Horoscope: April 1 – 7, 2019

April 1 – 7th

Intuition and Inspiration!

What to expect: Healing
What to watch out for: Opportunities to write
What will it affect? Communication, healing, relationships, strategy

As the week begins Mercury, which recently went direct in the sign of Pisces, will conjunct Neptune. We’ll have a rich dream life this week. Look for any messages in your dreams that your unconscious mind may be trying to communicate to you. We are also deeply intuitive. This is a great time for writing poetry, or any other type of creative writing. It’s also good for visioning exercises. What do you want to create? How do you see yourself in 2 years, 5 years, 25yrs?

On March 3rd Mars will sextile Chiron the wounded healer currently in Aries. Mars is in the communication sign of Gemini. This adds to the energy by allowing us to use words and writing to release our thoughts and heal wounds. Mars in Gemini is also a bit chatty, so if we talk to others or even teach others, it can be quite healing to ourselves. As they say, you teach others sometimes what you need to learn. Mars in aspect to Chiron brings up warrior healing energy and so helping actions like these can be good for building self-esteem. Also, If you need to say something to someone, as John Mayer says “say what you need to say”. Pallas is in the relationship sign of Libra and is trine Juno the marriage and partnership asteroid in chatty Gemini. This is an amazing time to sit down with your partner to hash out any relationship issues and to build some strategy around how you want to work together. You can also use this energy with a coach, spiritual teacher or gurus which are also a type of relationship.

Why? Mercury Conjunction Neptune, Mars Sextile Chiron, Pallas Trine Juno

The New Moon in Aries

What to expect: Intention setting
What to watch out for: Imagined Limitations
What will it affect? Projects, business, travel

On April 5th, the New Moon is in Aries at 15 degrees. New Moons are a great time for setting intentions. This time focus your intentions on anything entrepreneurial. Aries energy is all about courageously going for it. It’s the doer. It’s the one that acts first and then thinks later. Aries is fairly unconcerned with consequences. For Aries, it’s okay to fail, but that’s not the plan! The New Moon is trine Ceres. Ceres is in Sagittarius and feels nurtured by adventure and freedom. This is a wonderful combination for entrepreneurial activities. It’s great energy if you want to embark on a path of higher learning. If so, now is the time to get clear with who what you want from the school you choose and what you envision for the teachers you will have.

Why? New Moon at 15°Aries, Sun Trine  Ceres

Start a project!

What to expect: Getting things done
What to watch out for: Intuition
What will it affect? Business, projects

On weekend, April 7th Mercury will sextile Saturn. Mercury is still in Pisces and Saturn is in Capricorn. This combination helps to ground our intuitive thoughts. We are able to view things with a deeply intuitive and critical eye.

Though I don’t often talk about the moon aspects in the horoscope, they are very important for initiating anything new. All thing initiated have a birth chart. Business, relationships, project, these will all do well if they are started with good energy behind them. This weekend the moon will be in earthy, grounded, does-well-with-money Taurus and will make amazing aspects to Venus, Mercury, Neptune, and Saturn. What intentions did you set on the New Moon? Is this weekend a good time to get started? Things that will do well include anything inspirational, healing, and musical. If you feel like this is good timing, trust your gut! It is! If you don’t have anything ready for launch, that’s okay, use the energy to plant!

Why? Mercury Sextile Transiting Saturn

Horoscope: March 25 – 31, 2019

March 25 – 31

Transcending our Resources

What to expect: Shifts in values
What to watch out for: unexpected shifts
What will it affect? Relationships, money, resources, all things of value

On March 26 Venus moves into Pisces focusing our values on the sublime. Anything that moves our spirit and helps us to transcend will become the focus. Relationships happen not just for the company but for purpose and spiritual growth. Money is not just for security but becomes worthless or priceless depending on its value in furthering our enlightenment.

Venus will then make a sextile to Uranus. Uranus is in Taurus unearthing our resources, but as Venus makes a sextile to it we have the opportunity to shift our values around resources to something more tactile yet ethereal. You may be asking yourself “what is money”? Money used to be coin and paper notes representing something concrete; gold bullions or reserves. Money then shifted over time. We no longer exchange coin or paper. Instead, we have cards and bank balances. Money also used to be independently controlled but then shifted to being centrally controlled through banks and governments. And in all of these shifts, we lost a real connection to it; the ability to see it, touch it, taste or smell it is now gone. Taurus loves the 5 senses and Pisces loves the 6th. We may never go back to holding and hiding our money neither in mattresses nor in a hole in the back yard. But, this energy opens us to unexpected inventions. What may emerge is something that lets us connect back to money more tangibly and with meaning.

Jupiter in Sagittarius will also sextile Pallas in Libra. Our beliefs and learning are expanding. And right now we are learning to have faith and to bring a strategic balance to all that we value.

Why? Venus Entering Pisces, Jupiter Sextile Pallas, Venus Sextile Transiting Uranus

Power and Belief

What to expect: Banding together
What to watch out for: Power struggle
What will it affect? Family, Generations, tribes, nations

Mercury Goes Direct on March 28th. Many will be breathing a sigh of relief. But not so quick! Neptune is in close conjunction with Mercury and will continue to be into next week. This concentrates the energy on spiritual thought, but also creates fog and confusion. The Sabian symbol for the degree they are both sitting at is “an Easter parade”. Parades happen to bring people together who think the same way, believe the same things and help express their collective pride. It’s a time for spiritual unity which might get confused with fanatical unity. This is because on the same day Pluto is opposite the North Node. Pluto is in Capricorn and has been shaking up things with governments, large corporations, and institutions that have been around for a long time. The thing is Pluto likes power, refuses to let go of power and will go down with the ship in order to hold onto it. Pluto in opposition to the North Node means that it’s conjunct the south node. The North Node and South nodes are polarity points. They sit opposite one another. They are also not planets but sensitive points associated with the moon. Also because of earth wobble, they are not consistent, they oscillate back in forth. So while March 28th is the day Pluto will be exactly opposite the mean North Node, it has in fact been in a dance with the true North node which moves back and forth. All that to say, this energy is in play all week.

