August Horoscope 2014

The first few days of August, we’re going to be feeling like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. We want one thing and do another. We say one thing and mean another. Don’t worry if nothing we say or do makes sense; just let it all bubble to the surface.

The double personality madness starts with Venus squaring Uranus, trine Saturn and trine Chiron. Venus in Cancer is sensitive. You must break through that shell to get to her love. She is easily hurt and takes a long time letting you into let you inside. And on August 1st, she just might attract a fight with sizzling Uranus in Aries, ready for a fight. Something inside of her is ready to shake things up. Venus is the attractor and she doesn’t get into action without Mars. Mars is in Scorpio, and it’s squaring Jupiter in Leo. Mars in Scorpio wants something deep and intimate. He pushes for that deep intimacy. And if he doesn’t get it, that square to prideful Jupiter in Leo might bring out some over-the-top behavior. At the same time Venus is trine Saturn and concerned with building stability. In a way this is the age old Saturday night DATE problem. She wants it, he wants it. If she goes there, she worries that he won’t be there. Venus is in the throes of passion, asking, the question “are you my boyfriend?”. No matter what happens it will bring about some much needed healing as Venus is also trine Chiron.

In fact in August, we have Mars, Saturn, Vesta, and Ceres all transiting into Scorpio. All these celestial bodies will be forming natural squares with the planets transiting through Leo. They are the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and, by the middle of the month, Venus. This movement creates a theme for the month. Your “girls-just-wanna-have-fun” side will be at war with your “insecure-psychoanalytic-need-to-super-analyze-everything” side. It makes it hard to relax and the trick to making this month work, will be to go with the flow.

The Scorpio planets will form natural trines to other planets in water signs. Neptune and Chiron in Pisces and Juno in Cancer work with the Scorpio planets. They give us the potential to heal, be selfless, and to focus on what is good for our relationships.

The Leo planets have the help of Uranus in Aries. So it’s fire against water this month. We’ll need a floating candle to make it work. The fact that floating candles exist make it possible!

Conversations help and the next day on Aug 2 when Mercury is conjunct Jupiter on Aug 2 to give us a chance to talk it out. It is a better time to do so now rather than in the midst of passion. It’s a time when we can have conversations which are free of emotion and we can look at things philosophically or spiritually. But we do have that whole Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde thing happening… With Mercury squaring Mars on the same day, things can turn toward more arguments and conflicts. So much for emotional detachment!

Three days later Saturn will trine Chiron. This will be a wonderful opportunity to pull out your journal and write about our childhood patterns. This action will help us get in touch with why we’ve been behaving the way we have. We can get nostalgic and find comfort in whatever the past brings up for us without holding on. It’s a day when we’ll remember things from our past that will help us put our actions into perspective. And we can also let go of it in appropriate ways.

Venus squaring squares the North Node on August 6 and so we can now make decisions about our relationships. What stays and what gets left behind? Who stays and who get’s left behind?

Though we are setting out on a new relationship adventure, we may not have it all figured out. But on August 7th, Venus is sextile Pallas, helping us to envision relationship plans. It’s a day to create a great designs and a great strategy. Plus Mars helps the inspiration along by trining Neptune. We can use the energy to think up actions that are less ego-based and better for the whole.
On August 8, the Sun conjunct Mercury makes it a great time to express ourselves and get our ideas out there. With the Sun trining Uranus, what we come up with may be super inventive. And with Mercury trining Uranus, we will be able to express those unusual or inventive ideas. But here comes Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde again…. Mercury is squaring Saturn. Though we may feel excited and inventive, there is a little bit of a damper on what we’re expressing. Saturn may not think it will work and that we are being too optimistic. Saturn may show up as the voice inside of us or someone out there about whose has an opinion we care about. That’s okay. It gives us something to think about and on August 9, when the Sun is square Saturn, we’ll do a reality check on our plans. We will be able to question if this is something that is self-serving or if it’s something that IS realistic. Venus is square Ceres so ideas we have formed in our childhood about our ability to attract, may come return for a reality check. Check back to your journaling and what came up on the 5th. The next step after becoming aware of our childhood patterns is to transform them. But the trick will be to use a new measuring stick, not an old one. The Aquarius Full Moon on August 10th will help us to look forward and be inventive. It will help us to incorporate our inner freak and accept our emotional differences. There’s a small temptation to alienate. Maybe we think that we aren’t accepted or we can’t merge our need to be ourselves and to follow our passion with relationship needs. But, just in time, Mercury will sextile the North Node. Success is ours for the taking. We’re finding the recipe for making floating candles!15493656_s

On August 12th, Venus will move into fun -loving Leo and things get much, much better!!! It’s a great time to have fun with our beloved; to take pride in them and show them off. It makes them feel good and cared for too. This approach also helps to soften the conversation. On the same day, Mercury is sextile Juno. This movement lends to better communication within our relationships. And by the 14th when Mercury sextile Ceres by, we will start to feel super loved and understood. Thank Goddess! Before Mercury leaves Leo on the 15th for Virgo, it will also sextile Vesta, helping our minds to meld in a solitary purpose.

