Horoscope: May 27 – June 2, 2019

May 27 – June 2

Money is the root of all Love

What to expect: Shifts in what matters
What to watch out for: Changes in money and love
What will it affect? Money, Relationships, values

On May 28th, the Sun will oppose Ceres. Ceres has been retrograde in Sagittarius making us question our beliefs around nurturing. Ceres brings up themes around children, food and the cycles of life and death, planting and harvesting. As these two oppose we think about these topics further. We go deeper into our beliefs around abortion, climate change, overpopulation, overuse and the impact of all of these.

Neptune will also trine Juno. Neptune is said to be the highest octave of Venus though mostly associated with love, is also associated with money. Juno also associated with love – the sustained partnership variety AND is also associated with money. The Goddess Juno Moneta was protectress of the mint! With these two making a trine, relationship are elevated to a higher spiritual level. And this also means that money matters can also be elevated to a higher level.

As Juno in cancer comes to oppose Saturn and conjunct the North node on May 30th, we see a major shift in how money is minted. In truth it’s been happening for a while. With app’s now being released to allow for easier day to day purchase, it seems likely that we may see a surge this week with the use of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurreny embodies a Neptunian concept of money. Many find it hard to grasp. It is structured and lives on the internet and servers. In truth, so does the money we currently use day to day. On the occasion we use it’s traditional paper form, but mostly we transact in a online world. What’s  different is that while banks are centrally controlled, cryptocurrency is not. The large banks are represented at the south node with Saturn in Capricorn. They have been experiencing threats to the centralized banking system by this decentralized technology.

Why? Sun Opposition Ceres, Neptune Trine Juno, Venus Sextile Neptune, Saturn Opposition Juno, Juno Conjunction North Node

Truth, Lies and Confusion

What to expect: confusion
What to watch out for: mistruths
What will it affect? Thinking, Reasoning, Communication

On May 29th Mercury will square Neptune. This is a red flag for all typed of communication, including business communication. Mercury is in Gemini and square to Neptune in Pisces. Both are in mutable signs which increase the likelihood of changeability. Falsehoods may be deliberate, but more likely things will change so fast that something that was once true will now be false. Minds can change and words can be bent. On May 30th Mercury will also oppose Jupiter increasing the likely hood of overconfidence. Sh!t-talk, hogwash, verbal diarrhea, talking a mile-a-min and brain-farts may all be possible. Check in with your intuition for the truth and make sure to check yourself for what may be coming out of your mouth too!

Why? Mercury Square Neptune, Mercury Opposition Jupiter

Money matters

What to expect: Changing Structures
What to watch out for: HOlding on the old structures
What will it affect?Strategy, Money, The status Quo

On May 31st the sun will trine Pallas and that helps us to see the big picture. Pallas is all about feminine strategy making this a good time to figure out plans and goals. Venus is in Taurus were it feels at home. This gives it some strength. She makes a sextile to the north node and juno and a trine to Saturn and Pluto. This helps with being practical in money matters but also helps us to redirect our resources. We no long feel tied to the old structures and are open to new financial and money relationships. There is likely to be huge transformations around our financial agreements especially as we get closer to Venus trining Pluto exactly on June 2nd.

Why? Sun Trine Pallas, Venus Sextile North Node, Venus Trine Saturn, Venus Sextile Juno, Mars Square Pallas, Venus Trine Pluto

Horoscope: May 20 – 26, 2019

May 20 – 26

What needs to change?

What to expect: the need to let go
What to watch out for: Holding on to the old
What will it affect? Governments, business, new ideas, communication

The Nodes are osculating points in the sky where the orbit of the moon crosses the ecliptic. They are dichotomous points at the north and southern hemisphere. In astrology the South Node and North Node represent the evolutionary path for us here on earth. The North Node pointing to the direction that is at this moment right for us to pursue. The south node represents the past – the people, project and habits that must be released. The release does not necessarily mean that those things at the south node are bad, but that they are outworn, outdated and overdone. In allowing them to become overdone, we’ve created a karmic pathology that needs correcting and rebalancing. Planets that connect with the nodes give us a chance to do that course correcting. This week it’s Saturn at the south node currently in Capricorn. Capricorn is about big business, government, ambitions and achievements and quite frankly the patriarchy. This week is an opportunity to let go of those things that no longer work within those structures. This is not an easy thing, but Saturn is currently in its home sign and when the moon joins up with this combination on May 22nd our emotions get involved. Something has got to give! The North node is calling us to nurture, love, support and protect. While the south node in Capricorn may feel that protection looks a little different. It wants to hold on to and protect old structures; the North node is the clan mother who is making sure protection means protection for all.

The Sun and Mercury will enter Gemini on May 21st and make a conjunction. This is a good time to talk things out. Communication will be paramount. We’ll have an opportunity to express our thinking, negotiate contracts, and discuss topics. Our curiosity is insatiable. As we allow ourselves to brainstorm and generate as many options as possible we move us closer to breakthroughs. On May 22nd Mars will sextile Uranus and innovative thinking and breakthroughs are possible.