The Nodes are karmic points. The North Node is what we should be working to incorporate more into our lives. The North Node is currently in Cancer, putting the focus on developing healthy family, tribal and generational connections. The South Node is in Capricorn. Capricorn is used to achievement and has difficulty letting go of the reigns. But with Pluto at the south node, it means an end to a power struggle.

As an example, just today I saw a new game called ‘Monopoly for Millennial; Forget Real Estate, You Can’t Afford it anyways’. Places on the board include living in your parent’s basement. Millennial bashing is a thing! And it may be that there are Baby Boomers, the ones who’ve held onto control for a long time, making this so. But it’s all smoke and mirrors. The south node in cancer is calling on the Boomers and Millennial to make nice. And it’s actually the Boomers – the Capricornian older generation that Pluto will be disruptive with. Power struggles can end in empowering and also unsettling ways. It’s up to us to decide.

Why? Mercury Stationary Direct, Pluto Opposition Transiting North Node

Remain Curious

What to expect: Mass movements
What to watch out for: unconscious actions
What will it affect? Strategy, transformation in big business, government, old traditional institutions

On March 30-31st Pluto squares Pallas and Pallas squares the North Node. This formation in Astrology is called a T-square. On one hand, Pallas in Libra is very concerned about a balanced approach to things. It’s about fairness in strategy and a gentle approach with a view of being liked. But Libra can also be war. She’s the iron fist in a velvet glove; she can be dogged and determined when pushed too far. As Pallas squares Pluto mass movements may emerge to address any power imbalances. With the nodes involved with both planetary bodies in a tense angle to the nodes, any organized movements that emerge will be out of sync with the North Nodes goal of healthy family, tribe and generation. Some more focus needs to be placed on understanding ourselves. What makes us who we are and what motivates us to action? We don’t have to change who we are, but we do need to come from our highest self.

Mars moved into Gemini on March 30th and will help if we allow it. When Mars is in Gemini, we are motivated by ideas, information, and learning. Curiosity without judgment is our best friend. If we can use this energy to remain curious about ourselves and others with the goal of expanding understanding, we are much better off.

Why? Mars Entering Gemini, Pluto Square Pallas, Pallas Square North Node

Horoscope: March 18 – 24, 2019

March 18 – 24

Happy Full Moon and Spring Solstice!

What to expect: Endings and beginnings
What to watch out for: Holding on
What will it affect? Wounds, transformation, new beginnings, direction

The Full Moon is on March 20th at 0°Libra. March 20th is also equinox; the first day of spring. This means at this particular Full Moon we are bringing something to completion and at the same time, something is initiated and begun!

The Sabian symbol for 0 Libra is “A butterfly made perfect by a dart through it.” This symbolism brings two things to mind. The first is the idea of a full span butterfly pinned to a wall with a dart through it. It’s not so much made perfect, as it is frozen in its perfect stance. It brings to mind human nature wanting to capture and hold onto something good – To possess and make available at our pleasure. The butterfly is perfect and we want to keep it that way. But as soon as we do, it loses its animation and its life.

The second image is something a little less selfish. Imagine a fine needle instead of a dart – An acupuncture needle. I’m not sure if butterflies are receptive to acupuncture, but the imagery helps us to envision helping and releasing rather than freezing and possessing.

Chiron at 1 degree Aries shows a similar idea of release. The Sabian Symbol is “A comedian entertaining the group”. In truth, we all know the funniest comedians hide a pain somewhere deep inside of them. Yet they have a knack for taking that pain and transforming it into humour. They tell the joke and we laugh, releasing the endorphins to heal that oh-so-true-collective-pain. These two ideas of release are present at the Full Moon. Look at what you may want to hold and possess. How can you use this full moon to deeply let it go? How can you allow a certain type of pain to send a rush of endorphins to the needed areas so that wellbeing and healing can occur?

The Sun at O Aries and also conjunct Chiron shows that we are initiating into a new level of healing. The Sabian symbol is “A woman has risen out of the ocean, a seal is embracing her”. It speaks of a new emergence. Seals are very intelligent and so that feminine emergence comes with intelligence. Yet that can also hold pain within it. We can’t unknow what we know… and yet that knowing will come with the kind of pain that comes with awakening and raising consciousness.

We are given some helpers at this Full Moon Equinox. Mercury is sextile Saturn. Mercury is still retrograde, so this helps us to go over things in a methodical way. It will help to make sure we don’t miss anything. Pluto is trine Mars, which lends transformative energy. It allows us to create strategy and provides a powerful energy to influence a new direction. Mars and Vesta nicely aspect each other and make positive aspects to the North Node in Cancer. This helps us to increase our passion and purpose and to direct this energy and new beginning down a path that will nurture our emotions.

