Jupiter Retrograde in Cancer; Business and Personal advice

13496710_sJupiter will be retrograde from Nov 7, 2013 – March 6, 2014

Jupiter turns retrograde today, November 7, and is currently in Cancer. Jupiter retrograde is a slowdown period and a time of inward looking. So this is a good time to reflect on all things Cancerian – your foundations, home or real estate, children, your parents and  anything related to food.  Jupiter is normally expansive, and during a retrograde, it’s not that it’s restrictive, it just turns its expansion inward. 

Jupiter retrograde is not a good time to launch  a new product or start a new business. It’s a time when people are spending less. Launching a business during Jupiter retrograde will be imprinted in the birth chart of the product or business; and guarded spending on your product or business may continue past the retrograde period. If you are not good at sales or you don’t have a partner or salesforce that are topnotch, take the time instead to pick up projects that you have dropped and complete them.  This is a good time to assess the foundations of your organization or team –  a great time for team-building. In fact, it would be a great time for executive coaching for the CEO, President or owner of a company who is represented by Jupiter in a business chart.

In general, it’s a great time to do an astrology reading, to seek out guidance from counsellors, spiritual guides, psychologists, coaches, tarot readers, etc., all of whom can give us helpful information to aid our inward reflection.

During Jupiter retrograde in Cancer, real estate may slow down and home-building or renovations may take more time. However, it might be a good time to buy as you may get good deals – as long as you take the time to do proper research. Jupiter retrograde will slow you down enough to do so,  anyhow.

Take time to cook from scratch. This will act almost like a meditation process.  Have long meals with the family. In fact, have meals with anyone you want to bond and reflect deeply with.  I once worked for a company that, because of space issues, did not have a lunch room at one of their locations. All other locations had solid bonded teams because they took the time to eat lunch together. The location without a lunch room struggled with coldness and lacked a sense of team. Managers ate at in their offices and staff went in the four directions at lunch.  The point: eating together is so important at the best of times, but if you can carve out the space during this retrograde-in-Cancer period, you will greatly benefit.

Jupiter will oppose Pluto January 31 and square Uranus February 26;  so during the retrograde period if you have planets or points at 10 – 12 degrees, you will feel deep reflection, transformation and revolution all at once in that area of your life. Expansion will happen after March 6, when Jupiter goes direct again, going over those points again.

Aries – Jupiter is retrograde in your 4th house. Deep reflection will happen around family and home.

Taurus – Jupiter is retrograde in your 3rd house. Spend time reflecting on your communication with family and with respect to your home.

Gemini – Jupiter is retrograde in your 2nd house. Spend time reflecting on how you’re spending money or using your resources as they pertain to family and your home.

Cancer – Jupiter is retrograde in your 1st house. Spend time reflecting on how you’re presenting yourself and your style.

Leo – Jupiter is retrograde in your 12th house. A great time to reflect on all those unconscious issues with childhood and family.

Virgo – Jupiter is retrograde in your 11th house. A great time to reflect on how you can have a deeper impact on the world.

Libra – Jupiter is retrograde in your 10th house. A great time to reflect on your parenting, management or leadership style.

Scorpio – Jupiter is retrograde in your 9th house. A great time for a pilgrimage or spiritual travel, maybe to the place of your roots.

Sagittarius – Jupiter is retrograde in your 8th house.  A great time for reflecting on details of an inheritance, bringing together resources to form a family or dissolving them, as in a divorce.

Capricorn – Jupiter is retrograde in your 7th house. A great time to reflect on your personal relationship or family business.

Aquarius – Jupiter is retrograde in your 6th house.  Reflect on your service to others or work habits. Consider also work-life balance.

Pisces – Jupiter is retrograde in your 5th house. Reflect on building or nurturing your family and children. Family planning may come into the picture.




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