Horoscope: Feb 11 – 17, 2019

Feb 11 – 17

Breakthrough Healing

What to expect: Intensity
What to watch out for: focusing on the tension
What will it affect? Collective wounds, social injustices, relationships

The week starts with some gnarly energy. It has an opportunity it in, so don’t be dismayed. Chiron is at the last degree of Pisces getting ready to go into Aries. While Chiron has been in Pisces, we have come face-to-face with our collective wounds. At times we wondered if something went wrong. Did we collectively turn the channel? Did we all unconsciously decide to switch timelines? Things have happened in our world that has collectively thrown us all for a loop. As Chiron gets ready to move to Aries, the intensity of the collective wounds that Chiron has been having us examine intensifies. This week what do we collectively need to face?

To answer that question, I first need to give you a lesson on boomerang Yod. A Yod, also called ‘The Finger of God’ happens when two planets are sextile and those two planets make an inconjunct (150-degree angle) to another planet. In the case this week a Yod is formed when Chiron and Juno are sextile and making an inconjunct to Pallas. A boomerang Yod is when a planet sit’s at the midpoint between those two sextile planets and opposite the planet, they are making an inconjunct to. In this case, there are two planets. Uranus and Mars!

I know… that’s a lot of info, so to help you grasp this, imagine a bow and arrow. The bow is the two sextile planets. The arrow is in the middle of the bow, pointed out. Normally you would be able to pull back on the arrow and it would send it flying out into the world. It might not go straight. It may hit its target, or it may not. As you stand there getting ready to shoot your arrow you feel the tension between Chiron (the one side of the bow) and Pallas (the arrow). Chiron in Pisces deeply bringing up our collective wound and Pallas is in Libra which has been keenly aware of the patterns in our social conditions that are contributing to it. You also feel the uncomfortable energy between Juno in Taurus (who is sitting at the other side of the bow) who doesn’t want to rock the boat because she likes security and predictability and again Pallas (that same arrow) that shoots her a look that says “get a grip, our society is falling apart”. Your bow (consisting of Chiron and Juno) are able to work together to heal. Chiron brings up all of our unconscious crap and Juno says “give me a hug”. The problem is your arrow (Pallas) doesn’t really care what the bow is saying. A hug may feel good, but it doesn’t address the social issue of how are we all going to get along? So you stand there like Robin Hood, bow in hand and prepared for release. You know with all this tension that if you release the arrow it may not hit its target. But now you have a helper. Right there in the middle of that bow, you have a planet (actually two). It’s a planet that helps you to have focus, aim, and the potential for mastery. It’s a planet that changes you from a regular ‘guy’ with a bow and arrow into an Archer. In comes Uranus and Mars in the last degree of Aries! They are both right there in the middle of our bow. They are our helpers!

Uranus has been in Aries for a while. It has been the reawakening identity politics… race, sex, national boundary…. what defines us? What makes us who we are? How are we advantaged or disadvantaged by who we are? Uranus has brought it up and challenged us to transform those ideas of identity. It’s not been easy. Its lead to Arab springs and occupy movements. It’s brought forward Black Lives Matter and many many other similar movements based on identity. But have we come up with an answer? Have we healed the issue?

There is an opportunity to use this energy for a deep and everlasting breakthrough and it happens between Feb 11th and 12th when Uranus and Mars are exactly conjunct. Use these days to focus less on the discomfort and tension (stay away from blame or endless focus on the problem) and more on what we need to transform in our identities to make social situations ascend or in arrow terms – soar and hit their target!

Why? Chiron Sextile Juno, Mars Conjunction Uranus, Mars Opposition Pallas

The Power of Thoughts

What to expect: Thin boundaries
What to watch out for: Taking on others crap
What will it affect? Communication, nurturance needs, causes that involve helping

On Feb 12 – 13th Mercury will conjunct Vesta in Pisces. This puts us deeply in connection with our intuitions and causes us to feel passionate about helping. We can merge with the collective wounds and lose ourselves to a cause that is greater than us.  However, If you are Empathic, this energy may be difficult. You can feel the weight of the world, the heartache of the person sitting next to you, the confusion of thoughts floating through the air and get lost. It’s now important to have tools to help you identify what is yours and what is another’s. Empath’s are important people. They are needed to save and heal our world. But the Empaths has to first learn how to nurture and take care of and to keep themselves safe. Have you learned how to stay grounded while throwing out the lifesaver for help? Or do you jump into the ocean of feels only to be pulled under by the current?

