November Horoscope 2016

November Horoscope 2016

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Oct 31 – Nov 6

Lessons learned

What to expect: Insight
What to watch out for: Losing perspective
What will it affect? Communication, ego/soul growth

The first couple of days of November, between the 1st and 3rd, we are tapped into the collective consciousness. All the world’s a classroom and we all have lessons to learn. In those lessons we can find inspiration, intuitive guidance and vision for the future, but we have to listen. The problem is that lessons spring to the surface and then quickly submerge again. To add to it, November 2nd is a bit of an awkward day. We have a need for freedom and expressing ourselves, but we may feel that we are unable to. This results in frustration and leads us to search for fulfillment through others, such as our children. There may be a tendency to be a bit manipulative, but if we approach things honestly, it is also a good time to research, investigate and get to the heart of things. The beauty of this transit it that we are not just learning, we are becoming wise… and in the words of Confucius “By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.” Now we have the opportunity to learn by reflection… The trick of getting those lessons to stay on the surface and gel is to journal…My advice. Get a beautiful book with quality paper and write it out with intentionality…..Journal, journal, journal.

Why? Neptune Opposition North Node, Sun Trine Neptune Sun Sextile North Node, Mars Square Ceres, Mercury Sextile Pluto

Wonder Twin Power – Activate!

What to expect: dynamic duos
What to watch out for: doubting unlikely combo’s
What will it affect? Relationships, money, healing

The days from Nov 3 – 4th are good for planning your relationships. If you are business planning, you can connect with your business partner, collaborate and come up with a strategy for forward movement. It’s also a time when we will become acquainted with other’s values, beliefs and perspectives. It might come up unexpectedly and you may also discover that your philosophies do not jive. On the other hand, you may discover that even though you have divergent philosophies, an opportunity exists to blend them for projects and for monetary investments. What emerge now are the opportunities to find common ground and hybrid solutions. The trick is not to force it. If something doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. If something works that seemingly shouldn’t, don’t pull it apart because of your doubts.

Why? Venus Sextile Pallas, Venus Square Chiron, Venus Trine Uranus

Out of Context

What to expect: Misunderstandings
What to watch out for: Stubbornness
What will it affect? Thoughts, relationships, early wounds, patterns of thought

From Nov 5 -6 we may miscalculate the impact of our words. Something might be said or we may hear something that we take completely wrong or out of context. The chances are high that we will also get very fixed in whatever we thought we heard or whatever we intended to say. On the same day Juno, the partnership asteroid, will move into Sagittarius, empowering our need to have other agree with us or see things our way. Flexibility of thought, what you thought you heard or what you thought you said is the key. Get out the journal again. This can really help in getting to the heart of matters and to getting your emotions out of the way before you speak your words.

Why? Mercury Square Transiting Pallas, Mercury Trine Transiting Chiron, Juno Entering Sagittarius

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Nov 7 – 13th

Doing it Together

What to expect: Team Work
What to watch out for: Team Activities
What will it affect? Relationships

Our spirits soar on Nov 7th, but only if we engage in activities that feed our sense of adventure. Time spent with partners is best focused on activities that challenge personal boundaries. Experiences like the Amazing Race, or doubles tennis, where you need to work as a team to win, help to bring about transformation within our personality. They lead us to a period of inner growth and development.

Why? Sun Sextile Pluto, Venus Trine Ceres

Innovative Solutions

What to expect: Innovative Ideas
What to watch out for: Doubting
What will it affect? Business, Money, Innovation

On Nov 8th Mars enters into Aquarius and stays there until the middle of December. This is a time when we are motivated by change and progress. By the 11th Venus will move into Capricorn, shifting our focus towards achievement, business acquisition and collaborations that are focused on securing position or status, but also gel in vision and philosophy. Can we be humanitarian and still make money? The answer is yes and new social entrepreneurship models and solutions, likely involving social media, may emerge at this time.