Why? Saturn Opposition North Node, Sun Entering Gemini, Sun Conjunction Mercury, Mercury Entering Gemini, Jupiter Trine Transiting Vesta, Mars Sextile Transiting Uranus


Working through the pain

What to expect: Opportunity for healing
What to watch out for: spiritual bypass
What will it affect? Communication, healing, need for control

On May 23rd Mercury will sextile Chirons and we can make a connection with our wounds to talk about them in productive ways. This is a great time for journaling, meditation, and connecting with our inner self to sooth and reaffirm. The problem will be that Mars is also making a square to Chiron and this bring in the temptation to deal with things quickly with the likelihood of some spiritual bypass. The danger is that we want to get through our pain in a hurry and are a little uncomfortable with the feelings that come up. The best way to deal with this energy is to slow down and ‘enjoy’ the path. There is no shortcut to forgiveness! You can’t get to forgiveness without going through the spectrum of emotions – anger, blame, sadness and acceptance.

On May 23rd Pluto is also square to Vesta which brings out an extremely manipulative energy. Pluto in a square to Vesta brings out the negative side of both energies. Pluto wants to control, manipulate, and can be vindictive. The negative side of Vesta, the sacred flame in a fire sign is a strong commitment to independence and personal autonomy. When these two square off, extreme power struggles are the result. As you allow yourself to feel all the emotions, you may feel a need to lash out. Go in your garage and through plates at the wall. In other words, try working through the emotions in a safe environment. Another time will come for action. One where you are not putting yourself in danger, even if it’s only emotional danger.

Why? Mercury Sextile Chiron, Mars Square Chiron, Pluto Square Vesta

Breakdown to breakthrough

What to expect: Strong debate
What to watch out for: High emotion
What will it affect? Food, children, life and death, our personal wounds

On May 24th Mercury is opposite Ceres and this brings us deeper into conversations about the cycles of life. Mercury is in Gemini where it loves to talk, have conversations, discuss topics and news. Ceres, the dwarf planet responsible for the cycle of life, currently in Sagittarius is taking us deep into our beliefs around motherhood, children, food and nurturance, life and death. Topics include climate change and affects on our food supply, children and abortion, Sagittarius can be dogmatic when challenged and this is exactly what Mercury in Gemini does. Expect heated discussions and remember to manage your own emotions. The good news is on May 25th Mercury will trine Pallas. Pallas is in Libra and is helping us to see all sides and to envision balance. The two work together to help develop strategy around bringing things into balance. In addition on May 26th the Sun in Gemini will sextile Chiron and will help us to continue our spiritual and healing work.

I strongly believe that those we are emotionally and spiritual evolved are better able to handle these energy. If you can focus on increasing your emotional intelligence through doing your inner work, you’ll be better able to handle these energies and effect the world from a stronger place.

Why? Mercury Opposition Ceres, Mercury Trine Pallas, Sun Sextile Chiron

Horoscope: May 13 – 19, 2019

May 13 – 19

Inner vs outer worth!

What to expect: Security shakeups!
What to watch out for: Stubbornness
What will it affect? Ego, relationships, material things, expectations

As I sit here writing this, I flip over my mouse to turn it on. “made in China”. I turn over my 5 days a week Knock Knock mouse pad… “Hecho en China”. I make my coffee, but before I pour, turn it over “made in China”. I pick up my iPhone to google “where is iPhone made?”… well, all over really, but mostly assembled in China. The Sun is transiting in the sign that loves creature comforts, a favourite mug it doesn’t care to give it up! A mouse pad that allows you to plan on it, a phone that you’ve used for years and just know. The material things that represent stability. As the Sun in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn we are pushed to transform. The structures are changing and Pluto in Capricorn is making sure of it. Taurus doesn’t care for change. It likes security, predictability and the known. We are being pushed to transform something inside of us that doesn’t want to give that up. Do we fight back? Do we get disciplined with money? What needs to transform deep within us to allow for us to meet our needs? This is an easy aspect so we can work with a coach or healer to gain understanding. You can also access the same information though bodyworkers such as chiropractors. Incorporate gemstones like black obsidian to gently help you access the truth.

Pallas in Libra will then square Juno in Cancer and tensions arise between our relationships and family expectations. We can’t please everyone. By the 15th Venus will enter Taurus and Mars will enter Cancer, but before they do on the 14th Venus will sextile Mars at the last degree of Gemini and Aries. Relationships will feel exciting and intellectually interesting. At the last degree, there may be intensity to it. Others will challenge us in a good way! Eventually as the two move on it will settle into secure, traditional and protective, so maybe there is nothing for the family or the tribe to fear!

Why? Sun Trine Pluto, Pallas Square Juno, Venus Sextile Mars, Venus enter Taurus, Mars enters Cancer

Inspiring words forward

What to expect: Mental clarity
What to watch out for: Fear and backlash
What will it affect? Structures, status quo, communication, direction, passions.

On May 15th Mercury in Taurus makes a sextile to Neptune in Pisces. Everything seems melodic! There a transcendental feel to the music that brings us in connection with divinity. Use all the inspiration of the day to fill you up! Music can stir the mind and heal the soul. It call also help you to download guidance and direction.

The next day Mercury will trine Saturn and Pluto and south node. Our thoughts become more practical. We are able to look at things critically and methodically. This also helps us to pen words, be they for a speech or a negotiation. A lot is happening at the South Node with Pluto and Saturn. The south node, also called the dragon’s tale represents the past. It’s karmic and regressive in a way that represents a lack of soul growth. It’s comfortable, easy and known, but sets us backward if we succumb. With Saturn and Pluto there, the pull is strong. On the other side also making an aspect to Mercury is the North Node. It’s in Cancer. And so if we focus on acknowledging the pull backward an, even taking the best of what’s there into the future, we can use this energy well. Tap into emotion, intuition, mother energy for the way forward.

