Aquarius New Moon – Feb 9, 2024

New Moon in Aquarius

The New Moon on February 9th is at 20 degrees of Aquarius. Aquarius is associated with humanity, innovation, technology, rebelliousness, disruption, computers, technology, networks and groups, electricity, all things unique or weird, philosophers, inventors, and freedom. The symbol of the jar pouring out water represents the technology of water, spirit, and intellect. At this new moon, we can set intentions around any of these areas!

The new moon is square to Uranus in Taurus suggesting that there could be some sudden developments or breakthroughs. For example, since Uranus is in Taurus, these sudden developments will likely have to do with money, security, and agriculture. You may find that you have a windfall or that you suddenly have unexpected financial burdens. This may also affect food and/or food security. Farmers may revolt (or revolt more!). Groups may come together with innovative ideas or technologies in any of these areas. Don’t be surprised

to see technologies that disrupt or innovations that change all that we know about finance, food, and security.

The New Moon is sextile to Chiron which is at the north node in Aries. Despite anything negative, we will experience healing related to any wounds around self-expression and our sense of freedom. Any changes will highlight ‘who we are now’ or ‘who we are choosing to be’. Chiron is finally meeting up with the North Node and the illumination from the New Moon helps to direct us on a new path; A path connected with purpose and destiny.

The traditional ruler of the New Moon is Saturn in Pisces connecting us deeply to the water element of Uranus. The electricity, currents, and spirit; we can tap into the technology that exists within them both now and as yet unknown.

The modern ruler of the New Moon Uranus is Taurus. This gives strength to any innovations, revolutions, and radical changes happening in finance, agriculture, and security.

The New Moon is also conjunct with the asteroid Orpheus. According to legend, Orpheus was “a renowned poet, musician, and prophet from Thrace who could charm and influence all living things, even stone itself, through his musical abilities”. He was said to be the “greatest musician and poet to have ever lived”.

Orpheus’s connection with the magic of music reminds us of the power of sound and vibration. A powerful way to use the energy of the New Moon would be to connect with water, leylines, standing stones, and any natural setting that uses the technology of the vibration of music and song to connect it with our intentions. In the story of Jason and the Argonauts, Orpheus accompanied the warriors on a mission to retrieve the golden fleece. While at sea they encountered Sirens known to enchant sailors to their demise. Though not a soldier with weapons and armor, Orpheus uses his musical charm to drown out the sirens allowing the sailors to pass through the sea unharmed. This story points to the power of music, particularly in connection with water.

Orpheus is also connected with grief, loss of faith, and guilt. In another story, Orpheus loses his wife to a snake bite. To get her back, he uses his music to charm his way into the underworld. There he meets with Hades and Persephone and they are so moved by his love for his wife that they grant her permission to return with him to the land of the living. The only condition is that on their way Orpheus cannot look back. Worried that she is not behind him on the way, he looks back and watches as she is pulled back into the underworld. We can use the energy of the New Moon to examine and process our grief and make breakthroughs in areas where we lack faith. Where have we broken the flow of energy because of a lack of faith?

Orpheus was also related to a cult of belief. Orpheus is said to have learned about life and death in his descent to the underworld. Not much is known about this belief system, but what is known is that they believed in original sin and reincarnation. In Orphic belief, we are destined to return to the land of the living 10 times before being able to end the cycle of reincarnation. Through Orphic practices which seemed to include refraining from drinking from the river of forgetfulness and drinking instead from the river of memory during our return to life, we can shorten the cycle of reincarnation. Perhaps the basis for this belief system was a hope that Orpheus could be reunited with his wife and love…. Whatever the motivation, Orpheus is also connected with transforming the soul to end “samsara”

Ultimately Orpheus in Aquarius is connected with energy in various ways – With the energy and power of sound and vibration; with the energy of our being, transforming it in the pursuit of reconnecting with the source of love; and with the energy that stands in the way of our desires through loss of faith, guilt and our forgetfulness of our nature.

The Sabian symbol for the New Moon is “A woman disappointed and disillusioned courageously faces a seemingly empty life” This points to facing disappointment, loss of faith, and the transformation of emotions.

Happy New Moon in Aquarius!