September 2014 Horoscope

Fear and love… aren’t they a paradox!In the words of Morchebba, “fear can stop you loving… love can stop your fear… but it’s not always that clear.” September starts with Mercury moving into Libra. Talk of love and relationships will be steep in our conversations for the next couple of weeks or so. Venus moves into Virgo on September 5th bringing out our practicality in both relationships and our finances. Should I love? Should I spend? Is this practical? But are these questions cloaked in fear?

Mercury and Pallas are moving through Libra in September. They come up against the slow moving planets, Pluto and Uranus, and square off against Juno. Relationships are changing and the tension is creating an ability to see new patterns and communicate in new ways. Though things are tense, Libra gives the ability to see all sides of a situation. Libra will push for fairness though, so don’t be surprised if there are a few intense conversations during the first couple of weeks of Sept. On September 6th, Chiron, the wounded healer, will be trine both Vesta and Juno, forming a grand trine. A grand trine is just what it sounds like: a big triangle in the sky formed by the planets wherein there are 120o between each other. So much healing (Chiron) is been happeningin our passions (Vesta), and committed relationships (Juno); by the end of the month, we will be feeling more committed to a new way of being in relationships.

At the beginning of September, the Sun and Venus are moving through Virgo . As such, they’ll be forming nice aspects to Juno, Pallas, and Mercury. We’re using that Virgo energy to clear away the clutter. We are beautifying and organizing and, as we work, things are becoming crystal clear. You may have some aha! moments and you might even realize that you knew all of this before, but there is something different about it now. It’s a deeper understanding. For example, maybe you knew that you always attracted men like your father in relationships, but a whole new understanding about that dynamic emerges.

On Sept 7th, the Sun is opposite Chiron and old wounds may re-emerge. Uranus will also square Juno on the same day. Juno is in Cancer and has an emotional need for closeness. When she doesn’t get her needs met, she can be clingy, bitchy, and moody – and, in a square to Uranus, it might come out in extreme emotions! It could also show up in the exact opposite way with a compete and total withdrawal of emotion.

There is always one planetary aspect that leads to a doorway through difficult situations.This September, that aspect is Jupiter sextile Pallas. Have you ever seen the painting A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat? It’s a pointillist painting. Pointillism, a style of art,uses dots. The painting is in the Chicago Art institute and if you’ve never seen it, it’s a must see. Stand close and all you see are perfectly round, coloured dots, but stand far away and you see a masterpiece. One may ask themselves:how did he know where to put the dot and what colour to choose? It’s a scene that brings out not just the sublime but also the multidimensional aspect. This is what the energy of Jupiter and Pallas will be like at this time. Getting close will help you see the patterns and pixels of the problem. But then stand back. It will help you to see the big picture and something much more than you could ever expect will emerge.

The culmination of all of this will come the next day on the full moon. The Moon will be full in Pisces and conjunct Chiron. When the Moon is full, the Sun is in opposition to it. Nothing obscures the sun’s reflection on the surface of the moon. It’s why we see the moon as big and glowing. The Sun in this aspect represents an area that will need to be integrated. The Sun will be sextile Juno so we can integrate relationships with our sense of being. It will also be sextile Vesta so our passions can also be included. The Sun at the full moon is at the Sabian symbol representing ‘a volcano erupting’. Additionally, Uranus is throwing some stubbornness into the whole energy pattern. As the Sun’s lava at the full moon hits the Moon and Chiron in water, it might be quiescent or highly explosive. If, however, there are massive eruptions, they will be incredibly relieving. As the lava spills over and rolls through the hills and valleys the next day, we may become obsessed with certain ideas. We may try to force them on others, but introspection is a better way to use the energy. If there is anything that needs to be released, Pluto in a trine to Ceres the same day will help us with the process of letting go.