Why? Mars Entering Aquarius, Venus Entering Capricorn, Mars Sextile Juno

Discovering our Limits

What to expect: Personal Contradictions
What to watch out for: Personal truths
What will it affect? Ego, Beliefs, Wounds

We may be faced with discrepancies or contradictions within ourselves on Nov 12th. How much do we alter ourselves in the attempt to try to discover ourselves? How far must we go outside of our patterns to see, let alone comprehend, our patterns? How much do we alter ourselves in trying to be what others – relationships, work, and social networks – want or need us to be? We have access to energy that taps into truths at this time and helps us come to conclusions that define where our boundaries lie. An exploration of philosophical, legal or religious doctrine can help to define who we are to ourselves.

Why? Sun Square Pallas, Sun Trine Chiron, Mercury Entering Sagittarius

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Nov 14th – 20th

Full Moon in Taurus

What to expect: High expectations
What to watch out for: Disappointment
What will it affect? Relationships, commitments

On Nov 14th the full moon is in Taurus. This Full Moon sits in a jewel shop with the most magnificent jewels…. well at least according to the sabian symbol for the degree this Full Moon sits on. The problem is that the full moon is also square to Pallas in Aquarius. Promises made at this time seem attractive, but may lead to disappointment. On the same day Mercury is conjunct with the marriage asteroid Juno, both of which are in the bachelorette sign of Sagittarius. It’s not that we are unable to commit, but that we need more than ever to bond through our shared beliefs, shared philosophies and shared need for freedom. Strangely enough we may share the same need, but arrive at very different ideas of what that looks like. The good news is that we won’t waste much time in making a final decision. We are decisive and quick to make our assessments and move on to the next. If it’s not right, it’s not right.

Why? Full Moon at 22°Ta37′, Mercury Conjunction Juno, Mercury Sextile Mars, Mercury Trine Transiting Vesta, Mars Opposition Transiting Vesta

Avoid Decisions

What to expect: False information
What to watch out for: Missing details
What will it affect? Communications, contracts

Nov 17th and 18th communication can be tricky. It’s also a pivotal time for decision making. However, communications are likely to be riddled with missing, misleading or outright false information. It will be important not to take anything at face value. Verify terms and conditions, repeating back and checking on what was said and what was understood, and checking for what was intentionally not said will all be useful strategies at this time.

These couple of days are best to avoid big business transactions or agreement.

Why? Mercury Square North Node, Uranus Sextile Pallas, Mercury Square Neptune

Suspending our Disbelief

What to expect: Overlooking things
What to watch out for: Blinders
What will it affect? Relationships, Money, Direction

Neptune goes direct on Nov 19th. When in direct motion, Neptune once again suspends our disbelief. We are swept yet again into fantasy, action, feats of bravery, we are asked to gloss over facts, excuse inconvenient truths, and be selective in our attention. In truth… ignorance is sometimes bliss. And we may wholehearted need a break from reality. Reality, as they say, sucks! Neptune turns on its heels and heads back in a direct motion, blowing kisses to Venus. Venus has just finished getting her bearings from the North Node and so knows just how to react and respond. If you’re wondering where she got the answer… and where you might too, go back in your journal and check what you wrote at the beginning of the month. Even if you are glossing over reality, at least it’s in service of moving forward. Maybe you decide to overlook someone’s minor flaws. The trick to knowing if it’s right, even though it’s wrong, is listening to and following your heart. And in the words of Selena Gomez, the heart wants what it wants.