Mercury will then go into Virgo for three weeks. It will be a time of drawing up plans, makings lists, and organizing. Mars will aid in the planning by sextiling Pluto on the same day. This will help us all to focus, get strategic, and get results. By August 16th, the Sun sextile Juno will makes us feel like a dynamic duo in our relationships. And by August 18th we’’ll feel on top of the world; as Venus will conjunct Jupiter. We will feel like we are hand -in -hand with our beloved, looking out over the beauty of the world from the top of a Faerris wheel! So nice. Even though you are feeling on top of the world and things have been going so well, don’t make any commitments. Mercury will oppose Neptune so some important details will come out of focus. And with so much good feelings, it’s quite easy to gloss over the little imperfections… which over time may not be so little in the long run. The high will continue and on August 20th (*eh em*.. my birthday) when the Sun sextiles Ceres, so we will feel so nurtured, loved, and nurturing, and loving.
The high continues on August 21. We’ll find ourselves having a deep, purposeful, transformative and productive kind of conversation. It’s the delicious, soul -gratifying kind of conversation that we women crave. Conversations with others will make us feel transformed and inspired. And by August 22nd, we’ll be diving into a deep commitment to our life’s purpose. Our life purpose may not just be a humanitarian cause or a career, but also our relationship with others and with ourselves.

On August 23rd, we might have one of those moments when we think everything is too good to be true. We might have a thought! “I’m too happy… something is going to go wrong.” This is another Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde day. On one hand, we feel motivated to heal hurts with Mars sextile Chiron. But, it might come out all wrong with as Mercury is opposite Chiron. The problem is we might think we know how the other person is going to react. And having convinced ourselves of an idea not based in the present, but on our own woundedness, we act and say things that sabotage. Remember when Harry wanted to marry Charlotte in Sex in the City.? In her woundedness and impatience, she decided to deal with him taking so long to ask her to marry him. He was ready to pop the question, but when she blurted out in total frustration, “set the date Harry… just set the date!” – he broke up with her. Oops! Oh well… Keep going back to your childhood hurts. You can transform them now.

The New Moon on August 25th is in Virgo. It’s, opposite Neptune. We might want a clear plan, but Neptune is fogging things up. The day has a couple of other frustrating features. The big one is that Mars is conjunct Saturn which will make us feel a little thwarted in our efforts. It might also make us feel a bit angry if we are trying to move too fast. This is not a get-rich-quick or get-thin-fast transit! If we are distracted by others who seem to experience fast and magical results, we will feel angry. It’s a great energy though for keeping focused on a project that unfortunately may be long and tedious. Mercury sextile Mars and Saturn on the same day will help us put the needed energy into a project. If we can feel satisfied with hard work, painstaking (and sometimes long and tedious) actions, we will see results. Patience is the key. And dealing with our anger in productive ways will also help. Take it out at the gym or practice forgiveness.

On August 25th, Venus is trine Uranus, so we might feel bored and like shaking things up to stir up some interest. Might I suggest listening to some out of the ordinary /bizarre music as you plod away at your projects? This will help you to shake things up without sabotaging all that you have been working for. This transit has the potential to bring an exciting person into our lives. Man… Things were going so well in the relationship department, but now we are once again assessing things. With Venus square Saturn the next day, we might put some distance between ourselves and our beloved or feel a bit cool towards them. The following day Venus squares Mars so those cool feelings will not last long. Sparks will fly and it’s likely to end in a fantastic fight or some fantastic sex…. hey…, the energy has to go somewhere! Be a lover not a fighter!

There is some more Dr Jekyll /Mr Hyde energy at the end of the month. On August 29th, Mercury will square Juno. If you have been fighting, it will be a continuation of the fight. If you went the sex route, you might be able to use the energy to listen to one another. The problem is that Mercury will be conjunct Pallas on the same day, so we may not be able to separate what we are saying from our own agenda. Listening might be difficult because we have a strategic goal in mind. Venus is sextile the North Node, so though it might take some patient conversation, it will be a fortunate day for love. Let’s face it. We need these hiccups sometimes to help us realize what we have. Venus will sextile Juno on the 31st helping us to get back on track with a loving and fulfilling relationship. Which is a nice ending to the month… I like when that happens!

You don’t feel serious about anything. You want to tell jokes, and zipline through trees beating your chest like Tarzan. You’re the ringleader for fun this month. The only problem is a partner is telling you to be serious, saying things like, “be grown-up” or “you’re not being responsible.”. You partner might just be reflecting your own childhood beliefs about fun back to you. What are your own childhood beliefs about fun. How much are you truly allowing?