Mercury still in Libra will sextile Jupiter in Leo on the Sept 10th. This positioning gives us a chance to envision our hopes and dreams in greater detail. In the words of Shakespeare, “all the world’s a stage.” It’s a sonnet with illusion and disillusion both of which can creep in on the same day as Venus is opposite Neptune. Look instead for inspiration…. you do get to create it (life, that is) as you like it! On Sept. 11th, Mercury will conjunct Pallas and new ideas might spark up. You may have conversations and mid-sentence realise it’s in fact an ‘ahha!’ moment. It’s a good idea to talk to as many people as possible right now – get your ideas out. This will help to solidify any learning that has been happening in the last little while. The Sun is sextile Saturn the same day, so you may even make a commitment to a particular path and, as you commit to that path, you start to understand yourself more and feel more comfortable within.

Learning about yourself doesn’t just happen. There are four stages of learning, the first of which is unconsciously incompetent. Then consciously incompetent, consciously competent, unconsciously competent. Depending on your level of development and consciousness, you will handle the energy on Sept 13th differently. Mars will move into Sagittarius on that day and everyone will be feeling restlessness to one degree or another. Risk taking, interest in pursuing ideas and sharing them will increase. Mercury will oppose Uranus on the same day, so insights can come to us quickly. We might also have foot in mouth syndrome. This is where our level of consciousness and skill will come in. Uranus and Pluto are still dancing in a close square with one another so any aspect to these guys is likely to bring about drama. If you find yourself grasping to take back words that are floating out of your mouth, you may need to work a little more on your consciousness raising.

Also on the 13th, Saturn will conjunct Vesta. This positioning provides immense intensity to the energy of Saturn in Scorpio and we might be feeling a strong sense of responsibility and restriction with respect to our passions. Saturn trine Juno will help us to commit to them. This move is not without a great deal of emotion – Jupiter is square to Ceres and we might find ourselves trying to manage our large emotions with one oral fixation or another (smoking or eating). Practicing EFT (emotional freedom technique) or CBT (cognitive behaviour technique) is a better way to manage large emotions.

As soon as we commit to this new direction, some restructuring may be needed. Venus trine Pluto and sextile Saturn this month will help with that adjustment. We are building something that will endure. Saturn in Scorpio has a healthy skepticism and lends some strategy to the endeavor. It also helps to set up good financial boundaries and structures, ensuring the enduring.

Sept 17th may be a day of information overload. Uranus will oppose Pallas and information might get scrambled which might be a good thing if we are forging forward with new ideas and leading new unconventional paths. It might be a chance to use that EFT to permanently change our neural pathways. This change is great if we have been stuck in old patterns that are holding us back. Mercury conjunct the North Node on the same day promises a day of embarking on new and positive paths. We may however need to do some weeding to get rid of relationships that no longer serve us. Venus opposite Chiron will help us to do so. It’s important to listen without interrupting when we are having those relationship conversations as Mercury squares Juno that day as well. We might find ourselves fighting to get our point across and you want to make sure that any decisions about friends and partners are made with clear understandings, not just assumptions. In the midst of all of this, we also need to think about the children. The healing continues when Chiron sextiles Ceres on the 19th. One thing that children like is stability. The combination of Venus sextile Saturn will provide some stability and good judgment will help with that healing process by the 21st.

Mar is Square to Neptune on Sept 21st. It’s a bit of a sketchy transit, one where we might feel tired. So much change has been going on that I wouldn’t be surprised if the expression of this transit is just pure and simple exhaustion. It’s definitely not a day to start new endeavours. There is another reason to take a pause on the 21st. Pluto goes direct on Sept 22nd and with that forward motion increases the transformation. Pluto is in Capricorn, changing the structures of our system. All institutions’ have been feeling it, including government, business, education, and even the institution of marriage. The Sun will enter Libra on the same day, so the energy will move toward finding a balance in our lives.

The new moon on the 24th is in Libra and widely conjunct Venus. This new moon will be a good time to set intention in our relationship. Sept. has provided us with so much assessment of our relationships and commitments that we will now know exactly how to phrase our intentions. They will be so clear that the universe will have no confusion about bringing them into being. Venus is in a sextile to Juno and Vesta . We now have a chance to integrate the feminine (Venus) and our work and passions (Vesta) with our identity as lovers and partners (Juno) – and do so without conflict. Wow! That’s good news. Say good bye to frazzled Superwoman. Jupiter trine Uranus will get us out of our old thinking rut, pushing us into new and inventive ways of living.