Added to the problem is Vesta squaring Ceres which can make us feel alone and isolated. Like the latchkey child of the ’70s sitting at home by themselves making cheese with cornflakes sandwich on white bread to comfort themselves until Mom gets home from work, it can make us feel a deep well of loneliness. Mercury is also square Ceres which creates a lonely internal dialogue with your inner child. I’m not safe, I’m not loved, no-one cares. The second tool that you will need now is how to take care of and nurture your own inner child. Thoughts are powerful. If you’re feeling challenged with this one, watch the documentary HEAL for some inspiration and tips.

Why? Mercury Conjunction Vesta , Vesta Square Ceres, Mercury Square Ceres

Two Steps Ahead

What to expect: Creative thinking
What to watch out for: Fearing change
What will it affect? Relationships, money, security

On Feb 17th the Sun will sextile Uranus. The Sun still in Aquarius, the sign that likes change and innovation works well with Uranus to implement any new directions that you now feel moved to work towards. On the same day, Venus is also sextile Neptune allowing us to be visionary. Venus is in Capricorn and is slow and methodical in her approach to money and relationships, but in a sextile to Neptune in Pisces she able to be visionary in practical ways. What needs to change? What are the grounded and steady steps we need to take to make it happen?

Mars entered into Taurus on Feb 14th and Uranus will follow soon. Revolution on the things we feel security and stability around is on its way. Change is never comfortable. But what visionary steps can we take to bring in the revolutionary energy in, in the way we desire?

Why? Mars Entering Taurus, Sun Sextile Uranus, Venus Sextile Neptune

December Horoscope 2016

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Words of authority and Power

What to expect: Authoritative words
What to watch out for: Postulating
What will it affect? Communications

November was a watershed month. Neptune’s position opposite the North Node brought to light some truths, but in ways we could have never predicted. The truth of our power, the truth of the powers that be. The truth of the hearts of men and women.

December begins with Mercury moving into Capricorn. Mercury will be in Capricorn for all of December, retrograding later in the month. For the first part of the month we are seeking authoritative opinions, approaching things with skepticism and some caution. We may seek to impress with our words and to be highly intellectual. Mercury will travel towards Pluto, speak to Pluto, and proceed to walk off stage in a retrograde motion. Mercury does not quite touch Pluto –this will happen in January. As Mercury moves it becomes more and more concerned with the deeper truth. By the time mercury retrogrades on the 19th, we will become more curious about what is pretention and what is real authority. More on Mercury retrograde later in the month.
Why? Mercury in Capricorn.

Launching Projects

What to expect: Focused energy
What to watch out for: Rose colour glasses
What will it affect? Projects

We can get busy between Dec 1 – 3 on any project that we are hoping to get off the ground. Saturn, currently in a two and a half year visit to Sagittarius, is doing an audit on all things Sagittarius –laws, media, religion, beliefs, foreign lands and foreign relations and travel. Saturn will sit between Mars and Jupiter and these two will join together to accomplish tasks for Saturn. We’ll have focus and a mixture of optimism and realism as we put our plans into action. It’s likely that projects will centre on humanitarian issues and issues of change as Mars brings in Aquarius’ energy and connects it to Jupiter in Libra. This energy is currently concerned with expanding diplomacy, peace, justice and fairness. Even if your business’s main focus is separate from these areas, they will play a subtle but pivotal role in its sustained success. What does your Human Rights policy look like? Do your marketing and media products reflect diversity? These areas and more can be acted on with success.

As we get to work, our initial approach may be one of rose coloured glasses, as Neptune squares relationship asteroid Juno. However, Jupiter and Mars will help us to recognize viable projects.

Why? Mars Trine Transiting Jupiter, Mars Sextile Transiting Saturn, Neptune Square Transiting Juno

65567133 - us gold dollar coin featuring great law of peace haudenosauneeWeek Dec 5 – 11th

Innovation breakthroughs

What to expect: Innovating ideas
What to watch out for: Becoming overly fierce
What will it affect? Social change, humanitarian efforts, partnerships

Dec 6th is a good day for innovative thinking. We’ll have the ability to access breakthroughs in our projects and have the drive towards necessary changes. Our humanitarian energy also continues with Venus entering Aquarius on Dec 7th. Values centred on individuality, freedom and change come to the surface. It’s also a great time for coming together in an inventive or innovative partnership. These are not necessarily business or romantic partnerships, but partnerships that centre on ideals, political alliances and humanitarian efforts. We are also highly motivated by change and independence and are fiercely protective of rights related to freedom, food and sustenance.