Why? Pluto Sextile Vesta, Full Moon at 0° Libra, Sun Entering Aries, Mercury Sextile Saturn, Mars Trine Pluto, Mars Sextile North Node, Vesta Trine North Node, Mars Sextile Vesta, Sun Conjunction Chiron


What to expect: Good times
What to watch out for: Hastiness
What will it affect? Money, relationships, passions, strategy, conflict

On March 21st Venus will square Mars. Venus will also make a sextile to Jupiter. This is a great time for starting a vacation – great news if you have planned a March break vacation! It, however, is not so great for business. This is because the energy between Venus and Mars is hasty. Venus is related to values and right now in Aquarius, it’s enjoying odd and unusual situations. Mars is in Taurus, and while he stubbornly goes after what he wants, which Venus may find interesting, he also likes things to be tried and true. It may take a little while for Venus to realize, but when she does, it will present conflict. The problem is Jupiter’s sextile to Venus is making her optimistic! It’s a combination makes her likely to rush into deals she’ll later regret.

Jupiter is also in a square to Vesta increasing our passion and dedication and Venus is trine to Pallas increasing our desire to be strategic with love and money. If we can slow down and allow more information to flow, we’ll see that in the long range things may not work out. But for a short time, things can be quite exciting, which is why if you’re off to explore and travel, you’ll return with excellent tales to tell! But if you’re making long-range decisions, they may become a cautionary tale!

Why? Venus Square Mars, Venus Sextile Jupiter, Jupiter Square Vesta, Venus Trine Pallas

Missing Something Important

What to expect: Fogginess
What to watch out for: Misrepresentations
What will it affect? Relationships, secret, things hidden

Between March 23 and 24th this will get a little foggy. Mercury still retrograde, will conjunct Neptune. Mercury doesn’t actually move in a backward direction. The direction of mercury when retrograde is a geocentric optical illusion. We’ve all experienced sitting in a car where the vehicle beside is moving backward, but we press hard on the breaks thinking it’s us moving. The moving vehicle viewed out of our periphery vision makes us think we are moving. Now add to that scenario the fog and confusion of Neptune; it’s like sitting in a car filled with smoke from cannabis and the exact same thing happens. One of two things may happen. We may get paranoid and freak out at the experience. Or we may think its cool and somehow find deep meaning in the incident. In what areas is this most likely to happen? Neptune and Mercury are squaring Juno the marriage and partnership asteroid in Gemini. This may increase communication with our partners, but it’s also likely to increase misunderstandings, mistruth, and misrepresentations!

Why? Mercury Square Juno, Neptune Square Juno, Mercury Conjunction Neptune

Horoscope: March 11 – 17, 2019

March 11 – 17

Right Fighting

What to expect: Conflicting values
What to watch out for: Middle ground
What will it affect? Nurturing, partnerships, values

Sometimes you make the right decision, sometimes you make the decision right.
Dr. Phil McGraw

At the beginning of the week, Juno in Gemini is opposite Ceres in Sagittarius. Ceres represents nurturing and in the sign of Sagittarius nurturing happens when allowed to explore and expand our minds. The problem is that once Sagittarius feels they have found the truth, they can be a bit dogmatic. Their truth is THE truth.

They say that children learn love not from how they love their children, but from how they love their partner. Juno represents contractual partnerships. But what happens when Juno, in Gemini needs a polyandrous lifestyle and Ceres in Sagittarius has a conflicting belief around what partnership should look like. Well, Ceres says “you wouldn’t do this if you loved me!” Juno says “I love and care for you and that’s separate from what I do within my relationships”. If Juno doesn’t see it the way Ceres does, Ceres feels as though the love and nurturing is being taken away from them.

Luckily, Venus is there to steps in between both to mediate. Venus represents love, but also our value systems. Venus in Aquarius values unconventional and odd relationships. Venus in a sextile to Ceres gives Ceres the nurturing she needs by helping her to feel her self-worth and recognizes the love that’s their regardless of the uniqueness of how it operates. She helps Ceres feel nurtured while also creatively exploring the differing values. Venus also makes a sextile to Juno, which opens up the partnership relationship to evaluate values and make compromises. If everyone remains open, though uncomfortable, much learning can happen.

Why? Venus Sextile Ceres, Juno Opposition Ceres, Venus trine Juno

Centered Doing

What to expect: Confidence
What to watch out for: Overconfidence
What will it affect? Self-concept, beliefs, ambitions, structures

On March 13th the Sun will sextile Pluto making this a great time to work on our selves. Reading self-help books, working with a coach or seeking advice from a therapist will be great ways to use the energy. The Sun will square Jupiter making us confident, but if we take the time to work with someone and explore what is driving us it will help to make sure we are not operating from a place of overconfidence. The following day Mars will trine Saturn giving a tremendous amount of imitative to focus in on tasks and projects that we need to complete. If we’ve done the work on ourselves, it will greatly help to make sure our efforts are not in vain or directed on misguided paths. We’ll be doing and getting it done from a stable centre within ourselves.

Why? Sun Sextile Pluto, Sun Square Jupiter, Mars Trine Saturn

Listening to Intuition

What to expect: Review
What to watch out for: Errors
What will it affect? Communications, intuition

On March 14th Mercury goes into a deep review. Mercury, still retrograde, conjuncts the Sun in Pisces. This is a great time to go over communication previously written; memo’s, letter and contracts. This is a great time to ask for clarity, understanding meaning and make things clear. The Sun and Mercury also make a trine to the North Node, so bring together your dream team and review things together. Be open to learning and allowing that learning to point you in a new direction. We may have missed something before and while going over things realize that we need to re-route slightly.