You may be purchasing your dream house. It might also be a piece of dream commercial property for your that business you have always wanted to start. The only problem is that your partner (love or business) may not find it sooo dreamy. They want a little more compromise here, but you’re not so willing. Part of the problem is not that your partner is worried it won’t work, or the investment is too big, or that you are not being realistic. What they’re worried about is being left behind. Find ways to incorporate them into your dream.

You love to talk, Gemini, and the speeches are rolling off your tongue like you were running for mayor. There is a little problem though. Are you running for mayor? Your speeches will reach fair and wide, but you have remembered this month that you are the aide, the spin doctor, not the star of the show. There is still glory in your position. You can watch Downtown Abbey or The Butler to remember this.

You are rocking in the business world right now. This month you might even have a huge financial windfall! The only problem is your ego – you will need to keep your ego in check. If you step on others to get your own success, you might find it backfiring a little later down the road. In fact a windfall may feel like a burden. Maybe you’re getting attention that feels uncomfortable or the amount of money is uncomfortable. Allow these experiences to help you to grow. Your financial growth is challenging you to recognize your own inner value.

You are shining like the f*cking morning star! Sorry I had to swear there… but Leo already shines, so adding an expletive could only express how much more you will shine. There will be mom or a mom figure pulling on your ear, saying, “Don’t get too big for your britches!” . This mom figure might even show up in the incorporated believes or your inner child. It’s inner child work time this month. Avoid this deep inner work and the way you shine this month might come across like a fire cracker rather than the morning star. No matter what you do everyone will notice… aim for making a good impression.

You might find yourself embroidered in several conflicts – With your neighbours, with your siblings, with everyone. You have strong opinion now. The problem is that you think everyone has a “f*cking problem”. The only problem is that you might not be sharing that you have a problem. All these conflicts and fights are happening inside. In fact, this all might be seething inside and being re-enacted in your head over and over again. You might be thinking that saying anything is just pointless. Maybe not… Assessing what you say, how you say it, and when you say it holds the key.

You have grand hopes and dreams and they are even larger this month. You want to be keeping up with the Joneses. At this time, you think the Joneses are your friends. But are they really? You might consider following wikihow’s steps to stop keeping up with the Jones (there are pictures) . By the time you get to number #7 (Pursue the things you care about in abundance”) and number #8. (“Share yourself around”)…, you should be feeling pretty good. You could also consider taking the lucky bitch course.

The things you are achieving right now in your career are amazing. You have are the envy of many. But inside you’re feeling a tug. Is this what you want to be doing? Is this who you are anymore? All this fame is putting pressure on you to be a certain way. You might find yourself driving to work in the morning and signing along to Britney Spears. “You Wanna Piece of Me” one minute and “Circus” the next. So rewarding. So exhausting. Is it what you want?

Screw it all… you might find yourself on a last minute trip to Katmandu. You are going for some fun.. and dammit your deserve it… but as you take your month long journey abroad you find that you’re traveler savvy is no longer working. Maybe you are doing it the same old way. Backpack, two changes of clothes, dirt cheap dinners, but in truth you have outgrown that style of travel. Your inner leisure is in denial about wanting a Ritz Carlton. They aren’t saying it out loud. But the way you’re acting has the doorman, the bellhop, the cab driver, and all whom your interacting with thinking, “What does she think this is? The Ritz Carlton”? Time for some inner honesty.

Bank error in your favour! This month you might find that you are in the money. It’s from your partner or, insurance, or maybe even an inheritance. You know what happens when people win the lottery. They start getting phone calls from charities they have never heard of before. Long lost friends show up. Then the guilt comes out. Should you help? They are a good charity. They were a good friend… and they are in need. What are your hopes and desires? Get clear about them. Then find a way to balance your self-interests (which are healthy and good) with others (whom you need and want to keep good relationships with).

Things are going extremely good in your relationship and are they’re about to get better. This month you’re going to challenge the idea that your career success comes at the cost of your relationship. Yes, there is a clash. That’s because your career will be on fire this month too. You are reaching the pinnacle of your success. It might be a bit threatening to others… Your honey might feel that cold feeling when the Sun moves behind the clouds. You just have to remind them that the Sun is still there. Your job is to stay in your power and show them that they are loved. This is what a true leader does!

You have so much to give this month. But you need to be careful. Your desire to give must be done with true selflessness, which generally you are good at. But the energies now at play have you a little self righteous. Flexibility is the key. If you’re all preachy while you’re helping out, others will just see you as high and mighty and may reject your help. Even if your way of doing it is “oh so obviously the right way”, refrain from pushing it down everyone’s throat.



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