April Horoscope 2013

Ceres moves into Cancer this month on April 4th.  This is a very nurturing and emotional expressive place for the Mother Goddess Asteroid to-be.  Pallas has just arrived in Taurus and will be joined by Venus on the 15th and will be followed by the Sun and Mars to a total of four bodies in the earthy sign of Taurus by the end of the month.  The earth, security and status quo, and emotions will be the focus for the month of April!

Spring officially started on March 19th but spring fever starts on Saturday night, April 6th.  Venus, still in Aries, makes a love connection to her favourite male planet Mars igniting some hot passion.  Bedrooms and dance floors should be electric with this passionate energy.  Venus moves into Taurus on April 15th where she loves to be.  Here, she is at home in a sensual, aesthetic surrounding.  Here she brings out our enchanting and feminine aspects.  She touches Neptune on the 18th creating a romantic and dreamy environment.  Feelings of insecurity and defensiveness pop up on the 22nd when she opposes Saturn, but a couple of days later she trines Pluto reigniting the passion felt at the beginning of the month; but this time in a more committed, sensual and transformative way.

There is a lunar eclipse in April.  It happens on April 25th. Full moons are always times of completion, but with a lunar eclipse, the completions tend to be a big deal.  This happens on a societal level, but also on a personal level if the moon touches any planets in your birth chart.  Full moons are emotional, lunar eclipses are even more emotional.  A lunar eclipse in Scorpio, an emotional water sign, makes it even more emotional and then to add to it, this lunar eclipse forms a grand trine (triangle in the sky) with Ceres, the Mother Goddess Asteroid, and Neptune, the dreamy planet of the unconscious. This is an eclipse that is seeking emotional release in a big way!  The lunar eclipse is conjunct Saturn.  Emotional control will only result in loneliness, but this is a moon that fears vulnerability.  Saturn there alongside the moon is calling for us to question how emotionally authentic we are.  The lunar eclipse is also opposing a stubborn Mars in Taurus who may be irritated by a change, but the grand trine acts like a cosmic bear hug, encouraging us to let go and ensuring us that we can get through it.  On the same day, Pallas and Venus join in Taurus. Together, these two care very much about the beauty and protection of mother earth and feminine power.  They are sextiling Chiron, the wounded healer, making healing easier, but squaring Juno, the Marriage Goddess Asteroid.  That old issue of women meeting their needs for creativity and contribution come up against relationship needs.  You might again start to ponder those old questions.  Can you have a career and a family?  Is it really true that you can have it all, but not all at once?  You may have a defeated feeling that we have not left the 17th century.  Fear not… these are all just feelings!  Work through them and we will all come to the other side.  Venus and Pallas in Taurus help us to challenge those old “either/or” ideas about feminism, helping us to hold on to our true femininity and to also be powerful.

Pluto goes retrograde on April 12th.  What just happened?  We’ll retrace our steps to go deeper into the transformation that is happening.  Pluto is in Capricorn and is transforming the institutions in our lives. Governments, family, marriage, education and our world economics are experiencing this transformation and so are we in the institutions of our minds.


A lunar eclipse in your eighth house this month could mean deep a transformation in your life.  Your self-worth and sense of financial security will be challenged.  But support comes from family, foundations and deep wells of your unconscious.  Heal this and you will transform your intimacies.


Something in your significant relationships is seeking closure this month.  Not one to change once you’ve made up your mind, you may feel like digging your heels in.  You may not even realize that neighbours and friends are gaining up on you.  They won’t be hurling harsh words at you.  Instead, their love and forgiveness throw a spin on things, taking you out of your comfort zone.


I hope you’ve been taking care of yourself, Gemini.  Work, career and money will come together to help bring healing.  Your restless nature can sometimes miss the deep messages from the unconscious and you may want to push them down.  Allowing it to happen can give you just the right information to create a much needed healing crisis. Get to the other side of this and you will feel fantastic.


Taking a vacation in a distant land that has you focused on yourself and having some real fun can bring real healing.  There is a conflict with your own sense of hopes and wishes, or maybe your friends are stubbornly pulling you in a direction that doesn’t serve your purposes.  Do what you know is best and you and what feeds your sense of recreation.


You’re closing the book on a family matter, Leo.  Part of you has already moved forward blazing into your career, but there is just a little more work to do to clear the air.  Secrets and close intimate ties will work together to help you with your completion.


Your already established beliefs this month might get you into trouble. You religious or ethical zeal is coming up against an issue in your immediate environment.  Partners and friends seem to be against you. But it’s for your own good. Pluto’s retrograde motion through your fifth house of fun and romance will start questioning everything you thought you knew on love.


The money that you share with others, a business deal or maybe even the money from your spouse will be challenged this month.  If you’re going through a divorce or dissolving a business – not to worry. Something about how this all unfolds will not only be the best thing ever, but actually have you moving in the right direction.  Call it a course correction.


Something is not working in your relationships. But is it really?  Or is the problem something inside of you? This month, you will get very clear on who you are.  This bolt of insight might come while expanding your mind in the pages the latest new age book.  Maybe you discover that ego is not such a bad word or that needy and having needs are two different things. Unleashing your creativity can help give you that much needed aha moment.


Don’t let work get in the way of your spiritual development this month.  You have the opportunity to go deep.  Allow things to bubble to the surface and you might find yourself wondering if you are a little bit psychic.  Don’t doubt that you know that you know what you know.  You do.


You have stubborn ideas about love.  You may even be rigid about your creativity.  It feels like nobody gets it. Nobody understands.  They do, Capricorn.  They see that you are in your own way, and they are just trying to help you let your guard down so you can achieve all your hopes and dreams.


You’re rising in status and you have the magic touch knowing how to work and make money.  Push-back from your family and foundations are helping you to figure out this work smart formula.  People will be looking to you in awe. How did she do it?  Part of the formula is that necessity is the mother of all creation!


You are seeking love and beauty in your environment. Your restlessness may make you a bit rash. Unconscious material is emerging to help question all that you thought you knew and sending you off in a new direction in terms of your creativity.  Take your time with it all.  Sometimes moving in a new direction needs to be spontaneous. Sometimes it needs to be well considered.  Connecting with your guides and teachers will help.



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