On the 15th Mercury retrograde will square Jupiter. This is a time to be open. What we know at an intuitive level may be in conflict with what we think we know. Jupiter is in Sagittarius and may try to override our gut with opinion and “truth”. It may push for decisions that in the end will be flawed. The problem is that Mercury will also be sextile Pluto and will deliver a convincing argument. Take the time to read between the lines of what is being said. Again, this is a time to lean on our intuitions.

By March 17th Mercury will conjunct Vesta and sextile Mars. We’ll be able to access on a deep level, metaphysical truths. This will allow us to review our passions and make needed corrections. Are we aligned with our passions? Do our passions hold the purpose we intend? We can make sure that we are aligned on both a conscious and unconscious level.

Why? Sun Trine North Node, Sun Conjunction Mercury, Mercury Trine North Node, Mercury Square Jupiter, Mercury Sextile Pluto, Mercury Conjunction Vesta, Mercury Sextile Mars

Horoscope: March 4 – 10, 2019

March 4 – 10

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

What to expect: Tech and communication issues
What to watch out for: Frustration
What will it affect? Travel, communication, commerce

On March 5th Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces at 29 degrees. There is a fixed star called Scheat that mercury will be conjuncting as it goes in its retrograde motion. Mercury retrograde is generally pretty frustrating. It affects travel, all forms of communication and merchants. It’s the reason our messages disappear, our cars go on the fritz, our travel gets delayed etc. As it travels in the last degree of Pisces a water sign and along Scheat, it can make travel and communication woes a little worse, if not treacherous! Watch out for anything that could be detrimental in these areas. Things like flooding, leaked confidential documents, sending a sensitive text to the wrong person and so on.

Back up your computers, websites, and emails. Maybe even consider waterproofing them!

The best way to use this energy is to take your time going back over things. Recheck, review, redo. Stay away from starting anything new. Go back and complete what remains outstanding.

If things do get frustrating, don’t get pulled in by it. Take a break… maybe it’s you that needs to be renewed!

Why? Mercury Stationary Retrograde

New Moon in Pisces

What to expect: Creative Genius
What to watch out for: Egos
What will it affect? Intention setting, creativity, inspiration

The New Moon occurs on March 6th at 15 degrees Pisces.

The New Moon is conjunct Neptune making it great for setting intentions for creativity. Vesta, also conjunct the New Moon, is associated with the energy of the vestal virgins who were celibate in order to focus their energy onto their task as the holder of the sacred flame. Vesta represents where we can focus and channel our creative energy. Areas that are particularly great for focusing our creativity at this time include anything meant for healing, inspiration, or escapism – film or video are both represented by Pisces, music or other art.

Because Mercury is in Pisces, it picks up the energy of this New Moon. The retrograde energy allows us to go back and pick up and finish off projects we may have neglected or put on the shelf. We can also review and polish up completed projects. There is always room for improvement. This energy helps us to bring an ethereal quality to our workmanship. If you have a creative project sitting on the shelf, now is the time to dust it off and complete it!

The New Moon with Vesta and Neptune alongside it are also making a sextile to Saturn. With all of this Pisces and Neptune energy, this is good new! It helps to ground the energy allowing us to focus on actually getting things done. Without this grounding, we could spend days in the clouds fantasizing and envisioning and getting very little done! Saturn helps bring it back down to earth and gives our creativity some structure.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon is “In a quiet moment, the flow of inspiration”. Inspiration is something that has divine influence. It moves through us, sometimes surprising even us. As it moves through us, we become clear that it is beyond our own personal intellect, capability or creativity. It is Divine! But for inspiration to happen, we have to get into a state of flow. If we are able to move out of our own way and push aside our egos, we may see some masterpieces as a result of this New Moon!

Why? New Moon at 15°Pisces, Sun Conjunction Neptune, Neptune Conjunction Vesta Sun Conjunction Vesta, Sun Sextile Saturn, Mars Sextile Neptune, Saturn Sextile Vesta, Venus trine Juno

Uranus in Taurus

What to expect: Financial Revolution
What to watch out for: Resistance to change
What will it affect? Finance, values around security

Uranus Enter Taurus on March 6th. Uranus will now make its home in Taurus for the next 7 years. Uranus is the planet of revolution. Anything outdated will be updated. Anything outworn will be renovated. Change and surprising turn of events will happen in all things Taurus. This is a bit upsetting for Taurus as it’s a fixed sign. Fixed sign don’t do change very well. Fixed means it remains fixed sometimes way beyond the time that things need to change. For this reason, Uranus in Taurus may be a bit difficult. Taurus is also a sign that likes security, predictability, and dependability. It’s all about values and as you well know, values are very difficult if not almost impossible to change. Uranus upsets all of that. It brings change to the things that Taurus represents; the earth and all that resides in it; rock, gems, food. It also represents money, possessions, stocks, and bonds We are likely to see big changes throughout these 7 years in all of these things. We’ve been seeing them coming. More people are living off the grid. Homestead gardens are increasing, investments in cryptocurrency have risen. These may or may not take route while Uranus is in Taurus… but they have come along to show us the signs. Things need to change in the food industry, the financial markets and in the way we define security. How this will all look in 7years remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure, it will look different. My advice to you is to roll with the changes!

