Aquarius Full Moon – August 11, 2022

Throwback Thursday! The full moon on Thursday, August 11th is a throwback to 2021. The Full moon is at 19 degrees of Aquarius and is conjunct to Saturn and square to Uranus. This throws us back to the 2021 Saturn Uranus square energy.

Saturn square to Uranus brought in an energy of restriction vs freedom. In 2021 this was channelled through the covid pandemic responses around the world – lockdown, curfews, restrictions and medical mandates and the responses to them. This energy is revisited at this full moon. The full moon is also highlighting the recent Uranus, North Node and Mars conjunction, tying together the events of 2021 and its impact on events now. Changes in food security, money supply, farming and agriculture responses are the culmination of decisions made in 2021 – The cracks are starting to show and the collateral damage is being assessed.

The Sabian symbol for this full moon is a “Big white dove, a message bearer.” The wide dove is a message of peace.

In 1948 Picasso painted an image of a dove. About it, he said, “I stand for life against death; I stand for peace against war.” It was in response to totalitarianism and became a symbol of communism around the world. In 1949 this was a big deal as at the end of World War II and the beginning of the cold war, communism was a dirty word. Picasso however saw it as the solution to the lack of freedom in totalitarian regimes.

The dove is a beautiful white bird. They are said to be excellent navigators, able to bring messages. This is likely why Noah after the flood sent out a dove to take stock of the situation. If it returned with a stick, it meant dry land was nearby. It signified that the turbulence is over and peace and normalcy were on their way. It should be noted that It didn’t mean that when you reach land, that there was no loss or damage. It’s only a reminder that even if things fall apart, this is the worst of it and there is hope in the future!

This provides an important comparison for the energy of the Aquarius full moon on August 11th. Aquarius is about humanitarianism, love, and peace. It’s also about rebellion, change and reform. It’s able to achieve that through innovation, advancement and invention. So this full moon while we may be facing some uncomfortable situations, we have so much material to work with to construct a better future.

Siva is conjunct the full moon bringing in the energy of breakdown, regeneration and destruction of fixed beliefs. Siva helps to fuel the emotions needed to examine what needs to go and what should be held on to be carried forward.

Opposite this full moon are three asteroids, Amor, Apollo and Praamzius.

As opposing energy, Apollo represents plague and disease. It also represents attracting recurrent and familiar crises. Don’t be surprised if something that you thought was over (AKA a pandemic) rears its ugly head. In it, we are challenged to connect with true healing. Apollo is also connected to prophecy and oracles, so we may need to tap into a sixth sense to really understand what is right for us.

Praamzius is the sky god of peace and friendship, but when challenged it represents feeling doomed to no escape. The reappearance of issues may really bring us down. This energy challenges us to connect with the sky and the idea of timing to understand our fate. Astrology helps us with this. There is a time for everything, and with time, all things shall pass. If we work with this energy, we can shift our feeling of doom and envision a better future. What will help is if we connect with that energy of peace and the energy of friendship and connection.

Finally, Amor is opposite the full moon which brings in the energy of love. Like the doves, Amor represents love and peace. But like Picasso and his ideas around communism as the solution in his time, we may have different ideas of how peace is arrived at. We are challenged to find the place where we agree with our loved ones instead of looking at our separateness. There is no doubt during 2021, we saw family and friends separate over their views on pandemic measures. Even though we may see the solution differently, what Amor is asking us to do is to find the place of commonality where we find love, loyalty and peace.

Happy Full Moon in Aquarius!

Leo New Moon – August 2022

The New Moon on July 28th is at 5 degrees of Leo. Leo is about our creativity, our sense of fun, and our creative expression. It’s our sense of competition and our delight at the risk in play. Leo calls on our courage and conviction.