Why? Neptune Stationary, Venus Sextile Neptune, Venus Trine North Node

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Nov 21th – 27th

The Truth of Others

What to expect: Opposing beliefs
What to watch out for: Common ground
What will it affect? Relationships, projects

The sun moves into Sagittarius on Nov 21. All year we have been questioning our beliefs and are surprised to discover what others really think. Being forced to make a stand for what we believe has brought to the surface for all to see who we really are. As long as we’ve been able to keep things on the surface, we have been able to maintain friendship, but finding out someone is a trump supporter, a Brexit supporter, a Dakota Rock supporter, a black lives matter supporter or the opposite has caused some friendships and associations to prune. The problem is that we have not been willing to listen to each other. However, at this time we have the opportunity to join together with others, express our passions and learn with tolerance and acceptance. Though we may be very opinionated and direct with our ideas, we are open to finding common ground. The most productive groups are those that have a change agent visionary and a naysayer skeptic who is willing to challenge popular ideas. Right now we are blessed to have both. One that is able to envision a way to nurture change with innovation and actionable, impactful steps and the other, with Mercury conjunct with Saturn on the 23rd , helping us to be realistic, concentrated in our efforts, and sure that we are not making mistakes or wasting our time. The trick to maximizing this energy is to blending the energies and look for the best in both.

Why? Sun Entering Sagittarius, Vesta Trine Juno, Mercury Sextile Jupiter, Pallas Sextile Ceres Mercury Conjunction Saturn

Balancing Large Structures

What to expect: Need for change
What to watch out for: Power struggles
What will it affect? Government, Large institutions, Status Quo

On Nov 24/25th Venus will Conjunct Pluto and the two will square Jupiter. Jupiter is in Libra right now, striving for balance. One thing that is often overlooked about Libra is just how far it will go to achieve what it sees as balance. Money will be a huge focus right now. Who has the money, how are they using it and how does balance need to be restored? There is an opportunity right now to transform large institutions, Governments, old patriarchal structures and structures that have maintained the status quo. Problems related to overconfidence and power struggles may arise. Those who hold the power don’t want to give it up. Those striving for change will push harder. This is also a throwback to the Pluto Uranus square between 2011 and 2015. Where are we now? How far have we come? How much change has been achieved? And is it fair? We revisit the progress we’ve made, brush off the dust and get back to addressing the necessary push for change.

Why? Jupiter Square Pluto, Venus Conjunction Pluto, Venus Square Jupiter

Unintended words

What to expect: Hurtful words
What to watch out for: Holding a grudge
What will it affect? Communication, nurturing, passions

On Nov 26th something gets said that opens a wide a wound. As we hear it, we may suddenly be paralyzed by our thoughts, or we may dig our heels in and refuse to budge. It seems that what comes up is a huge incongruence within us between spirituality and belief. Are we as broadminded as we thought? With a willingness to face our wounds added to a strong ability to nurture with just the right words, we are able to move through to other side. We may think we need something and are suddenly surprised that we don’t and that what we need is actually very different to what we thought. What we find is sudden access into a new world that truly nurtures us.

Why? Mercury Square Transiting Chiron, Mercury Trine Uranus, Mercury Trine Ceres, Sun Trine Vesta, Mercury Sextile Pallas

Nov 28 – Dec 4th

New Moon at 7°Sg42′

What to expect: Proposals
What to watch out for: Something missing
What will it affect? Relationships, money

The New Moon on Nov 29th is in Sagittarius. The New Moon conjuncts Juno, the asteroid associated with marriage. With a New Moon in Sagittarius, we have relationships that allow for a lot of freedom of movement and thought. Its a marriage that needs agreement in belief and direction, otherwise we may find our projects or processes opposed or resisted. By the same token, Venus will sextile Chiron and square Uranus, making the need for freedom and the likelihood of painful interactions likely. This is not just with personal relationships, but also business partnerships. We need a whole different approach to our personal interactions and this new moon will give us the opportunity to search for and make intentions for new and innovative partnerships. What we believe about relationships comes into question and is challenged. We have the willingness to move in a new direction. We are inspired by possibilities, and confused by options. We first need to figure out the new ways of meeting our own independence needs with our need to achieve and have stability. Sometimes we think we need a partner for this…. and this is exactly what comes into question.

Why? Sun Square North Node, Sun Conjunction Juno,Venus Sextile Chiron, Venus Square Uranus, Juno Square North Node, Sun Square Transiting Neptune, Venus Square Transiting Ceres

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