Why? Uranus Entering Taurus

Horoscope: Feb 24 – March 3, 2019

Feb 24 – March 3

Dreaming New Directions

What to expect: Tribe building
What to watch out for: Deep emotions
What will it affect? Visions, communication, direction, emotions

On Feb 25th Mercury in Pisces makes a trine to the North Node. Bring together your dream team for some tribe building, goal setting, and direction. Mercury in Pisces makes us imaginative, visionary, and creative. As it makes a trine to the North Node currently in Cancer, we can come together with others to envision new ways of nation-building and creating new traditions. We are challenged to move away from nationalism to nurturalism. Yes! That’s a word that I’ve made up! The root of it is ‘nurture’. At the heart of it, the North Node in Cancer wants to move is in the direction of emotional security, safety, and peace. Cancer does, however, have a wall or should I say a shell; one that if safe, allows you and others in. Sometimes we believe a wall will keep us safe. But the truth is that safety is an inside job. Remember the TV show “No Shalom in the Home”? Shallom is peace and peace starts from within. The good news is that Moon is in Scorpio and is completing a water grand trine with the North Node and Mercury. This helps us to connect our deepest most turbulent emotions with healthy intuitive thought processes to help us create that peaceful new direction.

Mercury is about to go retrograde so this is an aspect that will happen two more times allowing us to review and course correct any ideas that need it in the next couple of months.

Why? Mercury Trine North Node, Moon trine North Node, Moon trine Mercury

Incorporating Feminine Strategy

What to expect: Focused direction
What to watch out for: Wanting to wander
What will it affect? Values, strategy, direction, inner needs

On Feb 27-28th the Sun will sextile Mars. We’ll get a chance to kick start new directions or projects. The Sun in Pisces will increase our ability to channel creativity into the project. As it makes a sextile to Mars in Taurus, we can take advantage of a focused, driven and persistent approach.

The Sun is also squaring Ceres in Sagittarius which brings up a conflict with our need for creativity and our inner need for wanderlust and independence. We may feel like being out there climbing mountains and exploring. Sometimes though, you have to sacrifice. If we can hold out, we’ll get lots of work done and at some other point in time, we’ll have the opportunity to go off on an adventure!

The thing is that Venus in Capricorn is at the last couple of degrees of Capricorn making a square to Pallas at the last degree of Libra. The energy is about to shift and you may already be sensing the shift about to happen. But before it does, Venus has one last challenge to work through. Pallas is feminine intelligence. It’s strategic and political and especially in Libra, is a negotiator. So how do we combine the status quo, especially when it’s been so patriarchal, with this powerful warrior like feminine intelligence? This is the challenge as Venus square Pallas and it deserves all of our attention!

Why? Transiting Sun Sextile Mars, Sun Square Ceres, Venus Square Pallas

Relationship Breakthroughs

What to expect: Healing
What to watch out for: Unpredictability
What will it affect? Relationships, money, change

On March 1st Venus now at the last degree of Capricorn and will square Uranus in the last degree of Aries. Uranus will move into Taurus next week on March 6th, but before it does we have some last minute opportunities for breakthrough especially in the area of relationships and money. Things can be a little unpredictable!

Later in the day, Venus will move into Aquarius helping us to embrace any change that has occurred and as it does it will also sextile Chiron in Aries helping to heal any wounds with our self-image around relationships and money.

Why? Venus Square Uranus, Venus Entering Aquarius, Venus Sextile Chiron


Horoscope: Feb 18 – 24, 2019

Feb 18 – 24

Balance and Fairness

What to expect: Spot on Intuition
What to watch out for: Feelings of insecurity
What will it affect? Money, relationships, social situations, gut reactions

There is a lot going on Monday Feb 18th, 2019! The Sun will move into Pisces in the afternoon, but before it does it will trine Pallas, at the last degree of Aquarius. This is particularly important because Pallas is sitting ‘still’ at the last degree of Libra getting ready to go retrograde. Pallas is also in an opposition to Uranus and has been all month. As it goes retrograde it will oppose Uranus again on Feb 20th , as it did on Feb 7th. If you look back at the horoscope for that week, I mentioned that there might be “strikes, walkouts, organized marches and the like”. Uranus the planet of revolution, surprise and change has been making its last upsets in Aries where we have seen marked change in all the ways we define who we are. Pallas, a faster moving goddess asteroid has been opposite Uranus for this month seeking to balance things. In Libra she helps us see the big picture and strategize for balance, fairness and relationships. We can see further development of that this week. When Pallas turns around and goes retrograde, she clashes with Uranus again and then spends some time as she moves back into Libra going over her strategy. Luckily she starts that review with the Aquarius Sun weighing in with its humanitarian and revolutionary insight. The last time Pallas and Uranus will oppose will be on Sept 11th when both will have moved on to the next sign.

The good news is that Mercury is also conjunct Neptune on the same day allowing us to be seers into the future. We should not second guess our intuition because it will be bang on. If you do find yourself ignoring your gut, I can guarantee that you will kick yourself and those familiar words “something told me not to do that… ” will flow from your mouth! Added to the fortunate energy is that the Mercury and Neptune conjunction will form a sextile to Venus and Saturn also conjunct. This is a grounding and trustworthy energy. It helps us to accurately size up all things relational and financial and do a bit of accounting in both. The only shortfall is that Venus in Capricorn and conjunct Saturn is a little insecure. Do whatever you can to build your self-esteem because it’s the only thing that will stop you from trusting your spot-on intuition.

It’s also important to act on your intuition right away. If you wait, by the 22nd mercury will square Jupiter making your judgment and decision making slightly off.

