bringing something that has been hard to diagnose to light or by an end to the health situation all together.

Sagittarius: The Solar eclipse in 10th house brings about new beginnings in your career. You may land a new job or reach a level of recognition this month. Mercury’s retrograde in 11th house signals a need to review your politics and your associations. You may need to upgrade the kinds of conversations you’re having. Lunar eclipse in 5th house brings about the culmination of a creative endeavor. You may have an unveil, a debut, or a birth.

Capricorn: Solar eclipse in 9th house sees you making plans for a new learning experience, whether it is through education or an adventure abroad. Mercury retrograde in 10th house cautions to check everything before you send it out. Mistakes can lead to an embarrassing and very public situation. Lunar eclipse in 4th house brings about an ending in a home situation. Maybe the stress related to a parent ends in some way. You may finally finish those renovations or maybe you’ll just decide to move.

Aquarius: The Solar eclipse in 8th house brings about a situation related to shared resources. It may be a divorce, an inheritance issue, or fights with your spouse about your guarded-ness. Whatever is happening on the surface has deeper psychological reasons that have nothing to do with what appears. Mercury retrograde in 9th house has you questioning your beliefs, which is a good thing. Take the time to check your perceptions and how they influence your thinking. Lunar eclipse in 3rd house brings about an ending to the way you communicate. Also don’t let anger get you so worked up that you jump in your car and drive like a crazy person – it won’t go so well.

Pisces: Solar eclipse in 7th house brings about a new relationship or partnership. Mercury retrograde in 8th house cautions you to check your current insurance policies, credit cards, and tax issues. If anything comes up, you’ll need to take your time to check out everything for errors. Lunar eclipse in 2nd house brings an ending to a financial situation. Perhaps you’re finally done with that debt or conversely a source of income comes to an end. Whichever way the situation develops, it is highly reflective of your self-worth.


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