Why? Venus Entering Aquarius, Mars Sextile Uranus, Mars Sextile Ceres

Team problem solving

What to expect: power in teams
What to watch out for: letting the energy pass
What will it affect? Communication, solutions, plans for the future

December 8 and 9th are a great days to come together for team building or team learning. This can be as simple as a mastermind meeting or as complex as a formal team exercise. I once participated in a team exercise that involved a group of us from diverse backgrounds on a simulation of the Titanic sinking. We had the ship blue prints and a map of the surrounding area including depths and icebergs. W also knew, with the benefit of hindsight, that there was a way to save everyone. Having this kind of optimism was really helpful because in the knowing we felt inspired and almost competitive to find the solution before the ship sank. With the sun aspecting Jupiter we may be able to access a similar kind of optimism and faith even though we don’t have the same benefit of knowing the outcome.
Why? Mercury Trine North Node, Sun Sextile Jupiter

Clashes with Authority

What to expect: Questioning authority
What to watch out for: Open wounds
What will it affect? Structures, beliefs, social movements

The Sun conjuncts Saturn on the 10th and then squares Chiron on the 11th. At the same time the Sun trines Uranus. A major clash with authority opens wide a wound. In this clash lies an opportunity for healing and change. This revs up some energy that will carry us towards the end of the month. In your businesses and lives, this may be you clashing with authority and if you are in authority, others clashing with you. On a social level this energy is reminiscent of the flower child movement o f the 60’s and is likely to be named a movement of its own in a similar vein. Artistic expression and communication through music and spirituality will help to nurtures independence and freedom. This time it will have a Saturnian feel – traditional, sorrowful and wise-

Why? Sun Conjunction Saturn, Mercury Neptune, Sun Trine Uranus, Sun Square Chiron, Sun Trine Ceres, Venus Opposition Vesta

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Dec 12 – 18


What to expect: Opportunity for Integration
What to watch out for: Overwhelm
What will it affect? Thoughts, beliefs, wounds, fairness.

The Full Moon on December 13 is in Gemini. A Full Moon is when the Moon is opposite the Sun. At this Full Moon the moon is also in opposition to the sun AND Saturn. This makes for a very serious full moon. We are still deeply connected with a wound, clashes with authority and ideas that have been forming over the last little while. At this full moon we have a chance to creatively integrate all that has been passing through our thoughts and move towards understanding. This is because the Full Moon will help to create an aspect pattern called the mystic rectangle. Experiences are best integrated through creativity involving writing, words or stories. Additionally, the full moon favours ceremonial processes. The moon is in Gemini, an air sign, and the sun in Sagittarius, a fire sign, so we can use the elements of air and fire in ceremony. Burn incense or sage; use the wind to churn the embers.

Why? Full Moon at 22°Ge25′


What to expect: Focus on giving
What to watch out for: How we give
What will it affect? Various Causes

Between Dec 14 – 18th Kindness, compassion and philanthropy comes to the forefront. This time, the energy is focused around a caring for causes. We feel compelled on a large scale to champion causes and many will find this kind of support important and necessary in order to maintain the fabric of society. Sites like Razoo, charity for good, charity navigator, and Canadahelps come into focus.

Why? Mars Conjunction Transiting Pallas, Sun Sextile Transiting Pallas

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Dec 19 – 25

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn

What to expect: Review
What to watch out for: Questions ourselves
What will it affect? Communications, contracts, travel

On Dec 19th mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn. Mercury has been traveling in Capricorn since the beginning of the month when we sought authoritative opinions, and approached things with skepticism and caution. As mercury turns and goes back over this ground, we check and double check the structures in our lives and the structures in our world. We also check in on who really has authority, who is just postulating and what words will actually help us to achieve. Mercury retrograde is not a good time to start anything new. And, no, it’s not the best time to travel either, though many of us will be unable to avoid it over the holidays. It is a time to go over communications and re-visit, re-do, re-vise. The only thing to caution with mercury in Capricorn is that sometimes we actually did have the right answer the first time. As you go over everything, don’t let doubt or insecurity make you second guess what you know is right. Mars goes into Pisces on the same day, so we may be a little more tuned into our intuition. However, we may also become less decisive.

Why? Mercury retrograde, Mars in Pisces

Vacation Time!

What to expect: Enjoyment
What to watch out for: Nothing!
What will it affect? Relationships, acquaintances, social gatherings.