On the same day, Vesta will square Saturn, Pluto, and the nodes as well. This brings out the worse side of Vesta. Vesta is passion and dedication, but with these two present, we may see obsessive, power hungry and workaholic energy that can be destructive. This is even more reason to create words that inspire love and nurture!

Why? Mercury Sextile Neptune, Mercury Trine Transiting Saturn, Mercury Sextile Transiting North Node, Mercury Trine Transiting Pluto, Saturn Square Transiting Vesta, Vesta Square Transiting North Node

Scorpio Full Moon

What to expect: A culmination
What to watch out for: Surprises and fear
What will it affect? Secrets, the unknown, magic

May 18th is the Full Moon at 27 degrees of Scorpio. This is an emotionally intense Full Moon with the potential of access to secrets. The Sabian Symbol for the degree is “the king of the fairies approaches his domain”. The word Fairy was derived from faie or fee which meant a woman skilled in magic, and who knew the power and virtue of words, of stones, and of herbs. If a fairy is a woman, who and what is a fairy king? What is his sphere of influence? We may be too quick to assume that his sphere is a kingdom that rules over woman fairies. With the full moon in Scorpio, the unseen, the secret, and the hidden come to culmination. We may get a peek into what usually lies outside of our knowing. The king of fairies approaches his domain and something is revealed.

On the same day Venus will conjunct Uranus and we can expect surprises in the realm of money and relationships. It’s always a bit difficult to understand why Venus represents both love and money, but often the two are intimately tied, especially in Taurus. Taurus is the sign of security, comfort and material things. At this level, it’s easy to see how the two are connected… no money, no love!
Use the energy of the full moon to understand your loyalty and devotion and your own resourcefulness!

Why? Full Moon at 27°Scorpio, Venus Conjunction Uranus

Horoscope: May 6 – 12, 2019

May 6 – 12th

Evaluating Relationships

What to expect: Realigned loyalties
What to watch out for: Power plays
What will it affect? Relationships, status quo

Between May 7th and 9th, Venus in Aries will square Saturn, Pluto in Capricorn and the Nodes in the Capricorn/Cancer axis.

Venus in Aries values independence and aggressive action. She courageously goes after what she sees as the heart of her desire. As she squares Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn she is forced to pause and assess her ambitions. Saturn and Pluto have been in Capricorn upsetting the status quo and forcing old tried and true structures to reform and transform.

If Aries is the entrepreneur, Capricorn is the suit executive. Entrepreneurs are known for jumping in head first. They act without much of a plan or a thought. They do, make mistakes, learn from them and keep moving forward. Many are successful and some fail. Capricorn, on the other hand, has a plan, follows the rules, and combined with Saturn and Pluto is often power hungry and ruthless in its pursuit. As these two square off they expose each other’s weaknesses.

Watch the documentary Knock Down the House and you will see clearly the clashing energy of Aries (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) and Capricorn (Joe Crowly). Alexandria exemplifying Aries, jumping head first as she passionately and with little experience, pursues to upset political democratic seat in Congress. Joe currently in the role embodies the Capricorn energy; established, accomplish, patriarchal and powerful. As the two squares off, they cause each to take a close look at the relationships they have to themselves and their constituents.

Where do our loyalties lie? Are we integrity with our values? Power play and power imbalances are likely to show their face now and cause us to reevaluate. Aries teaches Capricorn about being bold, taking risks and challenges their fear of losing power and losing their edge. Has Capricorn updated? Have they been integrity? Or have they sought achievement at all costs? Capricorn teaches Aries about being strategic, planful, and challenges it to be prepared, detailed and steady in its approach. How can we adjust our approach to be more considered?

With the nodes also at play, decisions will be made and loyalties will change! The North Node is in Cancer, so a caring approach is valued.

Even if loyalties change, Venus will trine Jupiter making this a good time for making new connections and sparking new financial deals. Venus in Aries doesn’t dwell, on to the next! This energy brings dynamism and adventure to our relationships as well as a dose of enjoyment and optimism. The Sun will also make a sextile to Neptune and we now have the perfect energy for creatively envisioning our desires. Use this time to bring together groups with a shared purpose to creatively envision ‘what next’.

Why? Venus Square Saturn, Venus Square North Node, Venus Square Pluto, Venus Trine Jupiter, Sun Sextile Neptune

Grounding Lightening

What to expect: Shakeups
What to watch out for: Remaining stuck
What will it affect? Resources, finances, innovations

Mercury goes into Taurus on May 6th and by May 8th will conjunct Uranus. Mercury in Taurus turns our thoughts to things that are sustainable, reliable, persevering. We contemplate mother earth, the life emanating from her – plants and resources – and how we have been treating or mistreating them. Our thoughts also turn to money, investments and how we have or have not provided for our security.

Taurus is slow to anger, but once angry can blow. Uranus is the planet of surprises. When Mercury conjuncts Uranus on May 8th something will have to give. We don’t know when or where the lightning will strike. But if we’re at least prepared by investing in grounding devices, we’ll be able to channel the energy positively. If channeled correctly we can use the energy for brainstorming and creating innovative ideas for sustainability. If we haven’t planned, mercury conjunct Uranus may bring us surprising events get us thinking.

Why? Mercury Conjunction Uranus

A Productive Day

What to expect: Productivity
What to watch out for: Wasting the energy
What will it affect? Projects, communication, partnerships

On May 11th, the Sun in Taurus will trine Saturn in Capricorn and will give us a productive day where we can work diligently on plans and goals. This is earth energy that lends us organization, discipline, and concentration as we set out to accomplish what we need to accomplish. Work alone or with others, but make sure you’re working on your path forward as the Sun also makes a sextile to the North Node. We have the chance to bring forward our accomplishments of the past and incorporate them into a new path forward.