Normally I write the horoscope and then I head on over to Amanda Ellis on YouTube, who speaks occasionally about planets and always about the energy of the moons, but from a card reader perspective. Invariably we are always on the same page! She is my confirmation that I’m on the right track! I usually watch her video after I’ve written and posted my horoscope, but this time it was posted early and I couldn’t wait! Initially, her reading for this new moon was quite dire. But she then got to how we navigate the energy and it’s in how we navigate the energy that the Leo moon energy came to life (the rest was the backdrop). She imagined a dark tunnel and us crawling through it commando style to get to where we needed to go (the lions gate on Aug 8th). This is exactly what the Leo moon is calling us to do.

The new moon is conjunct Valkunus which brings in a volatile component. It’s like Indiana Jones; dark tunnels, bridges with alligators or fire licking up, pits with snakes or spiders… this all represents the explosive chaos that is around us. Instead of seeing it as a reason to stay put, we see an obstacle course ahead.  Something wants to erupt and we respond to it with our own explosion of courage, creativity, risk, and sense of competition! We summon the Leo new moon courage, we make it an adventure and we go for it! It feels scary (as we are dealing with the real world) but fun!

We are not alone. We have the rest of our group is trying to get there too. We egg each other on. We shout words of team spirit and encouragement that we/you can do it. This is symbolized by Ceres, which is conjunct the new moon, and which uses praise to make us feel nurtured, and cared for and to summons a deep belief in ourselves.

Our goal and destination has something to do with Isis, which is also conjunct the new moon. Isis is the Egyptian goddess whose husband Osiris was killed by his jealous brother twice by cutting him into pieces. The first time Isis reassembles him, but the second time she was unable to find a piece. Isis is associated with putting the pieces together or finding the missing link. In Egyptian times, her tears were a symbol for the flooding of the Nile, so she is also associated with agriculture and the star Sirius, which at its helical rising signalled like clockwork, the rise of the flood waters in Egypt. Interestingly, as a historical fact, the Nile does not flood anymore. Due to British colonization, damns were built to stop the flooding in the early 1900s. The final version was built in Aswan, ending the flood in Lake Nasser in 1970. It displaced the Nubian inhabitants that lived there, required the relocation of many ancient Egyptian temples including Isis’s temple, and ended the natural seasons. Isis is calling on us to find the missing pieces, reconnect, recreate, re-incorporate natural seasons, and connect with our guiding stars. This is reinforced by the fact that the Sun and Moon are also conjunct the asteroid Varuna. Varuna is the Indian god who brings in rules associated with the creation of the earth and the limits and order around it, including the horizon, the seasons and the cycles of the planets.

Our mission… this obstacle course we are running requires us to reconnect with natural cycles and obey the rules of the universe! As above, so below

We have lots of optimistic help at this new moon. The new moon is trine to Jupiter in Aries, expanding the desire for new starts and unexplored territory, and jumpstarting our assertiveness.  It’s also sextile Pallas, which allows us to build a new strategy for the future.

The Sabian symbol for the new moon is An old-fashioned woman and an up-to-date girl and reflects changing values and norms. Many times what is old fashion is seen as built to last. While up-to-date may be fashionable and trendy, it breaks down or doesn’t last long. As we move forward, is there a way that we can incorporate the best of the old-fashioned and the up-to-date? As we find our way, reassemble, and reconnect, we are called on to reflect on the values and norms we want to mainstay and what is no longer useful and needs to go.

Happy New Moon in Leo!

Values, Food and Finance Revolution – Mars, Uranus and the North Node

Mars, Uranus and the North Node meet on August 1st. Since the North node oscillates and Mars likes to trigger a couple of days in advance, we are in for about a two-week period of groundbreaking energy. Everything is about to get a little bumpy… Since this energy is happening in Taurus, I wanted to write a post getting you thinking about how to work gracefully with the energy. Talking leadership in your life means being forewarned and making conscious decisions

First I’d like to start with what each of these planets/points means and how they operate together.

Uranus is revolution, change, and technology. It’s the planet of the unexpected, of surprises and of sudden moves or upsets.

Mars is an action-oriented planet. It’s movement, ambitions, drive, fighting and war.

