Horoscope: Dec 31, 2018 – Jan 6, 2019

December 31 – Jan 6, 2019

Wrap Up 2018 and Plan 2019!

What to expect: Great Opportunity for Planning
What to watch out for: Pessimism
What will it affect? Projects, plans, getting things done

December 31 Mars enters into Aries. Mars feels very comfortable in Aries. It’s an action-oriented planet in an action-oriented sign! This gives us the energy to push through the last day of the year with anything we hoped to complete in 2018. Aries is the sign of the Entrepreneur. Sometimes we as entrepreneurs have so many ideas with so many directions that we fail to complete things. Take one of those unfinished projects, something you consider low hanging fruit, and complete it. Just remember not to be too hasty and rushed. Don’t sacrifice quality for quickness.

Even if you do rush, things will slow down. On January 1st the Sun will meet up with Saturn in a conjunction. This is great energy for organizing and delegating any work that needs to be done. If you’re a planner, and I hope you are, this is a great day to get out the calendar and plan things. Saturn and the Sun are in the sign of Capricorn and the combined the energy bring structure and the ability to construct solid foundations. It also gives us a slowed and pragmatic approach to our planning. This helps to ensure quality in our plans and approaches.

Why? Mars in Aries, Sun Conjunction Saturn

Vision and Hope

What to expect: Healing
What to watch out for: Fear and hurt
What will it affect? Inspiration, healing, relationships, collective wounds

On January 3rd, great ideas may come flooding in. Mercury the planet responsible for our thinking processes will make a trine to Uranus the planet of surprises, change, and flashes of insight. Mercury is in the last degrees of Sagittarius so our ideas may be very abstract and lofty. The way to make them doable is to share them. Bring on the inspiration. Bring on the evangelist within. Mercury will also be squaring Chiron in the last degrees of Pisces. This brings up a wound. It’s the collective wound. The wound we all feel. The one we all also feel is out of our reach to fix. Yet we can be inspired to let go of the pain surrounding it! And it’s this inspiration that can help us gain access to the fire within, igniting the passion for change. 2018 is done. It’s time to let go! It’s time to leave it in the past! What visions are you sharing that will inspire us on that path forward?

There is something else that is happening. Venus in Scorpio, Chiron in Pisces and the North Node in Cancer are forming a grand water trine. The grand trine provides an opportunity generally not taken advantage of unless there is tension or an impetus to do so. Uranus mentioned earlier as the planet of surprises, need for change and the flashes of insight, stations on the 5th and will go direct on the 6th. It’s been square to the north node for quite some time but now breaks the tension as it moves direct. The Sabian symbols for the north node is “An Indian girl introduces college boy-friend to her tribe”. The north node, Venus and Chiron want to heal relationships and the differences we experience in them. Does the tribe welcome the boyfriend with open arms? Or do they cast him and her with her new educated ways out? The opportunity is for us to be able to heal and accept differences. There is also an opportunity to heal our money wounds. The educated Indian girl can be seen as a threat. But the opportunity is to welcome her higher education and the opportunity it provides without it changing the values that are important to the tribe.

Why? Mercury Square Chiron, Mercury Trine Uranus, Mercury Trine Transiting Uranus, Venus Trine Transiting North Node, Venus Tri Chiron

New Moon Solar Eclipse

What to expect: Opportunity for intention setting
What to watch out for: unconscious false beliefs
What will it affect? Opportunities, goals, manifestations

Both Saturn and Pluto have settled into Capricorn. For the coming 2019 year, much of the themes we encounter will be Capricorn flavoured. Saturn and Pluto get a harsh rap. They operate in extremes. Pluto drags us through the underworld and turns us out. Saturn brings structure, lesson, and responsibility and is largely karmic. However, if we embrace these two when their energy is present, our lives definitely go much easier. For Pluto to be on your side, you need to step out like a warrior, ready for the hero’s journey it’s sure to bring. Viewed this way, any misfortune or challenge can be seen as character building and wisdom imbuing. On the other hand, for Saturn to work in our favour, we need to have done the work leading up to it. Saturn shouts at us to get down and give her 50! If you’ve done the work, even though those pushups are challenging, you’ll be doing them with one hand. If you haven’t done the work, like a drill sergeant, she’ll whip you into shape, but I promise, it will feel like death getting there. That’s why this particular New Moon is important. The New Moon on January 5th sits between these two, with each of them leaning in to add their flavor.

New Moons are times of intention setting, envisioning new projects, and turning over a new leaf. This New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse which gives it even more intention setting power. In what area of your life do you want to set intentions to welcome in structure and transformation?

When we think Capricorn the sign of this New Moon, we think of a stern fatherly energy. But it might surprise you to know that Capricorn is a feminine sign. Feminine signs are receptive, intuitive and inward-oriented. The energy is magnetic, drawing to it the circumstances it envisions. With Saturn’s Karmic energy leaning in, it has the power of manifestation. It is therefore important that we are careful in our construction of what we envision for manifestation at this time. The New Moon will sextile Neptune in Pisces which connects us deeply with spirit, intuition, creativity, and emotion. There is a very powerful key to manifestation. The key is to combine clear and well-defined goals with that spirit-filled, heartfelt emotion. The stumbling block is that Capricorn and Saturn can draw us into pessimism. Mercury now also in Capricorn also throws a damper on our thoughts. Now is the time for building our confidence and to speak what want with authority and confidence. To do this it will help to uncover any false core beliefs and clear them. My advice is to take the transformational energy that Pluto leans into the New Moon with to become clear on those internal false beliefs. Then through whatever means possible, transform the structure of those thoughts! Then and only then, set your intentions for the New Moon!

Why? Sun Sextile Neptune, Mercury Entering Capricorn, New Moon at 15°Capricorn, Partial Solar Eclipse