Mercury is sextile Juno and we’ll have great communication if we do decide to work with others. Communication is supported in our partnerships!

Why? Sun Trine Saturn, Sun Sextile North Node, Mercury Sextile Juno

Horoscope: April 29 – May 5, 2019

April 29 – May 5

Old doors closing, New doors opening

What to expect: Clearing
What to watch out for: Karmic reset
What will it affect? Achievement, responsibility, institutions

This week Saturn goes retrograde on April 29th. This happens every year, but this year, the retrograde occurs as Saturn conjuncts the south node of the moon. Saturn is karmic and so are the nodes. The south node also called the dragon’s tale is associated with reckoning type of karma. Have you been responsible, have you learned and what lessons remain? Saturn is in Capricorn and represents government, old institutions, time, calendars and clocks. Many have been feeling the passing of time. Do I have enough time, what did you do with your time? What are your achievements and how have you attained them? With Karma, ethics come into play. Right words, right behaviour. Are we getting better or getting worse. Saturn at the south node is a reckoning and a reset. Now we must account, clear the past and get ready to move forward.

Between April 30th and May 1st Mercury is in Aries sextile Mars in Gemini. This helps us to be quick and decisive. We may not give much thought to our actions. Moving forward will be somewhat easy. Venus is also conjunct Vesta in Aries and the two will make a trine to Ceres. When Venus and Vesta combine in the sign of Aries, we love and value work that moves us forward. We are pioneering and take courageous steps into new territory. The two also make a helpful aspect to Ceres in Sagittarius. We feel nurtured by the adventure of it. Our minds expand and we drink it up.

Why? Transiting Saturn Stationary, Mercury Sextile Mars, Venus Conjunction Vesta, Venus Trine Ceres, Vesta Trine Ceres,

Making Declarations

What to expect: Excitement
What to watch out for: Fear
What will it affect? Speech, thinking, work, passions

By May 1st and 2nd Mercury will square Saturn, Pluto, and the Nodes. Mercury in Aries can be thoughtless with words. There is a lack of tact with what is said. Words are powerful, they can’t be taken back, and they can change the direction of things. Think of declaration of any kind! Behind them are intentions, values, feelings, and beliefs. What are we declaring and what lies behind those declarations? Is it driven by fear? The square to Saturn brings in an element of fear and the square to Pluto – control and power. Are we abusive or responsible with our words? Words said now are potent and karmic!

On May 2nd Mercury will trine Jupiter. We swing back to being optimistic. Mercury in Aries doesn’t stay too long in a pity party. Jupiter in Sagittarius’s influence our thinking immediately jumps back to optimistic thoughts. We are open to learning. This is also a great time to share what you know! This would be a great time to present a talk or hold a workshop.

On the other hand, Venus and Vesta are still together and oppose Pallas. We can do some deep work on ourselves. This energy favours figuring out what passions define us and what our purpose is. The problem is that in an opposition to Pallas in Libra, we may see the perspectives of everyone and worry too much about how they will feel about our personal discoveries. The world needs your talent and passion. Don’t let the worry of what others think to block you from your path.

Why? Mercury Square Transiting Saturn, Mercury Square Transiting North Node, Mercury Square Transiting Pluto Venus Opposition Pallas, Mercury Trine Jupiter, Vesta Opposition Pallas

New Moon in Taurus

What to expect: Opportunity to set intentions
What to watch out for: Overconfidence
What will it affect? Achievements, success, stability, security

The New Moon is on May 4th at 14 Degrees of Taurus. Set intentions for grounding. The New Moon makes peaceful aspects to the Pluto, Saturn and Nodal energy currently at play. Though things may not be easy with many doors closing, remember also that the energy allows us to prepare for the doors that are opening. Taurus is predictable and reliable. It likes stability and is often resistant to change. How can we find stability and grounding in the midst of upheaval? Taurus asks you to build a plan, invest in things of quality and prepare the land for what is to come. Taurus can be very resourceful. Set intentions for taking care of yourself and your sense of security. If things have to change, what can you make sure remains enduring?

Mars will oppose Jupiter which will make us take risks. The good news is that they may work out, but the bad news is that they may not work out. Trust yourself and hold your own counsel. Others may try to overstate or be overconfident. At the same time, use the Taurus energy of the New Moon to check in with yourself. Are you being too optimistic? Are you overstating what is possible? Are you sticking with things long enough? Taurus lends us the energy for durability, but Mars opposing Jupiter may waste the opportunity.

The Sabian symbol for the New Moon is “A man with rakish silk hat, muffled, braves the storm.” It speaks about success but challenges you to continue the success you have won! G. K. Chesterton wrote in Heretics in 1905 “There is nothing that fails like success.”

“Neither in the world of politics nor that of literature, then, has the rejection of general theories proved a success. It may be that there have been many moonstruck and misleading ideals that have from time to time perplexed mankind. But assuredly there has been no ideal in practice so moonstruck and misleading as the ideal of practicality. Nothing has lost so many opportunities as the opportunism of Lord Rosebery. He is, indeed, a standing symbol of this epoch—the man who is theoretically a practical man, and practically more unpractical than any theorist. Nothing in this universe is so unwise as that kind of worship of worldly wisdom. A man who is perpetually thinking of whether this race or that race is strong, of whether this cause or that cause is promising, is the man who will never believe in anything long enough to make it succeed. The opportunist politician is like a man who should abandon billiards because he was beaten at billiards, and abandon golf because he was beaten at golf. There is nothing which is so weak for working purposes as this enormous importance attached to immediate victory. There is nothing that fails like success.”