Why? Sun Trine Pallas, Sun Entering Pisces, Mercury Conjunction  Neptune, Venus Conjunction Saturn, Transiting Pallas Stationary, Mercury Sextile  Saturn, Uranus Opposition, Pallas Mercury Square  Jupiter

Full Moon

What to expect: Accepting our Majesty
What to watch out for: Perfectionism
What will it affect? Emotions, wounds related to self

On Feb 19th the Full Moon will occur at O degrees Virgo. This Full moon will make a tense aspect to Chiron who has finally landed and is enjoying its first full day in Aries. But a Full Moon by its oppositional nature already has its measure of tension. This one, a Virgo moon, is structured, orderly and perfectionist. Opposite to it is the Sun in Pisces which is dreamy, has thin boundaries and is unpredictable. Integrating these two energies is challenging. Luckily they have some help from Pallas who is sextile the Moon and trine the Sun. Pallas is still a bit intense because of her retrograde energy, but in Libra, she is all about being the mediator! She says to Virgo “ you have something in common with Pisces, you both givers and like to take care of people!” She says to Pisces “you can help Virgo, you are both emotional, but Virgo is a little less comfortable accepting hers”.

Ultimately this helps with the tense energy that Chiron brings. Chiron now in Aries where it will stay till 2027, will take us on a journey of past wounding and injuries related to who we are. Be yourself is the goal, but as we step into “you do you” the wounds of how comfortable we are with ourselves comes up. The Virgo moon says I don’t know if I can accept just ‘doing me’… I’m not perfect. What Virgo doesn’t realize is that the old regal star Regulus moved into Virgo a couple of years ago, and has been sitting at this initial degree of Virgo bringing with it rank and status. Regulus in Virgo reminds me of an old friend of mine. She was the daughter of King in one of the African nations, sent to school in North America where we became friends. She would always say “I am my father’s daughter”. Though it was “who she was” she was never comfortable saying she was a Princess. This full moon, like my friend, we must face the difficult feelings we have with who we are and with our own majesty!

Why? Chiron Entering Aries, Full Moon at 0°Virgo

New Directions in Love and Money

What to expect: Pushiness
What to watch out for: Not standing your ground
What will it affect? Relationship, money, communication

Between Feb 22nd and Feb 24th the focus shifts to relationships and money. Venus will conjunct Pluto creating power imbalances. This is further exaggerated because they are both in Capricorn. Venus feels insecure in Capricorn, while Pluto there is busy transforming governments and old and status quo structures. Venus is also related to money, so this week we can see some structurally and transformative moves with regards to money. Lot has happened already in the world of currency and banking. This is likely to be another change.

We may also see this personally in our business or personal relationships. Don’t let insecurity’s and a pushy person pull you in a direction you don’t like!

Mercury will sextile Pluto helping to get to the bottom of things. Our investigative skills are top notch at the time. Though someone may be trying to manipulate or pull power plays we will be able to read between the lines. Additionally the energy helps us to say things we need to say in a very powerful way. Mercury in Pisces adds to it by giving us a hypnotic voice! Kulning draws cows, sirens lure sailors…. you don’t have to push to convince. Sometimes all you need is a magnetic and spell bounding voice!

By Feb 24th Venus will oppose the North Node sending us on a new path. Not everyone is up for the adventure, but those who are with us will come along.

Why? Venus Conjunction Pluto, Sun Square Juno, Mercury Sextile  Pluto, Venus Opposition  North Node

Horoscope: Feb 11 – 17, 2019

Feb 11 – 17

Breakthrough Healing

What to expect: Intensity
What to watch out for: focusing on the tension
What will it affect? Collective wounds, social injustices, relationships

The week starts with some gnarly energy. It has an opportunity it in, so don’t be dismayed. Chiron is at the last degree of Pisces getting ready to go into Aries. While Chiron has been in Pisces, we have come face-to-face with our collective wounds. At times we wondered if something went wrong. Did we collectively turn the channel? Did we all unconsciously decide to switch timelines? Things have happened in our world that has collectively thrown us all for a loop. As Chiron gets ready to move to Aries, the intensity of the collective wounds that Chiron has been having us examine intensifies. This week what do we collectively need to face?

To answer that question, I first need to give you a lesson on boomerang Yod. A Yod, also called ‘The Finger of God’ happens when two planets are sextile and those two planets make an inconjunct (150-degree angle) to another planet. In the case this week a Yod is formed when Chiron and Juno are sextile and making an inconjunct to Pallas. A boomerang Yod is when a planet sit’s at the midpoint between those two sextile planets and opposite the planet, they are making an inconjunct to. In this case, there are two planets. Uranus and Mars!

I know… that’s a lot of info, so to help you grasp this, imagine a bow and arrow. The bow is the two sextile planets. The arrow is in the middle of the bow, pointed out. Normally you would be able to pull back on the arrow and it would send it flying out into the world. It might not go straight. It may hit its target, or it may not. As you stand there getting ready to shoot your arrow you feel the tension between Chiron (the one side of the bow) and Pallas (the arrow). Chiron in Pisces deeply bringing up our collective wound and Pallas is in Libra which has been keenly aware of the patterns in our social conditions that are contributing to it. You also feel the uncomfortable energy between Juno in Taurus (who is sitting at the other side of the bow) who doesn’t want to rock the boat because she likes security and predictability and again Pallas (that same arrow) that shoots her a look that says “get a grip, our society is falling apart”. Your bow (consisting of Chiron and Juno) are able to work together to heal. Chiron brings up all of our unconscious crap and Juno says “give me a hug”. The problem is your arrow (Pallas) doesn’t really care what the bow is saying. A hug may feel good, but it doesn’t address the social issue of how are we all going to get along? So you stand there like Robin Hood, bow in hand and prepared for release. You know with all this tension that if you release the arrow it may not hit its target. But now you have a helper. Right there in the middle of that bow, you have a planet (actually two). It’s a planet that helps you to have focus, aim, and the potential for mastery. It’s a planet that changes you from a regular ‘guy’ with a bow and arrow into an Archer. In comes Uranus and Mars in the last degree of Aries! They are both right there in the middle of our bow. They are our helpers!