Between the 20 – 25rd of December Venus will connect with Juno and Jupiter. This is a great time to start your vacation. The moods will be jolly and gay and we’ll feel like socializing. We have a desire to connect with others and especially our beloved. On the 22nd we will feel this even more strongly with the Moon joining up with Jupiter. We may be joining together for the season, or we may be joining together for a cause. Venus is still in Aquarius and very focused on humanitarian values, as well as time with friends and associates. It’s an enjoyable time during which differences can be embraced.. Venus is at a degree where she has found resilience despite disappointment and disillusionment. She connects with others and feels a sense of grounding in the communion and ceremony. There is a uniqueness and practicality combined in this energy as well as openness to change and new ideas. For that reason, Christmas dinner (if you celebrate Christmas) may not be so bad!

Why? Venus Sextile Juno, Venus Trine Jupiter, Venus Sextile Uranus, Venus Sextile Saturn, Saturn Trine Uranus, Venus Sextile Transiting Ceres

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Dec 26 – Dec 31


What to expect: Need to break away
What to watch out for: Throwing out the good too
What will it affect? New directions taken

On December 26 Jupiter will oppose Uranus. This is a ‘throw the baby out with the bath water’ type of energy. There is a need for freedom and to break free. On the 27th this energy is reinforced by Mars opposite the North Node when self assertive behaviours will be focused on breaking free of people, places and things that hold us back. On one hand this may be good if we are breaking free of something that has held us in chains, such as an addictive relationship. On the other hand, it may cause quite a bit of disruption.

There are good things happening on the 26th that will help to stabilize this energy. Mercury, in its retrograde motion, is connecting to the communication structures of the past though spirituality, visions and creativity as it connects to Neptune. We are also inspired by loving and nurturing values that center on humanity and freedom. Connecting with trusted leaders and advisors, even our spirit guides or guidance system will be beneficial at this time.

Why? Jupiter Opposition Uranus, Mars Opposition North Node, Mercury Sextile Neptune, Venus Sextile Ceres

Healthy Competition

What to expect: Competition
What to watch out for: Opportunities to compete
What will it affect? Motivation, direction, competitive spirit

On the 27th we get energized to start on a new project. The New Year is coming and this is great energy for putting our plans into action. We may also feel compelled to compete at something. Competitions are a great way to motivate yourself towards achieving a goal that you may be complacent towards otherwise. Competitions can take the form of writing competitions, athletic competitions, and award competitions for the best in a category, such as business or marketing. You may also consider offering a competition if you’re a company or business. Anything that challenges our competitive spirit and connects with others will be favoured now.

Why? Sun Trine  North Node, Sun Sextile  Mars

A Social Movement

What to expect: Looking at structures
What to watch out for: Hybrid opportunities
What will it affect? Social Change

By the 28th when Saturn squares Chiron, we will be breaking free from authority’s abusive patterns. Saturn is father, patriarch, authority and status quo and Chiron the teacher and healer. In business Saturn is doing an audit on laws, media, military, religious or belief institutions and higher education. Chiron has been in Pisces, being a teacher and healer in the realm of water (hence Standing Rock), shipping, fishing, oil (hence Standing Rock),drugs (hence the opioid crisis), advertising and sales, mysteries, hidden knowledge, firms and photography. These two square off for the first time and will be doing so again through 2017 (April 30 and Nov 2, 2017). This energy has been building all month and comes into sharp focus on the 28th. It wants us to look at structures and policies that are no longer working and bring healing into the areas connected by the two signs. Though difficult, this energy is very useful for coming up with hybrid approaches. The sun is connecting with mercury retrograde in Capricorn on the same day. It’s a day we can successfully renegotiate contracts and look at all structures related to communication and re-visit and revise. Mercury also makes a positive connection to Mars, helping us to be decisive and good with the technical details. It also provides useful energy for negotiations. The trick to making this work is to remember that mercury is retrograde and that taking actions is only advisable if you’re reworking, revising, reviewing or re-negotiating.

Why? Sun Conjunction  Mercury, Mercury Sextile Mars, Saturn Square  Chiron

New Moon at 7°Cp59′ – Planning Opportunity

What to expect: New Intentions and Plans
What to watch out for: Opportunities to dream
What will it affect? Direction, new intentions, communications

The New Moon is in Capricorn on Dec 29th. Uranus will also go direct on the 29th. We’ll have a burst of energy getting us ready to take new directions into 2017.

Getting together with a team—maybe the same team as earlier this month when mercury made its first trine to the north node— will help to regroup and redirect. The New Moon will also be in a sextile to Neptune, giving us energy for imagination and creativity. This would be a great day not just to set intentions, but also to get out your planner and plan the year.

Why? New Moon at 7°Cp59′, Mercury Trine North Node