Make sure your success is based on foundations and not just beginners luck. Others and life will challenge you to make sure your foundations for success are strong!

Why? New Moon at 14°Taurus, Mars Opposition Transiting Jupiter


Horoscope: April 22 – 28, 2019

April 22 – 28

Relationship Expression

What to expect: Noticing differences
What to watch out for: Feeling less than
What will it affect? Relationships, partnerships, businesses

On April 23rd Venus in Aries will conjunct Chiron triggering another level of “who am I and can I be myself?” Relationships are the arena where this woundedness will emerge. Venus in Aries values freedom of expression and independence. This will come up with in relationships, but also may be the wounds that emerge from couples expressing to the world their independent way of being. Couples on the spectrum – sexual spectrum, autistic spectrum or social spectrum – may all feel hurt by the way they express their love.

Venus also rules money and business relationships. Wounds around identity in business and its relationship to others may also emerge. I’ve always been annoyed that no natural category emerges while doing taxes, or marketing or posting an event that describes what I do when forced to pick a category. The best option always seems to be “other” and in some ways invalidate what I do as a legit business. Others may experience something similar!

Mars in Gemini is trine Pallas in the partnership and relationship sign of Libra helping us to have conversations and to put into action ideas and strategies that may help to heal.

Why? Venus Conjunction Chiron, Mars Trine Pallas

Out with the Old, In with the New!

What to expect: Transformations
What to watch out for: Power plays
What will it affect? Old structures, new ideas, unusual partnerships

On April 24th Pluto goes Retrograde in Capricorn. Pluto has been in Capricorn for a number of years transforming government, big business, and the status quo. Called to transform, some of these institutions have been brought to the brink of ruin as structural issues have emerged Threatened by lack of structural integrity (think of the electoral system in the US or centralized vs decentralized banking system etc), the old structures have fought for survival, often using the plutonic energy to inappropriately try to hold onto to power. Pluto is retrograde in any given year for at least half of it, and during this time it goes over ground already covered. Embers that have persisted will ignite, taking things to a new level of transformation.

On the same day, Mercury will conjunct Vesta in Aries making it a very good time to write or speak about our passions and to let those passions forge us into unexplored territory? We can be pioneers of a new message! We can work hard to express ourselves and to get our message out! By April 26th Mercury will trine Ceres and words will serve to nurture. Mercury in Aries speaks of independence and courage. As those words reach us we feel a sense of nurturing. Ceres in Sagittarius will be able to take those words to nurture their need to fit things into the big picture.

My suggestion is to share your ideas over some community gardening or neighborhood greenhouse. Uranus in Taurus the sign of agriculture will also sextile Juno in Cancer, bringing us together in relationships and partnerships in unusual ways.

Why? Mercury Conjunction Vesta, Pluto Stationary retrograde, Mercury Trine Ceres, Uranus Sextile Juno

Disappointment and Deception

What to expect: Letdowns
What to watch out for: Being deflated
What will it affect? Communication, strategy, direction, relationships

March 27th is a tricky day as Mercury in Aries opposes Pallas in Libra and Mars in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces. The Mercury Pallas opposition sets us up in an argument. Mercury in Aries has no filter and will say whatever is on its mind, but this will likely offend Libra in Pallas who has thought through the big relationship picture. Words like “selfish” or “self-centered” might get thrown around. The Mars square Neptune energy doesn’t make it any better. The likely hood for a little white lie or outright deception is great. This can be deflating and send us into disappointment. Disappointment is closely linked to our hopes and when hopes are crushed one of two things happens. Depression or Sinicism!

This is also one day you’ll want to stay away from major business decisions, especially if they involve partnerships. Chiron, the wounded healer will square partnership Juno, so this can be a painful one! Albeit one we can learn from!

Why? Mercury Opposition Pallas, Mars Square Neptune, Chiron Square Juno


Horoscope: April 15 – 21, 2019

April 15 – 21

Seeking the Divine

What to expect: Beautify symbolism
What to watch out for: A busy mind
What will it affect? Athletics, relationships, thoughts, beliefs, spirituality

On April 15th Venus will square Jupiter. Venus is in Pisces and values the athletic beauty of spiritual divinity captured in visionary art and sacred geometry. She makes a square to Jupiter in Sagittarius, whose busy expanding our sense of adventure, the scope of our beliefs, the questions in our minds around ethics, politics, and piety. When these two come together in a square it’s not altogether bad. We have a sickly sweet desire to merge with the divine but also to seek, know and understand him or her. In fact, we can find ourselves diving into the search for ontological truth through the prism of a rainbow, which can feel nice. Conversely, we can experience the same thing as the existential angst of a psychedelic trip.

Until 11 pm PST on the 16th Mercury will be in the last degree of Pisces. It’s also where our recent mercury retrograde started. If you are drowning in your thoughts, overwhelmed by the highs and lows, remind yourself that the trip will end when Mercury enters Aries. Once there our thought will return to focus -clarifying what’s ours and helps us to establish and return to certainty.