 Read what’s in store for each sign:

Aries: Maybe you’ve been expecting your hubby to be provider. Isthat a natural role? Or an imposed one? This month you will seek new ways to ensure secure foundations without society’s imposed rules! Shared resources, the way they come about, and how they are valued/shared will be a part of the conversation.

Taurus: Do you feel like you’re always trying to pull teeth to have a conversation in your relationship? Your way of relating will be challenged this month. Confrontations are on par for the course. You might be saying good-bye to anything or anyone that doesn’t work. Check your communication style first to make sure that you’re coming across in ways that are engaging rather than dismissive.

Gemini: Do you need to have something that only you own to give yourself value in your relationships? If you have been feeling a lot of demands without recognition, assess how well you have been holding and tooting your own horn. If you are letting others take credit for your work or your contribution, it’s time to stop. If it’s a team effort, make sure your name shows up in the credits – and not in small print.

Cancer: Sometimes in order to express yourself fully, you need to be seen. This month you will realize how having someone in your corner cheering you on is important to your identity. That person could be your partner or it could be supportive kids. Conflicts that arise in these areas are smoothed out successfully with a little effort. You realize that you don’t need to lose yourself, but instead can find yourself through your important relationships. They just need to be the right ones.

Leo: You may be dealing with some Karmic debt in your relationships right now. You might be dealing with dependencies that are reminiscent of childhood matters. Did you have role reversal with your parents? Power dynamics may be smoothed out and brought to balance. It’s likely to be one that’s been traveling through your lineage – and you have the opportunity to correct it once and for all. You may benefit from the help of a therapist or even a spiritual teacher.

Virgo: Is your partner and lover also your friend? This is what you need right now. Someone to whom you can also talk. Someone who, when the sparks dies down for a while, is still someone you like being around. You are redefining what a partner means to you and healing how you relate to, or maybe even how you chose, partners. The biggest correction happens in the area of communication. You are starting to realize that there is a different way to speak and listen and it’s making you reconsider your communication style.

Libra: You might be feeling a little married to your career at the moment. Maybe you are working hard to make a go of something – maybe it’s a business or a new career. This month, you’re learning the meaning of “work smart, not hard.” It’s a lesson that’s not easy for you. You may be looking skeptically at books like The 4-Hour Work Week. Maybe you need to clear out old value systems, ones that say that money only comes if you work hard.

Scorpio: Right now you may be realizing a need for a spiritual/philosophical connection in your relationships. The craving for deeper meaning will help to push you toward a deeper contemplation and introspection. Connect with your inner child to understand. Don’t be afraid to have full out conversations to find out what you inner little one needs. Deeper and more spiritual connections with others are possible only when you have learned to have a deeper connection with yourself.

Sagittarius: You are being challenged to heal your trust issues. Perhaps they stem from your childhood. Say the mantra (connected to the root chakra): “I have everything I need, all of my needs are met” as you walk through your day. Notice what happens when you are connected to the mantra. There is some unconscious clutter that can emerge right now to allow you to better trust both yourself and others.

Capricorn: You can’t deny your hopes and dreams any longer. You’re gonna need to speak up. You may not be steady on your feet yet in terms of yourself expression. Taking a course or working with a speech coach can work wonders – wonders from which your relationships will really benefit. You’ll start to realize that you can have it all. All you have to do is speak up and express your needs and feelings.

Aquarius: You have been juggling all the balls in the relationship. You’re feeling like you need a little more balance in the sharing of responsibilities. Actually, you might be doing quite well now in your career and haven’t adjusted to the idea that you can hire help. The idea of delegating might feel unbalancing and maybe even too expensive. Now is the time to do a cost benefit analysis and to work with your money issues related to abundance and living well.

Pisces: Joint parenting brings about a sense of fulfillment for you this month and it is also a source of healing. As you express yourself within this joint relationship, it helps to free up your sense of individuality. You’re healing your beliefs around who you are and who you need to be. What you contribute and how you’re able to give and receive, both from your children and from your co-parent, may shift for the better. You may find that familial conflicts are considerably lessened by the end of the month.




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