Uranus has been in Aries for a while. It has been the reawakening identity politics… race, sex, national boundary…. what defines us? What makes us who we are? How are we advantaged or disadvantaged by who we are? Uranus has brought it up and challenged us to transform those ideas of identity. It’s not been easy. Its lead to Arab springs and occupy movements. It’s brought forward Black Lives Matter and many many other similar movements based on identity. But have we come up with an answer? Have we healed the issue?

There is an opportunity to use this energy for a deep and everlasting breakthrough and it happens between Feb 11th and 12th when Uranus and Mars are exactly conjunct. Use these days to focus less on the discomfort and tension (stay away from blame or endless focus on the problem) and more on what we need to transform in our identities to make social situations ascend or in arrow terms – soar and hit their target!

Why? Chiron Sextile Juno, Mars Conjunction Uranus, Mars Opposition Pallas

The Power of Thoughts

What to expect: Thin boundaries
What to watch out for: Taking on others crap
What will it affect? Communication, nurturance needs, causes that involve helping

On Feb 12 – 13th Mercury will conjunct Vesta in Pisces. This puts us deeply in connection with our intuitions and causes us to feel passionate about helping. We can merge with the collective wounds and lose ourselves to a cause that is greater than us.  However, If you are Empathic, this energy may be difficult. You can feel the weight of the world, the heartache of the person sitting next to you, the confusion of thoughts floating through the air and get lost. It’s now important to have tools to help you identify what is yours and what is another’s. Empath’s are important people. They are needed to save and heal our world. But the Empaths has to first learn how to nurture and take care of and to keep themselves safe. Have you learned how to stay grounded while throwing out the lifesaver for help? Or do you jump into the ocean of feels only to be pulled under by the current?

Added to the problem is Vesta squaring Ceres which can make us feel alone and isolated. Like the latchkey child of the ’70s sitting at home by themselves making cheese with cornflakes sandwich on white bread to comfort themselves until Mom gets home from work, it can make us feel a deep well of loneliness. Mercury is also square Ceres which creates a lonely internal dialogue with your inner child. I’m not safe, I’m not loved, no-one cares. The second tool that you will need now is how to take care of and nurture your own inner child. Thoughts are powerful. If you’re feeling challenged with this one, watch the documentary HEAL for some inspiration and tips.

Why? Mercury Conjunction Vesta , Vesta Square Ceres, Mercury Square Ceres

Two Steps Ahead

What to expect: Creative thinking
What to watch out for: Fearing change
What will it affect? Relationships, money, security

On Feb 17th the Sun will sextile Uranus. The Sun still in Aquarius, the sign that likes change and innovation works well with Uranus to implement any new directions that you now feel moved to work towards. On the same day, Venus is also sextile Neptune allowing us to be visionary. Venus is in Capricorn and is slow and methodical in her approach to money and relationships, but in a sextile to Neptune in Pisces she able to be visionary in practical ways. What needs to change? What are the grounded and steady steps we need to take to make it happen?

Mars entered into Taurus on Feb 14th and Uranus will follow soon. Revolution on the things we feel security and stability around is on its way. Change is never comfortable. But what visionary steps can we take to bring in the revolutionary energy in, in the way we desire?

Why? Mars Entering Taurus, Sun Sextile Uranus, Venus Sextile Neptune

Horoscope: Feb 4 – 10, 2019

Feb 4 – 10

New Intentions & Inventions New Moon

What to expect: Visionary ideas and inventions
What to watch out for: Not capturing the ideas
What will it affect?  Ideas, ideologies, humanity,

The New Moon is on Feb 4th in Aquarius. It’s an optimistic New Moon filled with exceptional potential. This is because it’s conjunct Mercury also in Aquarius and sextile Jupiter, currently in Sagittarius. Aquarius is inventive and forward thinking. It’s liberating and humanitarian. It’s futuristic, and often before it’s time. Making a conjunction to Mercury the planet associated with the mind, communication and with thought processes not only increases the likelihood of breakthroughs and inventions but it is also evolutionary leaps. Jupiter is the planet of optimism, expansion and in the sign of Sagittarius it’s home it expands those characteristics. As it makes a sextile to the New Moon and Mercury it makes us fast-paced, sharp and is likely to make is a little frayed and frantic. You’re gonna want a pen, a piece of paper or several sticky notes and a note taker. Don’t let the flashes of insight come only to lose them. The pace will be fast. WRITE THEM DOWN!

New Moons are always great times for setting new intentions and you’ll want to take advantage of this one! Pull together a think tank, mastermind group, study group or team of experts and channel the energy into intentions for the next step. This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius… But what does that mean? The truth is that it doesn’t really matter. You have the ability to create it! What kind of world do you want? Now is a powerful time to set intentions for the manifestation of that world. Venus is also sextile Vesta now in Pisces lending us a compassionate vision for mankind.

Why? New Moon at 15°Aquarius, Sun Sextile Jupiter, Venus Sextile Vesta

Towards Progress

What to expect: Getting things done
What to watch out for: Rebellion
What will it affect? Actions, communication, direction, social change

On Feb 7 Mercury will sextile Mars. Mercury is still in Aquarius and Mars in Aries. Mars gives us tremendous drive and in Aries, is happy to push into unknown territory. This works well with Mercury in Aquarius, filled with innovative ideas and revolutionary ideologies. The push forward towards our new ideas will be immense. The good news is that this also makes us energetic and decisive. If you need to get things done and work towards progress now is the time. Mercury is also squaring the North Node which helps us to break with anything or anybody that may be holding us back. This includes those who we have through to hold authority over us. In fact, this may feel like a rebellion to many! Pallas, the asteroid responsible for feminine strategy is in Libra. She’s being opposed by Uranus which again brings in surprising splits and rebellious actions. Pallas in Libra likes fairness. If pushed too far she fights to regain balance. Expect to see strikes, walkouts, organized marches and the like.