Why? Venus Square Transiting Jupiter, Mercury Entering Aries

Libra Full Moon

What to expect: Solidify relationships
What to watch out for: Wounds
What will it affect? Balance, relationships, partnerships

The Full Moon is at 29 Degree’s Libra on April 19th. What intentions did you set at the New Moon on Oct 17, 2017? Sometimes things take some time to manifest. Sometimes up to a whole cycle within a moon phase family. This Full Moon may see a culmination in star seeds planted during that New Moon in 2017. Check your emails, text messages, and journal and Facebook posts for that date if you forget what you set into motion. It was a powerful New Moon and it’s also worth it to go back and read what I wrote about it. It was an opportunity for us to bring things out of balance into balance and had a strong possibility for surprises and the unexpected.

Symbolically on that day in 2017, it was announced that scientist had witnessed two neutron stars colliding. It happened 130 million years ago but just reached earth for us to see (via telescope). The collision of two stars created “an estimated $10 octillion—$10 billion, billion, billion—in gold.”
“Normally (if that’s even a word you can use in this circumstance) the type of nuclei formed in these collisions would quickly decay radioactively. Like radioactive elements we see decaying here on Earth, they eject particles and energy and morph into lighter and eventually more stable elements.
In a neutron star merger, things snowball too fast for that to happen. Those radioactive, unstable nuclei should decay in fractions of a second, but with all those neutrons shooting outward, the nuclei keep growing. Some become stable elements like gold, platinum, and uranium.”

Uranus (the explosive planet of surprise) was at play back then and is at play again at this Full Moon! With the Moon opposite Uranus we may experience a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions but we’ll move forward with unique and surprising confidence as relationships, business partnerships, and negotiations stabilize into their own element. The Full Moon makes a close and intimate easy aspect with Juno the goddess asteroid of marriage and partnership. This will help relationships to solidify and most certainly come into balance.

Juno is in Gemini and Mercury (the planet that rules Gemini) is also conjunct Chiron. The magic, miracles, and alchemy will happen through talking, letters and other tools for communication. This brings healing within relationships and personal development within ourselves.

Why? Full Moon at 29°Libra, Sun Sextile Juno, Mercury Conjunction Chiron, Sun Conjunction Uranus

The Relationships We Attract!

What to expect: Relationships extremes
What to watch out for: Looking outside of ourselves
What will it affect? Relationships,

On April 20th Venus is in the last moment of Pisces and Juno the last moment of Gemini. They square at 29.59 degrees before both move on; Venus to Aries and Juno to Cancer. At that last degree, there is a concentration of energy around values and the relationships we attract. Venus in Pisces values compassion merging and giving. But Juno in Gemini is the kind of partner that likes keeping things light and on the surface. In fact partnership for the Gemini Juno could involve more than one partner, with or without your permission. This brings up insecurities within Venus and at this last moment of the signs, this could be critical. It’s helpful to know that Venus, the attraction principle is a reflection on what’s going in inside. The law of attraction works with what we think, believe and value on the unconscious level!

Not long after when both move on – Venus into Aries and Juno into Cancer and the tables turn. Our values shift to valuing our independence. However, Juno moves into Cancer finally bringing us partners that desire to settle down and nest! Will things always be out of sync? Use this shifting energy to get clear with what is in your conscious and unconscious to bring them into alignment. Eventually, the partnerships you attract will align with what you value!

Mars will oppose Ceres. Ceres in Sagittarius is nurtured by freedom, exploration and religious searching. Mars is speedy, evasive and in Gemini is too distracted to listen to the pontifications needed by this Sag Ceres. This is a time when we might get offended and hurt by someone not seeing our point of view or listening to our well-researched theories. It would be worth our while to take the time to understand Why Facts Don’t Matter.

Why? Venus Square Transiting Juno, Venus Entering Aries, Juno Entering Cancer, Mars opposite Ceres.

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Horoscope: April 8 – 14, 2019

April 8 – 14th

Remaining Open!

What to expect: Relationship imbalance
What to watch out for: Snobbery
What will it affect? Ideas, strategy, relationships, optimism, learning, beliefs

On April 8th Jupiter is opposite Juno. Jupiter is in Sagittarius and has been expanding our beliefs and ideals. In an opposition to Juno in Gemini, we may push our beliefs and ideas on our relationships or feel threatened if our partners do not agree with us. Saturn will also square Pallas and this brings in intellectual snobbery and the tendency to make our partners feel stupid. The challenge will be to allow others a genuine sense of curiosity and to calm any hint of dogmatism within ourselves.

On the same day Ceres, the planet responsible for nurturing goes retrograde in Sagittarius. In order to learn, we need to be taught and/or learning in our own individual learning style. Are we auditory, visual or kinesthetic learners? We’ll have a chance to explore what nurtures learning within us! The more we can adopt the right style the more our learning and teaching will be effective.

Why? Jupiter Opposition Juno, Saturn Square Pallas, Ceres Stationary retrograde

Fly your Freak Flag

What to expect: Self-expression
What to watch out for: Opposition
What will it affect? Money, relationships, artistic expression, wounds

On April 9th the Sun in Aries will oppose Pallas in Libra. We have lots of ideas and our problem-solving abilities will be excellent. The difficulty is that our ideas will likely be a challenge to someone. For this reason, we struggle with sharing them. The Sun in Aries is seeking to strengthen our egos. In this sense, ego is not a bad thing, but something that helps us to define and understand who we are. But with Pallas in Libra, we’ll worry about offending people. We may be too attached to people liking our ideas.

Chiron is conjunct Vesta the same day both in Aries. This strengthens this wound of being seen. As we explore and express who we are, the question will be “can I safely express my passions”? Does doing so isolate me? Or does it serve to bring something to light that must be healed? Vesta is Aries and represents our commitment to working on ourselves. Wounds around codependence, alienation emerge to help evolve and redefine freedom and independence.