The North Node is the direction in which we are evolving or meant to be evolving. You’ve likely already become aware of the topics Taurus is bringing up; money (finance, banking, investments), values (our enduring beliefs), valuables (car, house, jewels) and land (agricultural, farming).

So when you add Uranus and Mars to these evolving directions, then you get tectonic shifts in any or all of these areas.

Our governments are guiding the direction in a particular way; implementing new structures; policy, legislation and guidance. Their plan all over the world involves revolutionizing money, food, valuables and even our values. Globally the governments are planning for digital currency, chocolate-covered bugs and other bug food products, and ownership of nothing. New values include a focus on gender inclusion and reducing your habits for the good of the environment, for example flying less or eating less meat. Maybe you are happy with these changes, maybe you don’t really know what they mean or how they will affect you or perhaps you are just plain opposed to the plan.

Wherever you are coming from, things are going to change. What I always say about Uranus, whether in your personal life or in the world at large, is that you need to make it conscious and to make conscious choices around it. If you don’t… it will make choices for you and not always in the direction you would like.

How are people reacting so far? Riots are happening in countries currently going broke, farmers are rising up in Europe against policies that will negatively affect them, inflation is skyrocketing everywhere causing our possessions to hold less and less worth and for people to panic in terms of where to put their hard-earned cash – real estate? Bitcoin? Stocks? Bonds?.. they all look bleak. All of this plus backlash against movements that are trying to shift our values; gender identity, abortion rights, freedom rights and our right to eat meat and potatoes daily!

If you are happy with the direction… enjoy the ride… if not… design your own ride! Like I said, resistance is futile. We must change! Uranus will make sure of that. If you don’t like what is happening, you cannot stand still! You cannot stick your head in the sand and you cannot revolt without a replacement plan. What does your Taurus look like? What is your vision for the future? Don’t like digital currency? What currency system would you have instead? Don’t like eating bugs and no meat? What would you need to do to ensure a table of the foods you love? Make a list of changes to the financial system, food system, and changes in societal values that are pushing your buttons then don’t just take to the streets, dig deep and develop a new way. Like I said, revolting to what we find revolting is not enough… the north node in Taurus wants a redesign!

Let me go back a little bit to share the astrological setup for this…

In 2020 we entered a new economic epoch. This forms the backdrop of economic changes. On December 21, 2020, the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction in the sign of Aquarius started a shift to a new form of economy. One based on air qualities rather than the last 300 or so years of earth. This shift will help to bring us into the age of Aquarius. My personal opinion is that the earth energy for the last 300 years or so enjoyed a centralized system. While earth is concentrated in one spot, the air is defused… it’s decentralized. In fact, we’ve slowly been moving towards it. The internet disrupted everything, decentralizing music, media, travel, transportation, learning and more. To put a cap on further decentralization, governments need to regulate… they need to stop the decentralization of money – crypto such as bitcoin and Ethereum are a big threat. Media has decentralization a little too much for their comfort level, so has the ability to organize and protest. New legislation is all about controlling crowds, controlling media information (revolution), and controlling the currency.

But do we need government? Do they have our best interest at heart? or can that also be decentralized? Pluto has been transforming government and large corporate structures since 2008 and with its stay in Capricorn coming to a close by January 21, 2024, we are seriously questioning “what have you done for me lately?

Intrinsically there is nothing wrong with a new upgrade financial system, or farming system. There is nothing wrong with supporting the environment or even evolving what we can possess. The First Nations owned nothing and didn’t even have a concept of it. Nor is there anything wrong with upgrading our values. Ultimately Taurus wants us ALL to recognize that worth doesn’t belong to just a couple of powerful (Scorpio)… worth belongs to us all (Taurus). And so the more we operate from a place of valuing ourselves, the more that we increase the value of the environment, the things we own, and the food we eat. We treat it with respect as the first nations did, and don’t rely on our governments to direct our behaviour to do so.

As Uranus, Mars and the North Node meet up, the acceleration for changes speeds up. Time to figure out where you stand!