Why? Mercury Sextile Mars, Mars Square North Node, Uranus Opposition Pallas

Uranus in Aries Last Words

What to expect: Breakthroughs
What to watch out for: Resistance
What will it affect? Social change, the big picture, relationships, partnership wounds

On Feb 9th Mercury enters into the last degrees of Aquarius. Mercury is sextile Uranus in Aries also at the last degree. Uranus is about to leave Aries for good but definitely has some last words. Mercury helps to get Uranus’s message across. Once Mercury moves into Pisces things may get hard to grasp or even explain so pay attention for crystal clear messages now. This is truly the last chance for laser-sharp clarity understands of what Uranus has been trying to tell us for years. Mercury also makes a trine Pallas. Pallas is able to help us see strategy and patterns and together they help us see and clearly envision the big picture. It’ll be hard not to get the message!

On the downside, Mercury will square Juno. Juno is in Taurus and is mostly concerned with feeling safe and secure. If the ideas that emerge challenge those values in any way, expect to hear and see resistance in our relationships. Chiron is also sextile Juno, so these ideas may lead to an opportunity for healing some long-held wounds in our partnerships.

Why? Mercury Sextile Uranus, Mercury Trine Pallas, Mercury Square Juno, Chiron Sextile Juno, Mercury Entering Pisces

Horoscope: Jan 28 – Feb 3, 2019

Jan 28 – Feb 3, 2019

Futuristic Plans

What to expect: Innovation and breakthrough
What to watch out for: Letting the energy pass
What will it affect? Society, change, plans, communication, relationships

At the beginning of the week on Jan 29th, we have amazing energy for making plans. Mercury is conjunct the Sun bringing into alignment our thought with our will. Both are in Aquarius which helps us to formulate plans that are forward-thinking and innovative. Uranus will sextile Vesta which also reinforces innovative thinking and breakthroughs. This is especially true as Uranus is now at the last couple of degree of Aries and has increased and concentrated energy for breaking down the old and creating the news. Uranus works well with Vesta the asteroid goddess currently in Aquarius focusing our plans and creative breakthroughs towards making society better.

You don’t have to do it alone. As Juno sextiles the North Node, working within our partnerships can help us to move in the right direction.

Why? Sun Conjunction Mercury, Uranus Sextile Vesta, Juno Sextile North Node

Spiritual Discipline

What to expect: Grounded spirituality
What to watch out for: Allowing humility
What will it affect? Structured guidance, spirituality, spiritual practice

On January 31st Saturn will sextile Neptune. Saturn, currently in Capricorn is concerned with structures, doing things right and taking responsibility. On its own, it can be fairly harsh. But as it makes this sextile to Neptune, its ways are softened. Neptune is in Pisces and is spiritual, creative and imaginative. Both Saturn and Neptune are in their home signs making them both very sure of themselves and their energy. It also allows them to work well together to connect the material world (Saturn) with the spiritual world (Neptune). There is nothing better than grounded spirituality. Neptune lends a faith to our ambitions. This is great energy for meditation and intending. If you don’t know how to mediate now would be a great time to learn. This energy lends itself to being disciplined with our thoughts and desires. If we are easily distracted, we can now learn to be quietly patient with our wandering minds. If we use this energy to connect to source we learn much about ourselves. We learn what we want, what is in alignment with who we are and what we need to do to manifest it. We can bring about our desires as well as bring about the necessary detachment from the desire to allow them to happen. Some suggestions for how to use this energy include a Vipassana retreat where you learn to meditate. Listen to a lecture from Esther and Abraham Hicks, or put into practice a deep yoga practice. Doing these activities can help us make the necessary life changes we desire.

This energy will happen two more times before the year is up, on June 18th and November 8th.

Why? Saturn Sextile Transiting Neptune

Power vs Freedom

What to expect: Freedom to Explore
What to watch out for: Power struggle 
What will it affect? Direction, power structures, relationships, exploring relationships and self, learning 

On the 1st of February Mars will square Pluto and this represents a test of integrity and intention. The truth is this is power struggle energy. Mars in Aries can be tactless and direct and Pluto in Capricorn and can be authoritative and power hungry. It’s a test to work together to transform structures. Be vigilant under this energy. The likelihood of someone being oppositional is great.

Venus is also busy at the same time. She’s in Sagittarius igniting her need for exploration and adventure. She makes a sextile to Pallas which is currently in Libra. The danger is that she will try to see everyone’s perspective which leads to people pleasing. She may want to explore dangerous territory, but warned by friends she may worry that she’s insulting them by ignoring their advice. Venus also makes a square she makes to Chiron bringing up hurt feelings in relationships. But, it may be time to make a break. Venus also makes a trine to Uranus which encourages that break to happen. You may even receive an unlikely invitation. Even though it may appear a little odd, accept it! The good news is that Mercury will sextile Jupiter and you are taken on an adventure that will educate, deepening learning and awareness in ways you didn’t expect.

Why? Mars Square Pluto, Venus Sextile Pallas, Venus Trine Uranus, Venus Square Chiron Mercury Sextile Jupiter