The good news is that we also have some energy that will help. Do you sing or write music, paint, or write poetry? Channel you’re ideas through your art as Venus conjuncts Neptune. Ask for guidance from the divine to help connect with your audience. Mercury in Pisces will also be trine the North Node on the same day. The world needs your message to help point us forward and to bring us together as a world community. We all have something to contribute and all of our contributions matter and count even if it’s initially uncomfortable.

Deliver your message on April 10th as Mercury sextile Pluto. This helps to deliver a powerful and transformational message. The Sun will be Square Pluto so that opposition will still be there. We’ll still feel or actually experiences blocks. But with the Sun in Aries, courage is asked of us!

Why? Sun Opposition Pallas, Mercury Trine North Node, Venus Conjunction Neptune, Chiron Conjunction Vesta, Sun Square Transiting Saturn, Mercury Sextile Transiting Pluto

Reviewing the Big Picture

What to expect: Intuition
What to watch out for: Lack of details
What will it affect? Beliefs, education, law, foreign affairs

Jupiter has been traveling through Sagittarius since the fall. This week on the 10th it will go retrograde. Sagittarius is the sign of travel, exploration, higher learning, religion, law, and foreign affairs. Jupiter is the planet responsible for expansion and optimism. This year as Jupiter is traveling through Sagittarius it is also in a square dance with Neptune. This has brought in an element of over-optimism and scandal. We’ve seen this with the airline industry and faulty Boeing planes, the celebrity education scandal, and in foreign affairs, etc. Similar secrets may have been revealed in our personal lives. As Jupiter goes retrograde we’ll have a chance to go back over things and review. On the 11th Mercury in Pisces will square Jupiter in Sagittarius and this will help us to see and grab hold of the big picture. This is not particularly good energy for getting into the weeds and seeing the detail, but we are also given the energy of Venus sextile Saturn. Venus is also in Pisces, which can make us idealistic, but with a sextile to Saturn, it becomes grounded in energy which helps us to be practical and intuitive in our accounting of things. Even if you don’t see it concretely, trust your intuition. With Venus also trine the North Node and sextile Pluto between the 12th and 14th, it will save you or even make you money! Write down what your concerns are and check the detail on another day. Challenges may arise to expressing what you know on a gut level. This is because the Sun is squaring the North Node and Pluto at the moment. Someone doesn’t like what we are saying, particularly if we have no concrete proof. If they push to make it go away, push back!

Why? Jupiter Stationary Retrograde, Mercury Square Jupiter, Sun Square North Node,
Venus Sextile Saturn, Sun Square Pluto, Venus Trine North Node, Sun Trine Jupiter, Mercury Square Juno, Venus Sextile Pluto

Horoscope: April 1 – 7, 2019

April 1 – 7th

Intuition and Inspiration!

What to expect: Healing
What to watch out for: Opportunities to write
What will it affect? Communication, healing, relationships, strategy

As the week begins Mercury, which recently went direct in the sign of Pisces, will conjunct Neptune. We’ll have a rich dream life this week. Look for any messages in your dreams that your unconscious mind may be trying to communicate to you. We are also deeply intuitive. This is a great time for writing poetry, or any other type of creative writing. It’s also good for visioning exercises. What do you want to create? How do you see yourself in 2 years, 5 years, 25yrs?

On March 3rd Mars will sextile Chiron the wounded healer currently in Aries. Mars is in the communication sign of Gemini. This adds to the energy by allowing us to use words and writing to release our thoughts and heal wounds. Mars in Gemini is also a bit chatty, so if we talk to others or even teach others, it can be quite healing to ourselves. As they say, you teach others sometimes what you need to learn. Mars in aspect to Chiron brings up warrior healing energy and so helping actions like these can be good for building self-esteem. Also, If you need to say something to someone, as John Mayer says “say what you need to say”. Pallas is in the relationship sign of Libra and is trine Juno the marriage and partnership asteroid in chatty Gemini. This is an amazing time to sit down with your partner to hash out any relationship issues and to build some strategy around how you want to work together. You can also use this energy with a coach, spiritual teacher or gurus which are also a type of relationship.

Why? Mercury Conjunction Neptune, Mars Sextile Chiron, Pallas Trine Juno

The New Moon in Aries

What to expect: Intention setting
What to watch out for: Imagined Limitations
What will it affect? Projects, business, travel

On April 5th, the New Moon is in Aries at 15 degrees. New Moons are a great time for setting intentions. This time focus your intentions on anything entrepreneurial. Aries energy is all about courageously going for it. It’s the doer. It’s the one that acts first and then thinks later. Aries is fairly unconcerned with consequences. For Aries, it’s okay to fail, but that’s not the plan! The New Moon is trine Ceres. Ceres is in Sagittarius and feels nurtured by adventure and freedom. This is a wonderful combination for entrepreneurial activities. It’s great energy if you want to embark on a path of higher learning. If so, now is the time to get clear with who what you want from the school you choose and what you envision for the teachers you will have.

Why? New Moon at 15°Aries, Sun Trine  Ceres

Start a project!

What to expect: Getting things done
What to watch out for: Intuition
What will it affect? Business, projects

On weekend, April 7th Mercury will sextile Saturn. Mercury is still in Pisces and Saturn is in Capricorn. This combination helps to ground our intuitive thoughts. We are able to view things with a deeply intuitive and critical eye.

Though I don’t often talk about the moon aspects in the horoscope, they are very important for initiating anything new. All thing initiated have a birth chart. Business, relationships, project, these will all do well if they are started with good energy behind them. This weekend the moon will be in earthy, grounded, does-well-with-money Taurus and will make amazing aspects to Venus, Mercury, Neptune, and Saturn. What intentions did you set on the New Moon? Is this weekend a good time to get started? Things that will do well include anything inspirational, healing, and musical. If you feel like this is good timing, trust your gut! It is! If you don’t have anything ready for launch, that’s okay, use the energy to plant!

Why? Mercury Sextile Transiting Saturn

Horoscope: March 25 – 31, 2019

March 25 – 31

Transcending our Resources

What to expect: Shifts in values
What to watch out for: unexpected shifts
What will it affect? Relationships, money, resources, all things of value

On March 26 Venus moves into Pisces focusing our values on the sublime. Anything that moves our spirit and helps us to transcend will become the focus. Relationships happen not just for the company but for purpose and spiritual growth. Money is not just for security but becomes worthless or priceless depending on its value in furthering our enlightenment.

Venus will then make a sextile to Uranus. Uranus is in Taurus unearthing our resources, but as Venus makes a sextile to it we have the opportunity to shift our values around resources to something more tactile yet ethereal. You may be asking yourself “what is money”? Money used to be coin and paper notes representing something concrete; gold bullions or reserves. Money then shifted over time. We no longer exchange coin or paper. Instead, we have cards and bank balances. Money also used to be independently controlled but then shifted to being centrally controlled through banks and governments. And in all of these shifts, we lost a real connection to it; the ability to see it, touch it, taste or smell it is now gone. Taurus loves the 5 senses and Pisces loves the 6th. We may never go back to holding and hiding our money neither in mattresses nor in a hole in the back yard. But, this energy opens us to unexpected inventions. What may emerge is something that lets us connect back to money more tangibly and with meaning.

Jupiter in Sagittarius will also sextile Pallas in Libra. Our beliefs and learning are expanding. And right now we are learning to have faith and to bring a strategic balance to all that we value.

Why? Venus Entering Pisces, Jupiter Sextile Pallas, Venus Sextile Transiting Uranus

Power and Belief

What to expect: Banding together
What to watch out for: Power struggle
What will it affect? Family, Generations, tribes, nations

Mercury Goes Direct on March 28th. Many will be breathing a sigh of relief. But not so quick! Neptune is in close conjunction with Mercury and will continue to be into next week. This concentrates the energy on spiritual thought, but also creates fog and confusion. The Sabian symbol for the degree they are both sitting at is “an Easter parade”. Parades happen to bring people together who think the same way, believe the same things and help express their collective pride. It’s a time for spiritual unity which might get confused with fanatical unity. This is because on the same day Pluto is opposite the North Node. Pluto is in Capricorn and has been shaking up things with governments, large corporations, and institutions that have been around for a long time. The thing is Pluto likes power, refuses to let go of power and will go down with the ship in order to hold onto it. Pluto in opposition to the North Node means that it’s conjunct the south node. The North Node and South nodes are polarity points. They sit opposite one another. They are also not planets but sensitive points associated with the moon. Also because of earth wobble, they are not consistent, they oscillate back in forth. So while March 28th is the day Pluto will be exactly opposite the mean North Node, it has in fact been in a dance with the true North node which moves back and forth. All that to say, this energy is in play all week.

The Nodes are karmic points. The North Node is what we should be working to incorporate more into our lives. The North Node is currently in Cancer, putting the focus on developing healthy family, tribal and generational connections. The South Node is in Capricorn. Capricorn is used to achievement and has difficulty letting go of the reigns. But with Pluto at the south node, it means an end to a power struggle.

As an example, just today I saw a new game called ‘Monopoly for Millennial; Forget Real Estate, You Can’t Afford it anyways’. Places on the board include living in your parent’s basement. Millennial bashing is a thing! And it may be that there are Baby Boomers, the ones who’ve held onto control for a long time, making this so. But it’s all smoke and mirrors. The south node in cancer is calling on the Boomers and Millennial to make nice. And it’s actually the Boomers – the Capricornian older generation that Pluto will be disruptive with. Power struggles can end in empowering and also unsettling ways. It’s up to us to decide.

Why? Mercury Stationary Direct, Pluto Opposition Transiting North Node

Remain Curious

What to expect: Mass movements
What to watch out for: unconscious actions
What will it affect? Strategy, transformation in big business, government, old traditional institutions

On March 30-31st Pluto squares Pallas and Pallas squares the North Node. This formation in Astrology is called a T-square. On one hand, Pallas in Libra is very concerned about a balanced approach to things. It’s about fairness in strategy and a gentle approach with a view of being liked. But Libra can also be war. She’s the iron fist in a velvet glove; she can be dogged and determined when pushed too far. As Pallas squares Pluto mass movements may emerge to address any power imbalances. With the nodes involved with both planetary bodies in a tense angle to the nodes, any organized movements that emerge will be out of sync with the North Nodes goal of healthy family, tribe and generation. Some more focus needs to be placed on understanding ourselves. What makes us who we are and what motivates us to action? We don’t have to change who we are, but we do need to come from our highest self.

Mars moved into Gemini on March 30th and will help if we allow it. When Mars is in Gemini, we are motivated by ideas, information, and learning. Curiosity without judgment is our best friend. If we can use this energy to remain curious about ourselves and others with the goal of expanding understanding, we are much better off.

Why? Mars Entering Gemini, Pluto Square Pallas, Pallas Square North Node